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 Masked Genex Charmer

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ally of justice catastor
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PostSubject: Masked Genex Charmer   Mon Jun 23, 2014 3:01 pm

after thinking more about the new card, the birth of Mask Change Second make a new deck being reborn from my old "Genex Charmer"

I present to all of you!
Masked Genex Charmer

the deck list:

here's the written deck list:

Monster( 23 ):
3 x Genex Ally Changer(as always, the staple of this deck)
1 x Genex Ally Birdman(could recycle your Charmer or took Neutron back)
3 x Genex Ally Remote(main Tuner card)
2 x for all charmer(which means 12 Charmer in the deck, YAY!)
2 x Genex Neutron(free tuner searcher, why not?)
2 x E-HERO Bubbleman(its not racist and a good card, why not?)

Spell( 10 ):
1 x Allure of Darkness(with Dharc and all the Genex, its like a stupid guy if ya don't use this)
2 x Book of Eclipse(as always, to set your charmers and stop attack)
1 x Book of Moon(Reset your Charmer and have possibility to negate effect and attack)
3 x Mask Change Second(the main card, it could let your Charmer HENSHIN!!!)
2 x Pot of Duality(fetch some useful cards, why not?)
1 x Sword of Revealing Light(old card never die!!!)

Trap( 7 ):
1 x Compulsory Evacuation Device(its a staple, why not?)
1 x Mirror Force(again, why not?)
1 x Safe Zone(could protect your Charmer and Changer, alongside other monsters)
2 x Waboku(duh, this is like a must in Charmer deck!)
2 x Threatening Roar(read above)

Fusion( 6 ):
1 x M-HERO Dark Law(Dharc's HENSHIN unit, looks damn cool, but seriously..... no bat!?)
1 x M-HERO Acid(Eria's HENSHIN unit, baddass indeed)
1 x M-HERO Kamikaze(Wynn's HENSHIN unit, didn't know Wynn's suicidal, but she's from Gusto, so she's full of Gusto huh?)
1 x M-HERO Goka(Hiita's HENSHIN unit, didn't have any good effect, but Hiita's inside it!!! so why not right???)
1 x M-HERO Dian(Aussa's HENSHIN unit, its not that good, but could fetch Bubbleman for lulz)
1 x M-HERO Koga(Lyna's HENSHIN unit, with awesome effect and banishing anything/other charmer from Dharc, she is that scary huh?)

Synchro( 6 ):
1 x Black Rose Dragon(duh, she's like a must in lots of deck)
1 x Genex Ally Triarm(well, its a good card to use, and it got 'something' in the chest, so I got no objection)
1 x Hydro Genex(how Genex gave Eria awesome armor, now justsit and look at how beautiful it is)
1 x Geo Genex(its quite okay, not that bad, at least good for stalling and a beater)
2 x Genex Ally Triforce(and this is what you got if you let Link upgrade his sword up, a cool mecha with 3 effect)

XYZ( 3 ):
1 x Daigusto Emeral(its my waifu, no more word needed to be said)
1 x Leviair(a staple, could be used to return banished Bubbleman/whatever else)
1 x Zenmaisten(another staple, its good enough to be used)


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“That definitely makes it negative!”
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PostSubject: Re: Masked Genex Charmer   Tue Jun 24, 2014 12:40 am

Drop Wabokus for Fiendish Chains

Other than that you're good to go

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Masked Genex Charmer
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