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 Catastor's entry story: The Reason

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ally of justice catastor
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PostSubject: Catastor's entry story: The Reason   Fri Sep 05, 2014 9:10 am

I must say, the idea for this story comes from a Durarara!!! Fanfic with both Izaya and Shizuo inside(not being Yaoi, mind you), which is pretty…. How to say? Melancholic?

Anyway, while I’m trying to make a more Angst/Hurt/Comfort, I’m trying to make it at least more ‘Sweet’ than ‘Bitter’, and so I hope you can enjoy this small story I’ve made

Almost forgot, happy 5th birthday Charmer Forum!!! Stay silly and awesome as always!

Disclaimer= I wish I own the Charmer or Yugioh, since I can pretty much make most of my imagination real and more Charmer support:P
Part 1 - Memories
It is such a warm place

That word is implanted inside the young man’s mind, lying in the plain, looking at the tree where he is laying at

Sometimes he wonders that the peace that he has right now, is it the truth, or is it just a fragment of memories? But even thinking so won’t help him, the Sun is shining brightly upside him, yet the tree protect him, like a loving mother

His slow muse stops when he thinks of that word

Protect, to give a feeling of warmth, feeling of being safe

Had he ever did so?

And so, his mind flies, toward the distant past

To the memories of a group of young girls
To The memories of gentle push from the Wind
To The memories of fiery passion from the Flame
To The memories of the calming touch from the Earth
To The memories of the fresh embrace from the Water
To The memories of the bright smile from the Light
Did that matter anymore?

When he have push them aside, to try what he think the best for them
Did he even deserve this warmth feeling he always have with them?

He never did

He is nothing but an everlasting Darkness

He had wanted to brush away the Wind
He had wanted to cease the passion of Flame
He had wanted to destroy the calm feeling of Earth
He had wanted to dry the freshness of Water
He had wanted to shut the smile of Light

The feeling never change
It’s always there, lurking inside his very back of mind, closed by his very mask


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[13:19:57] ally of justice catastor : and that day, Catastor have made his own religious
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Seitokai no Ichizon wrote:
“A power level of nine trillion eighty thousand isn’t just for show…… Mafuyu…… Mafuyu’s power level would probably be about negative thirty seven……”
“What do you mean it’s negative?!”
“Mafuyu is defeated by Mafuyu’s opponent easily without them having to do anything. And then Mafuyu is nursed back to health by them.”
“That definitely makes it negative!”
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Catastor's entry story: The Reason
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