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 Binding Dharc's Anniversary Contest Entry: Class Reunion

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Binding Dharc
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PostSubject: Binding Dharc's Anniversary Contest Entry: Class Reunion   Fri Sep 05, 2014 2:18 pm

It was the five year anniversary of the graduation of Spellbound High's 2009 class, and the Alumni Association sent out invitations to all the people that had been a student of that graduating class.

And among the many people that had chosen to attend the party tonight, one Spellcaster stood by herself as she poured herself some punch. The young red-haired woman that looked sufficiently bored as she took a sip of her beverage was the fire mage Hiita. "I knew this was a bad idea..." She said to herself.

But just after she had said that, "What's the matter? You didn't set something on fire already did you?" A voice said behind her.

And recognizing the old joke, Hiita's frown finally drew up into a smirk as she turned and replied to her. "Well when I do, I'm sure you'll be right there to rain on my parade; Eria."

And with that, the old friends stood and stared at one another for a second before bursting into laughter over their friendly gag. "It's good to see you again, Hiita." Eria told Hiita, stepping close to give Hiita and hug. "So why was this a bad idea?" She inquired.

With a sigh, Hiita answered; "Well - not including you - I've been at this reunion party for about 45 minutes, been greeted by like 10 people, and the only one I even recognized was the guy I cheated off of in Math!"

"Ouch, that is bad." Eria cringed a moment, but then smiled again. "Well, let's see if we can't cheer you up a bit; follow me."

"Where to?" Hiita asked skeptically.

"Just come on," Eria told Hiita, grabbing her arm and pulling her through the party crowd.

And as the two of them began nearing the entrance, Hiita saw who Eria was taking her toward: Aussa and Wynn. And in the middle of their conversation, Aussa's eyes moved over them and froze. "Hey, look who it is." She told Wynn, nodding behind her.

Turning around, Wynn's face lit-up like a firework when she saw Hiita. "Hiita!" She shouted with joy and ran up to embrace her, and Aussa walked up behind her.

"Found her by the snacks and drinks." Eria told them.

"So I guess its true what they say." Aussa noted.

"What's that?" Hiita asked.

"That the criminal always returns to the scene of the crime."


"Well, I can't imagine any other reason you would have willingly returned to school." Aussa told her snidely.

"Hey," Hiita took offense. "I'll have you know I'm running a Fire Dojo now, thank you very much!"

"And you think that's the same as a school?" Aussa retorted. "You say 'dojo', but all I hear is 'Hiita's personal torture chamber'. You just like beating people up."

"It toughens them up."

"Ah, but notice how she didn't deny she likes beating them up." This time Wynn joined the Hiita bashing.

"Hey!" Hiita started, but the four of them broke into laughter before anything else. "It's great to see you all again; this actually makes coming here worth it.

"So when did you guys get here?" She asked, beginning to make small talk.

"We all got here just a few minutes ago actually." Aussa answered.

"Wait, you guys came here together?"

"Yeah," Eria said. "You, Dharc, and Lyna kind of fell out of the loop after high school, but Aussa, Wynn, and I have managed to stay in touch these last five years."

"Oh, cool." Hiita nodded. "So what have you girls been up to all that time?"

Answering first, Wynn said, "I'm actually running an orphanage."

"Wow, helping kids huh? That does sound like you Wynn."

Aussa followed suit. "As for me, I recently got a couple books published and-"

"Right, right, reading..." Hiita interrupted, waving Aussa off. "What about you Eria?"

"Hey!" Aussa shouted at Hiita for it, but was further ignored as Eria gave her answer.

"I've been going from job-to-job to put myself through Med School." She said, and Hiita looked surprised at this.

"Oh, you're training to be a doctor?"

"Yeah, is that so surprising?" Eria questioned.

"Well not exactly." Hiita answered. "Somehow though I think I had always pictured Lyna doing something like that before you."

"Pictured me doing what?" Lyna then asked from behind Hiita.

"Being a doctor." Hiita answered her casually before registering that it had been Lyna. "What the-!" She then jerked around in shock, seeing now both her and Dharc standing with her.

"Lyna! Dharc!" Wynn said with joy at seeing them.

"Wynn, Aussa, Eria, Hiita!" Lyna responded by calling out the rest of their names. "Now that role call is out of the way; group hug!" She said, spreading her arms out and grabbing Dharc as the six came in close and wrapped their arms around one another.

"This is so cool." Aussa stated as they broke the hug. "The gang's all here."

"Nice entrance by the way, Lyna." Hiita noted, making Lyna giggle happily before turning to her less giddy partner. "And Dharc, nice to see you again too. Can't say I pegged you as one to come to something like this though."

"I could say the same about you." Dharc retorted, and Hiita shrugged. "Lyna forced me to come." He noted afterwards.

"Oh, so does that mean that you two are still...?" Eria questioned.

"A little bit past 'still' actually." Lyna responded as she held up her hands, using her right to point the marriage ring on her left, making the other four girls breathe and gasp in awe as they fought for a closer look.

"It's beautiful," Eria told Lyna as she took her hand.

"It's huge!" Hiita noted immediately after, and then looked back to Dharc. "Where did you get the money to buy that thing?"

"Well, after the restaurant started getting popular, the money just kind of rolled in." Dharc answered.

"You own a restaurant?" Aussa inquired.

"Yeah, Lyna and I started it up about a year after graduation; Twilight's Garden."

"Well, we'll have to be sure to drop by sometime." Eria said.

"Great, but don't expect to get a free meal just because you're friends." Lyna teased, getting the group to laugh again.

"So how long have you been married?" Wynn asked.

"Next week will be six months." Lyna answered.

"So then, now that we're all together, what should..." Eria began, but trailed off when the music suddenly cut out and someone called for attention on the stage up front.

"Excuse me, may I have everyone's attention please?"

The 6 old Charmers looked up to the stage, and when they did, Hiita's face dropped into a frown. "Well that figures, one of the people I wish I had forgotten." She muttered as she looked up at Liana: the Light Fortune Lady.

"'That figures'?" Eria quoted Hiita in question. "Hiita, you do realize the Fortune Ladies are the ones that set this whole reunion up right?"

"What, seriously!? Hiita reacted.

"Yeah, who else would have had the money needed to throw a party on this scale?"

"I didn't think about it..." Hiita said, but their attention was drawn back to Liana as she began making a speech.

"I would like to start by thanking everyone here for coming, the other Fortune Ladies and I put a lot of work into this." Liana said, receiving some cheers from everyone as they enjoyed the reunion party. "Now I know that some of you have been thinking that a five years seems a little early for school reunion, but we thought it would be more fun to do this sooner so that instead of meeting up with old friends and learning what they did with their lives, you could meet up with your friends to find our what they're doing with their lives."
"Not sure what the difference is, but okay." Hiita muttered to Lyna beside her.

But as Liana continued her speech, someone else spoke to her from behind. "Oh Hiita..." She said, and Hiita turned to see Fiona: the Fire Fortune Lady standing there. "The difference is that people get more excited about things they're currently doing than things they've already accomplished."

"Well, look who it is: little miss Heiress." Hiita stated, crossing her arms as she faced Fiona.

"Oh what, are you still holding a grudge against me?" Fiona asked. "Come on, it's been five years; you can't still be mad at me."

"Oh no, of course not." Hiita answered sarcastically. "As a matter of fact I haven't even thought about it since high school. Seeing you again just kind of brought it all back."

"In that case, may I formally apologize for how I treated you back then?" Fiona said, catching Hiita as well as the other Charmers by surprise. "I may not look it, but I've matured a lot in the last five years. I know I wasn't the greatest person back in high school. So... bygones?" She requested, holding out her hand to Hiita.

For a second, Hiita just stared at Fiona's hand, still registering the apology. But before Hiita reached any kind of conclusion, she and the others began hearing a low rumbling sound that they could only notice thanks to the music being turned off for Liana's speech.

Beginning to look every-which-way until they realized the growing sound was coming from outside. "What is that?" Hiita questioned.

"It sounds like..." Fiona thought, and as the sound grew louder still, a light began shining through the windows of the entrance. "Motorcycle!" Fiona shouted as the realization came to her, and everyone in the immediate vicinity of the entrance hearing this dove out of the way of the door seconds before the person on the incoming motorcycle crashed through and interrupted the reunion party, riding out to the center of the gym as people had to get out of the way to keep from being run over and screeched to a stop.

With the motorcycle rider now the center of attention, Liana looked at him and recognized who he was. "Gustaph!?"

Chaosrider Gustaph. A motorcycle-riding Warrior that had attended not Spellbound High, but rather it's closest rival school: Art of War Academy. "Helloooooooo, Spellbound High!" Gustaph shouted into the now quiet gym, allowing his voice to carry and echo a bit.

"Why are you here, Gustaph?" Liana asked from on stage. "You are not welcome here."

"Aw, not happy to see me?" Gustaph asked, pretending to sound hurt. "I heard Spellbound was having an early reunion; and so I thought that this would be our last chance to have some fun and see who really stood on top."
"Excuse me?" Liana questioned.

With a short laugh, Gustaph responded to that question by revving his motorcycle a few times, and then the entrance doors burst open yet again, this time with a large number of Warriors from Art of War's own 2009 class entering all looking combat ready. "What say you, Spellbound High?" Gustaph addressed the whole reunion. "Anyone up for a little... unfriendly competition?"

For just a moment, no one did anything. But when the silence was broken, it was Hiita that spoke up. "A competition, you say?" She restated, beginning to walk towards Chaosrider Gustaph in the center of the room. "Alright, NOW this is sounding like my kind of party!" She said with a devilish toothy grin and flicked her arm out, having her magic staff appear in her hand and she circled around Gustaph.

"Hiita, the Fire Charmer... Ain't you a sight for sore eyes." Gustaph noted, meeting her gaze eagerly.

"That's an old title Gustaph." Hiita told him. "I'd say nice to see you too if I actually remembered you that well from high school; but let it never be said that Blazing Hiita ever turned down a challenge.

"So then Spellbound High," Hiita then addressed her old schoolmates without taking her eyes away from Gustaph. "Who wants to teach Art of War what happens when you gate-crash a Spellcaster party?"

"Well I know we're in if you are Hiita." Eria said, coming up behind Gustaph with the other old Charmers, each with their magic staves drawn and ready.

And along with them, Fiona stepped forward with authority. "And as one of the throwers of this gathering, I can't just let this interruption stand, right Fortune Ladies?" She said, and as she did, the other four Fortune Ladies, Wisteria, Wanda, Diana, and Erica came out of the crowd, showing their readiness to participate as well.

And with the most well-known Spellcasters ready for action, the rest of the reunion began getting riled up as well. "Well then," Gustaph said when the challenge had been fully accepted. "It looks like we have an all-out brawl now. Then if everyone's ready..."

"Duel!" At the same time, Gustaph and Hiita shouted the one word and immediately sprang into action.

Attempting to get in a quick hit, Gustaph revved his motorcycle's engine and turned the front wheel completely to the left, causing the back end of the motorcycle to spin directly into Hiita. But Hiita reacted instantly and flipped in place over the bike and began her own attack.

Spinning herself while upside down in the air right next to Gustaph, Hiita used her magic to create a ball of fire at the head of her staff and smashed it into Gustaph from point blank, but Gustaph reacted just as quickly and pressed a small button on his motorcycle's grip, causing a burst of wind to shoot out of the tailpipe and blast him out of the way as well as into the surrounding crowd, knocking several people down.

"Not getting away from-"

"Leave Gustaph to us!" Before Hiita charged off, Fiona voiced her decision.

"Hey, don't steal my thunder!" Hiita shouted at Fiona.

"I'm not stealing your thunder, Hiita. We need hard hitters like you and the other Charmers to take the Warriors at the door." Fiona explained before charging at Gustaph with the other Fortune Ladies.

Hearing the plan, Hiita looked at the crowd of Warriors coming in and realized what Fiona meant. Warriors naturally worked well in groups, so someone needed to do something to scatter them across the gym. With a mischievous grin, Hiita looked to Eria and the others. "Time to see if we've still got it after five years."

Spinning her magic staff in her hand, Eria nodded back to Hiita. "The Six-Point Plan. Let's go!" She called, and the six old Charmers ran toward the front doors as a group. As they approached, Eria began giving orders. "Aussa, take their footing!"

"On it," Aussa replied, and then used her magic to spring up a slab of stone at her feet to launch her ahead of the others.

"Dharc, cover her!"

"I didn't even want to come here..." Dharc brooded silently to himself, but spun his staff over his head and filled the gym with darkness, making it impossible to see for a couple of seconds.

Right after that, the Charmers heard the breaking of stone and the sounds of surprise around the door lost balance and stumbled. At that moment, Dharc stopped his magic and the gym's lighting returned to normal, revealing many of the Warriors fallen over from Aussa crumbling the floor at their feet.

Continuing their approach, Eria gave the next command. "Lyna, your turn!"

"Roger," Lyna answered before stopping and pointing her magic staff forward as Aussa saw this running back to them and covered her eyes as a bright light was flashed at the Warriors, blinding them in an opposite manner from Dharc's shadows.

After that, Eria, Wynn, and Hiita had gotten right on top of the Warriors and initiated the last steps of their old attack pattern. "Hiita, now!"

"Hit 'em hard!" Hiita called back as the two of them stopped and jumped away from each other into the crowd of Warriors.

At the same time, Hiita and Eria slammed their magic staves into the ground and unleashed explosions of their respective elements of Fire and Water, blasting nearly all of the surrounding Warriors into the air, and opening them up for Wynn's final move.

"Wynn, go!" Eria and Hiita called to their final member who stopped and pointed her staff at the wall in front of her just over the door, unleashing a boom of strong winds that struck the wall and bounced back, filling the room and blasting any Warrior thrown into the air by Eria and Hiita away, scattering them throughout the gym.

"That's what I'm talking about!" Hiita cheered as she looked around the gym that was now a battlefield.

For a second, Eria met Hiita's eyes and they smiled at one another. But just then, Eria shouted out, "Hiita, behind you!"

For just an instant, Hiita looked confused by Eria's warning before registering what it meant. At that point, most people would either not have the reaction speed to actually do anything about it or jump immediately away from where they were; but Hiita was not 'most people'.

Instead of doing something like that, the instant she registered that there was a threat and where that threat was, she spun on one foot and swung her magic staff around her, unleashing a powerful fire ball at whomever was there. But Hiita did not completely luck out with striking her attacker. The person behind her was Rose, Warrior of Revenge - and like Hiita - a fire attribute monster.

This fact allowed Rose to cut straight through Hiita magic, and continue with her attack, her sword and Hiita's staff clashing between them. "Bold move, attacking me from behind." Hiita told Rose. "But you're mine now!" She proclaimed, and with quick movements, pushed Rose back and then swung her staff at Rose directly.

But Rose proved a tough customer when she deflected Hiita's attack and slashed her sword at Hiita in counter-attack. Back-stepping out of the way, Hiita now looked at her opponent ready for a real fight. "Good luck, Hiita." Eria wished Hiita luck before running back into the fray around them to help out elsewhere.

Under normal circumstances, the Charmers would have stuck together and worked as a team to bring down their opponents, but as this competition was more for fun than it was for anything else, they played by different rules. Hiita especially liked to take her opponents on without assistance when there wasn't a need to act in a group; and respecting their old friend's desires, the other old Charmers dared not to cut in on her fun.

Getting into proper fighting stances, Hiita's opponent spoke up. "I'll bet you don't even remember me, do you?" She asked.

"You? Oh no, I remember you Rose." Hiita answered surprisingly, despite having forgotten almost everyone else from high school. "Out of all the Warriors I dueled from Art of War, you were the one that gave me the most and consistent trouble. Although I do admit I haven't given you a thought since graduation."

"Well, if you remember that much, then you do realize there's no guarantee you'll win, right?" Rose asked, smiling smugly.

"I prefer to think that there's no guarantee I'll lose." Hiita came back with that retort before charging another fireball and shooting in at Rose.

Sidestepping the fireball, Rose closed the gap to enter close-quarters combat with Hiita, which was obviously a Warriors strong suit. Hiita blocked the first few strikes, but Rose's swordplay eventually got past the defense and hit Hiita's shoulder. As a reflex, Hiita then reacted to put distance between herself and her opponent by pointing her magic staff at the ground and letting loose a burst of flames at Rose's feet, forcing her to back away as she stepped back as well.

Rose may have been able to cut through her fire attacks with her sword, but she would still take damage if they struck her directly. And so now that Hiita had a safe distance between her and Rose, she began unleashing an onslaught of fire magic to keep her from getting close again. Shooting blast after blast of fire, Rose used her sword to cut through the flames and slowly gain ground.

However, when Rose had reached a certain proximity to Hiita, she made her real move. She charged and shot off one more strong fireball straight at Rose, but after that immediately followed up by shooting a much weaker blast at her leg. It wasn't enough to do any real damage, but after Rose cut through the primary attack, it still held enough power to kick her foot out from under her, throwing her off balance and opening her up for a real sucker-punch.

Given the opening, Hiita charged her staff full of fire and threw the blazing staff into the side of Rose's head. When the attack connected, Hiita let the fire magic held within the staff burst and the energy sent Rose flying into the wall next to them. Rose tried to get back to her feet as fast as possible, but before she could Hiita stomped on her sword hand and pointed her magic staff directly in her face.

"Well you sure improved since high school." Rose commented, not being overly distraught from her loss.

"Well I certainly wasn't sitting around doing nothing these last five years." Hiita replied before stepping away from Rose and looking around. "Now then, time to find Gustaph again." She noted, as Gustaph was her original target.

But before she went off to find him, Rose sneered from behind her. "Good luck against him. He's the toughest Warrior here." She warned Hiita as she sat up against the wall behind her.

"Hee, don't you worry your pretty little head about me, Rose." Hiita replied snidely. "I've got this." She added, and then ran off to find Gustaph.

As Gustaph was still using his motorcycle, it was not difficult to locate him. Getting to him through the fighting Spellcasters and Warrior however was a different story. Now that the Warriors were scattered throughout the gym, the fighting was just about everywhere; every few steps Hiita took was another stray sword swing, magic blast, or someone getting almost knocked into her.

And as Hiita was getting close to where she could see Gustaph still fending off the Fortune Ladies when another two fighter ended up right in front of her again. The Spellcaster was the Gagaga Girl and was squaring off against the Battle Warrior. Just as the two cut in front of Hiita, the Battle Warrior brought back his right fist and got in one good punch, knocking her down for the count.

At that moment, the Battle Warrior took notice of Hiita and hurriedly threw a jab at her. But Hiita easily sidestepped the strike and quickly shot off a fireball right at the Battle Warrior's chest, blowing him back hard and quickly knocking him out of the game.

After that, Hiita finally reached where Gustaph was fighting back the Fortune Ladies, two of which - the ones of Light and Water already out of commission - leaving Fiona, Wisteria, Diana, and Erica surrounding him. But the fact that Gustaph was not only holding his own against the Fortune Ladies as a team, but took two of them down by the time Hiita got back here proved what Rose had said about him being the strongest Warrior here.

One after another, the four remaining Fortune Ladies attacked Gustaph, starting with Wisteria, the Wind Fortune Lady. Charging wind magic in her weapon, she channeled the energy down the staff and into the scythe edge on the bottom, swinging the blade to send the razor wind at him followed by Erica, the Earth Fortune Lady striking the ground with her scythe blade to knock a chunk of stone up from the ground at Gustaph and Fiona sending a wave of fire at him as well.

But with a high level of skill, Gustaph took the spear in his right hand and used it to cleave through Wisteria's razor wind and then punched the engine of his motorcycle and lifted up its back wheel, getting the back end of his machine over Erica's incoming rock attack and then bringing it down on top of it, smashing it back into the ground and at the same time the earlier revved engine almost automatically accelerating Gustaph forward at Diana before she made a move and at the same time getting out of the way of Fiona's incoming fire wave.

Taken by surprise, Diana barely blocked Gustaph's incoming spear, but he in addition spun his motorcycle and smashed it into her while she was pinned, slamming her down hard. "Diana!" The other Fortune Ladies called out to their friend just before Hiita had seen enough and charged past Fiona and at Gustaph.

Charging fire magic in her magic staff and jumping at Gustaph, Hiita gripped her staff with both hand and swung it down at his head as hard as she could. "You're mine!" She shouted at him.

Reacting quickly to Hiita's entrance, Gustaph brought up his spear and used it to block the initial swing of her staff while also bending his head back to dodge the obviously incoming follow up fire blast that came from the staff afterward. Following that, Gustaph pushed Hiita back and stabbed his spear into the ground before putting the engine to full throttle and spinning once again into Hiita, this time successfully ramming into her and knocking her back.

But Fiona got up behind Hiita and caught her, keeping her on her feet. "Nice try, Hiita!" Gustaph gloated as he pulled his spear out of the ground and charged his motorcycle straight for her and Fiona.

But when he did, Erica brought up a short wall in front of the two fire Spellcasters, forcing Gustaph to hit the breaks and switch targets and he twisted sideways and then hit the gas again, heading straight for the strongest of the Fortune Ladies. But having meant for just this to happen, Erica put her staff in front of her to stop Gustaph's charge in his tracks, holding her ground against the great force of the impact.

From the side, Wisteria pointed her staff at Gustaph again and cast a spiral of winds at him, but when he saw that, he took his spear and spun it in one hand beside him to break the wind up before it could reach him while increasing throttle to his motorcycle and beginning to push Erica back.

However, at that moment, Erica smiled at Gustaph. "Now you completely open." She told him as Fiona stepped in front of Hiita and prepare to strike Gustaph while he was occupied with Erica and Wisteria.

As Gustaph realized this, he felt the first sliver of worry since he barged in here, however, that only fueled his determination to win. Turning his head just in time to see Fiona unleash her fireball, he then got a great idea and in the next second lowered his spear so that the tip planted firmly into the ground and used that as a fulcrum to lift himself and his motorcycle up into the air, holding onto his bike with his legs. Once he was over the heads of the Fortune Ladies, Fiona's fire ball continued forward and struck Wisteria's winds that filled the space Gustaph had been, and the strong winds caused the fire to grow instantaneously and strike their ally Erica instead, knocking her down and out of the game.

After that, Gustaph pulled his spear from the ground and flipped back onto the ground right side-up, and turned to smiled at the two remaining Fortune Ladies victoriously as they looked awestruck with what he just pulled off. "Wanna' save yourselves the trouble and surrender now?" He asked smugly.

"Not on your life, Gustaph!" Hiita replied firmly, stepping up in front of Fiona. "If I go down, I'm going down hard.

"You with me, Fiona?" She asked the Fortune Lady behind her.

Surprised, Fiona took a second to collect herself and respond. "So I take it this means you accepted my apology?" She confirmed.

"Well, for now , let's just say that Gustaph isn't someone I can take alone, and that the enemy of my enemy is my friend; okay?" Hiita answered.

With a bit of a laugh, Fiona stepped up right beside Hiita and looked determined. "For now, I guess that's fine."

"Good, that's actually what I was hoping for." Gustaph told them pointing his spear at the two fire mages.

At that time, Fiona met eyes with Wisteria and held two fingers u[ in front of her, an agreed upon sign of the Fortune Ladies in combat not to make another move until a signal was given. Wisteria nodded silently and took a step back to wait for that signal.

"We thinking the same thing?" Fiona muttered to Hiita.

"Flame twister?" Hiita muttered back.

"Yep, let's get 'im." Fiona smirked, and then Hiita made the first move.

Once again, Hiita charged directly at Gustaph, but this time shot off a fireball before jumping up and getting ready to swing down on him. But when Gustaph easily moved out of the way of the initial attack and swung his spear up at Hiita, she was forced to use her staff to block the attack.

Pushed back to Fiona, Hiita smiled as she had actually accomplished exactly what she wanted with that move. Gustaph was now directly in between the two of them and Wisteria on standby behind him. With everything all set up, Hiita and Fiona got into position and charged together at Gustaph.

Seeing this as still trying to strike him directly, Gustaph revved his engine one more time and sped his motorcycle directly at the approaching Spellcasters, but at that moment. "Now!" Fiona called out, and then she and Hiita ducked off to either side of Gustaph, surprising him.

Gustaph quickly hit the brakes and spun himself around and when he did was met with Wisteria's winds spiraling directly at him. Hurriedly, Gustaph moved his spear up in front of him to protect himself from them, but as he did saw as Hiita and Fiona charged fire magic and aimed it not at him, but at Wisteria's wind attack instead. Recalling how that mix turned out against Erica, Gustaph realized what was happening just to late to do anything about it.

The flames of Hiita and Fiona struck Wisteria's winds and explosively engulfed the mini-twister, heading straight for him and in less the second struck him full-force, knocking him not only backward but completely off his motorcycle. Running immediately after him, Hiita and Fiona reached Gustaph just as he got back to his feet and instinctively stabbed his spear at the two of them.

However, Fiona spun her staff around and knocked the spear out of Gustaph's hands as Hiita charged one more strong fireball and blasted Gustaph with it, blasting him onto his back again. And this time, the two Fire Spellcasters got over him and pointed their staves in his face before he could even start getting back up.

Seeing this, Gustaph began to laugh at his own defeat. "Nice shot, ladies." He commended them on their teamwork. "But you can't relax just yet. If you look around, it looks like their are more Warriors left in the game than Spellcasters right now. Even with me out, it's still anyone's game."

"I wouldn't worry about us, Gustaph." Hiita told him. "I've got a plan to end this right now."

"Oh, you have a plan?" Fiona inquired.

"Just take Wisteria and I'll meet you on the stage with Wynn in a minute." Hiita told her, and the two Fire mages nodded to each other and went in opposite directions.

Due to the contenders having sufficiently died down at this point, Hiita was able to look around and basically see everyone that was still fighting and quickly noticed that while Eria, Aussa, and Wynn were still out there fighting, Dharc and Lyna were one of the people against the wall, out of the game.

Passing them as she made her way to Wynn, she stopped and asked about it. "You guys got knocked out? Who beat ya'?"

"We got hit by the Doppelwarrior and the Moon Envoy," Lyna answered. "But we beat them down enough that they got taken out right after."

"Alright, anyways, gotta' hurry here." Hiita said and got back to running toward Wynn as she fought against the Chain Thrasher.

As she approached she noticed that Wynn was pretty beat and wouldn't last much longer on her own, meaning Hiita got here just in time. As Wynn was being pushed back, she caught sight of Hiita coming to help and smiled to her. But when Chain Thrasher saw her smile, he instinctively turned back to see why, but in doing so opened himself up to Wynn.

Taking the split second when his focus wasn't on her, Wynn blasted wind at the Chain Thrasher and knocked him off balance, allowing Hiita to jump at him and easily smash her magic staff into his face and blast him down with a strong fireball. After that, Hiita got up to Wynn and they gave each other a quick high-five. "Thanks for the assist Hiita." Wynn said.

"No problem, now come on, I've got a plan I need your help for." Hiita told her, and began leading Wynn towards the stage, passing Eria just as she knocked down the Disc Fighter, and quickly gave them high-fives before continuing on to her next fight.

With anyone left being focused on their present opponents, Hiita and Wynn got up to the stage when Fiona and Wisteria were waiting without any trouble. "Alright ladies, one big flaming wind tunnel to take out the rest of the Warriors in one fell swoop." Hiita explained. "Fiona and I fuel the flames, and it's up to you two to aim, got it?" She told Wynn and Wisteria, and they nodded before exchanging pleased glances with one another.

"Ready?" Hiita asked as she and Fiona got into position next to Wynn and Wisteria, who nodded back to her.

Putting their staves next to each other, Wynn and Wisteria began charging a strong funnel of wind that quickly picked up and they began extending out and twisting through the room at their first target that was currently locked with Aussa, the Celtic Guardian. Once it got close enough, Wynn and Wisteria gave the signal, and Hiita and Fiona began feeding the wind funnel their fire continuously, the flames spreading throughout the path of wind and quickly approaching the Celtic Guardian and Aussa.

With the bright light of Hiita and Fiona's flames stretching around now, it wasn't long before most of the room took notice of it, including their current target. When the Celtic Guardian noticed the light and looked away from Aussa, she noticed what was going on and kicked him before jumping away from him to be out of the danger zone just before the flame twister engulfed the Celtic Warrior and burned him out of commission in seconds, the strong winds throwing him into the air a second later for him to plummet to the ground.

"Nice move, you guys!" Aussa cheered on her friends and watched as Wynn and Wisteria continued to direct the flaming funnel around at the next closest Warriors.

The winds traveled fast and began striking, burning, and throwing Warrior after Warrior, moving too fast for them to even run away from. After the next few Warriors were down and out though, a few Warriors began getting close to them on stage, all of them realizing the four of them needed to be taken out before this got out of hand. However, when the first Warrior, the Kunoichi, got close, that was when Eria suddenly jumped up onto the stage with them and used her magic to create a water whip and hit the Kunoichi away so Hiita and the others could continue to focus on what they were doing.

"I've got your backs!" Eria told them.

"Same here," Aussa added as she got up to the stage as well. "Stay focused!"

"Got it," The four of them all replied at once.

With that set up, with only a few Warriors able to reach the stage at all and any remaining Spellcasters holding them back as much as possible until the flaming funnel came around to take them down, it took almost no time at all for the remaining Warriors to all be taken down. And once it was all said and done, Hiita, Wynn, Fiona, and Wisteria dropped their combination attack and looked out across their victory as the Spellcasters that were still in the game raised their magic staves and cheered for them.

At that time, Chaosrider Gustaph - back on his motorcycle - drove out in front of the stage. "Alright, alright, you guys won this one." He admitted defeat, and as he did, the other Warriors around the gym began getting up and leaving the reunion. "But hey, who know; maybe we'll see you again at the Art of War reunion." He stated, implying the desire for a rematch.

"Hee, we'll see Gustaph." Hiita replied.

"No forgetting me this time around, you got that Fire Charmer?" Gustaph told her as if a threat. "See ya' around, Spellbound." He finished out before revving the engine of his motorcycle, turning toward the door, and riding out after the rest of Art of War's Warriors.
And once the sound of Gustaph's motorcycle died out, Fiona addressed the Spellcasters. "Alright then, now let's get back to enjoying this reunion!" She declared, and the whole of Spellbound's reunion cheered in agreement as the music was put back on, and the room filled once more with people dancing.

For a minute, the old Charmers and the Fortune Ladies on the stage just looked out at everyone getting back into the swing of the party before Hiita cleared her throat and addressed Fiona. "Now let's see, where were we again?" She questioned, but then held her hand out to the Fire Fortune Lady. "Oh that's right, apology accepted." She told her with a smile. Returning the smile, Fiona took Hiita's hand and shook it. "Besides, it's not like I was any easier to deal with in High School than you were." Hiita added casually, and Fiona laughed at that.

"I've got to say, this was one great class reunion." Eria said as she wrapped her arm around Hiita's and Wynn's shoulders.

"You can say that again," Aussa agreed.

And with that, they all looked out across their old classmates until Dharc and Lyna came up to join them on the stage with the other Fortune Ladies to complete the two sets of six before they all went back to just enjoying the party together.
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PostSubject: Re: Binding Dharc's Anniversary Contest Entry: Class Reunion   Fri Sep 05, 2014 6:02 pm

This is a good story I love it Smile. My Hiita did most of the fighting. Like my Hiita would do.
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PostSubject: Re: Binding Dharc's Anniversary Contest Entry: Class Reunion   Mon Sep 29, 2014 8:45 am

Okay, now that voting is over, I'm gonna give my thoughts about your story.

Well, as per expected of your writing, I enjoyed how much detail you put into this. The fact that I was able to imagine the scenes very well was good. I also liked the overall setting you used; having the Charmers older and (in Lyna's and Dharc's case, married) was new and it actually made me curious in seeing where you would go with this. Also, the inclusion of other, more obscure Duel Monsters, like Chaosrider Gustaph, was nice. The Fortune Ladies were somewhat predictable, but you did above and beyond that when making your cast list, so horray for that.

But... maybe I was comparing this story to your longer and imo better-thought-out fanfic, because the plot of this one couldn't even stand up to that one. Because this was a one-shot, the readers obviously knew that it was going to resolve by the end, so when introducing the plot of the story as one big fight scene, it was pretty clear what was going to happen. As such, you didn't keep much suspense in the story, which is something you yourself said you were known for. So the second half of the story was just action sequence upon action sequence, which to me is kinda boring no matter how well it's written.

Nevertheless, it was still a good story, so keep on writing! Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Binding Dharc's Anniversary Contest Entry: Class Reunion   Mon Sep 29, 2014 10:28 pm

Hippocampus wrote:
But... maybe I was comparing this story to your longer and imo better-thought-out fanfic, because the plot of this one couldn't even stand up to that one. Because this was a one-shot, the readers obviously knew that it was going to resolve by the end, so when introducing the plot of the story as one big fight scene, it was pretty clear what was going to happen. As such, you didn't keep much suspense in the story, which is something you yourself said you were known for.
Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. That's the reason none of the fics I have on are one-shots, I don't really do "short"; never have. (In fact, I still remember a first grade writing assignment to remake the goldilocks and the three bears story and not only did I do it, but I had to use the next few free-write days just to finish it!)

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PostSubject: Re: Binding Dharc's Anniversary Contest Entry: Class Reunion   

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Binding Dharc's Anniversary Contest Entry: Class Reunion
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