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 Random monsters and their lives

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Binding Dharc
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PostSubject: Random monsters and their lives   Thu Jul 24, 2014 7:55 pm

So I had a thought. With non-human monsters in duel monsters, its obvious they were just born into their main type (dragons born as dragons, fairies born as fairies, ect.) and most of the archetype monsters were likely born into their role because of their clan/legacy.

BUT, what about monsters that have no Archetype or major significance? Were they still born as a Spellcaster/Warrior/Psychic?

Taking Apprentice Magician for example: Apprentice Magician is a Spellcaster, but the fact that her card name signifies her as an 'apprentice' suggests that becoming a Spellcaster was a choice she made at some point in her life, and was not the only choice she had.
And what about someone like Warrior Dai Grepher? His card description states that 'no one knows his mysterious past' but was it something in that past that drove him to become a Warrior instead of say a Psychic?

This was just something I'd never thought of before, but is it possible that monsters like these were not born into their roles and decided on these things through the course of their lives? Or do you think all monsters inherently born as Spellcasters, Psychics, Warriors, or Pyros, and had no choice in the matter?
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PostSubject: Re: Random monsters and their lives   Thu Jul 24, 2014 11:31 pm

This is some deep philosophical shit right here...

You're basically asking if any given humanoid monster was able to make choices in their lives about where they end up, right? Initially, the answer seems to be an obvious "yes"... in the same way that humans in real life are able to make these kinds of choices. A good example I can think of off the top of my head is Magical Scientist. He obviously works in a lab, so I compare him to computer scientists and engineers of today. Some of them enter that profession because they are passionate about it, others have innate skill they want to put to good use, others are coaxed by their parents to do it, and still others just need to survive and couldn't get any other job. Any of these reasons could apply to Magical Scientist, and it's even less clear what it could be due to the fact that he's an effect monster and thus has no description. So it's very possible that someone like him had the ability to choose his type.

But now let's consider someone like Invader of Darkness. I know he's a Fiend with a monster-like figure, but do we really know if he was born that way or not? He could have been a normal human that was corrupted by evil one day, or he could have been born into a family of Fiends. We'll never know unless Konami decides to write that story one day, which will probably be never lol. And now think about Darkfire Soldier #1... what the hell happened to that guy? I don't know of a single human born with flaming legs, but it may very well be possible that he was, and his 8 word description doesn't tell us anything about how he got like that. So you never know.

The main problem with your question, however, is that the rules of magic and magical powers are not well-defined anywhere in Yugioh. Is magic something you can just learn one day, or do you have to have it in your blood? Obviously you have Spellcasters like the Charmers who are capable of using magic, but if you really think about it, do you know if they are actually innate magic users or not? With the exception of Wynn, none of the parents of the Charmers are known, so there's no way to tell how they learned their magic and if it was hereditary. I mean for all we know Lyna could have been my daughter who ran away from home and started learning magic from a DIY book she bought in a store because she felt like it. If magic is something anyone can learn, then your question falls more into the choice answer, but if one needs to be born with magical powers, then their fate is pretty much set in stone.

Even Psychics can be treated this way. What, exactly, IS psychic power? (Because the only thing common among psychic monsters is that they cost a lot of LP and they can banish themselves and their friends XD) Seriously, though, psychic power is even less defined than other elemental powers, so it's a complete mystery as to how someone can obtain it. If someone needs to be born with them, then it's obvious the ones without them had no choice but to become Warriors, etc.

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PostSubject: Re: Random monsters and their lives   Fri Jul 25, 2014 1:55 am

Binding Dharc wrote:

is it possible that monsters like these were not born into their roles and decided on these things through the course of their lives? Or do you think all monsters inherently born as Spellcasters, Psychics, Warriors, or Pyros, and had no choice in the matter?


Some can make choice, but some born as what they are.
Card like Darkfire Soldier could be:
A.) Deciding their own role: A human in the past that gain power through some kind of contract, or
B.) Born that way/no choice: he is just a creature with fiery legs.
As for Apprentice Magician, the B possibility can't be applied since his name suggests if there's a choice for him to be an apprentice. (yes, I do think Apprentice Magician is male since the body is masculine and he has some abs)

Hippocampus wrote:
Is magic something you can just learn one day, or do you have to have it in your blood?
In YGO world, it could be both.

For example, Endymion could come from a family that already have magic in their blood, it's like some kind of talent, but, of course, to sharpen your talent, you need to learn more about it and practice so you can become a better spellcaster.

Charmer could start off as normal human without any magic, but they can learn about magic and becomes spellcaster.

Wynn choose her own path to be a Charmer instead of sitting with her family in Gusto marshes. This could explain as why she is a spellcaster, different from her family which consists of psychics. If she choose to stay with her family, she probably already taught how to use psychic power, and her type would be a psychic just like her family. She could have talent/psychic power in her blood because she comes from a family that uses psychic power, but since she choose to be a Charmer instead, that talent probably never bloom.


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PostSubject: Re: Random monsters and their lives   

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Random monsters and their lives
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