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PostSubject: Re: NEW CHARMER CONFIRMED IN TSHD!!   Mon Feb 15, 2010 2:49 am

lol, I'll see if I can get around to posting the Tempest Burn deck, and by "alongside my Charmer deck", means I don't really use the Charmer deck in real life that much TBH, as I know they'd get beaten by JD >_>. Plus I'm missing a few of the key cards, not the Charmers, I have 3 of each released so far, aside from Raina...


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Kirikaze Fuuma
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PostSubject: Re: NEW CHARMER CONFIRMED IN TSHD!!   Mon Feb 15, 2010 3:00 am

NightWarrior wrote:
Cant say anything except, pretty darn you are, Dharc.

Well, i wonder why spirit art light doesnt release with Raina.

Wonder why dark spirit art wasn't released at the same time with Dharc? Seems konami doesn't give a damn about light spirit art... for now. Besides, if they release light spirit art, they might help LS. which konami tried to punish right now.

Joan's Guardian wrote:
You forgot Zombies, which is currently stronger than Blackwings and Infernity.

Not after TSHD released.

Joan's Guardian wrote:
You're winning 3-4 turns too slow >_>

it's just one duel. Not one match. Usually he wins in the 1st or 2nd turn. No discount. Have you tried to playtest it?


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