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 The Fael Fanction - Boundaries of Elements

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PostSubject: The Fael Fanction - Boundaries of Elements   Sun Aug 04, 2013 1:26 pm

Boundaries of Elements
Chapter 1 – Waking to a Journey.
I still remember… the flames, the screaming, the fear… since that day many of my friends died and my sister went missing, but today I’ll start searching for her.
“Hey Lazy Bum, wake up!” A bat like creature poked Dharc.
Dharc: mmm…. Meda…just more ten minutes…
Meda Bat: No more ten minutes, isn’t is today that you were going to start your journey? Aren’t you the Dark Charmer?
Dharc: Ah yeah *fall from the bed*
Some minutes later, Dharc was dressed in his charmes clothes, packed some things he was going to need to his journey, when he opened the door, he was assaulted by kids.
“Please Dharc don’t go! I don’t want to stay without playing with you.” Said one of the children.
Dharc: Sorry guys, but I really have to. But I promised to come back.
Suddenly, an old lady appeared and shooed the kids away and helped Dharc to get up.
Old Lady: Each day they grow more attached to you.
Dharc: I know, they all remind of my friends...that I can’t help but smile and feel at peace.
Old Lady: Dharc, be careful on your journey, remember you always have a place to return to.
Dharc: Right, this will be my motivation!
Dharc lived in an orphanage, ten years ago, it got attacked by mysterious people and his sister, Lyna, got kidnapped by them, luckly Dharc wasn’t around by the time they attacked, but when he came back, the place was already in ruins, two people helped to rebuild the building and bring more children to it, and Dharc is like an older brother to these children.
Old Man: Leaving already Dharc?
Dharc: Yes, thanks for everything mister!
Old Man: You’re welcome, but surely, someone would have done the same.
Dharc: But you two came first, so I’m thanking you and her.
Old Man: Oh hohoho, you growed up to be a fine man, even if you are the Dark Charmer.
Meda Bat: Every incarnation of the Dark charmer are bound to be possessed by their own darkness and break the balance of the world, since long ago I have lost my faith in them…then I met Dharc, he’s such a good child and have such a strong heart…that reawakened my hope.
Dharc: Meda, you told me that a million of time.
Meda Bat: But I’m proud to repeat it everytime, you are the one who see the darkness in the right way.
Dharc: You’re right.
Old Man: Be careful on your journey!
Dharc: I will, goodbye!
As Dharc leaves, every children of the orphanage bids farewell to him, wishing for Dharc to come back safe, they didn’t want to live without their beloved brother. After an hour of journey, Dharc sits near a tree.
Meda: Tired already?
Dharc: It’s not it, I’m checking if I brought a map…. *pulls a map from the bag.* Here, Meda, what is the first place I should go?
Meda: First, I supposed you should search for the Mistress Doriado of this current generation, she’s the one responsible of reuniting all the charmers and give the assignment to restore the balance of the elements.
Dharc: Yeah, she might give me some leads on Lyna…so…
Meda: So?
Dharc: Doriado….where she lives?
Meda: Hmm….about that…. I don’t know…
Dharc: *face fault* B-b-b-b-b-b-but…
Meda: Doriado’s locations are just as random as charmers locations, she could be anywhere.
Dharc: Oh man…
Meda: But I know one thing, she is surely on this country.
Dharc: At least…this relieves me a little. *get’s up* Time to continue.
Meda:  Right behind you!
After some more time of walking, they arrive in a big lake.
Dharc: Wow, how beautiful, there is a small lake close to the orphanage…but it’s nothing compared to this.
Meda: Dharc, I’m sure you are aware that your duty is to maintain the balance of this world.
Dharc: I know…if the world loses balance for complete, this lake probably wouldn’t even exist.
Meda: Just confirming…hey there’s someone there.
There was someone fishing in that lake, it was a blue haired girl, she was struggling hard to catch the fish, it was as if a dramatic music was playing just for that fight, after some seconds, she catches the fish, removes the hook from the fish as she starts to talk with it.
“Good, you fought well brave fish, now I’m going to return you to the lake so that we can fight again later.” Said the girl as she does exactly that, Dharc and Meda arrives at that moment.
Meda: What’s the point of catching a fish and not stay with it, they are food you know.
The girl turns around and sees the duo looking at her; she would complain if she didn’t recognize the Meda Bat that was flying close to Dharc.
“Um… excuse me…by that familiar, I suppose you are a Dark charmer….right?” said the girl a little wary of him.
Dharc: Technically yes… why?
“Wait a second… Meda Bat is here?”
Then, Gygobite appear, looking quite happy to see an old friend.
Gygobite: Meda! Pal! Long time no see! What was it like? One Hundred Years?
Meda: I guess so… I suppose this girl here is the water charmer right?
Gygobite: Yes she is! *glares at Dharc*
Dharc: Um….can I help you?
Gygobite: You’re not planning on hitting on my Eria right?
Dharc: Errr… what?
Eria: Gygobite, please, stop saying that to every boy you see!
Gygobite: I just want the best from you Eria my dear, what if this Dark charmer is just as traitorous as the others?
Eria: GYGO!
Meda: She’s right in screaming at you, this guy here is not like the past Dark charmers.
Dharc: Um… My name is Dharc… nice to meet you two!
Gygobite: Hmph…. I’m Gygobite.
Eria: I’m Eria, the Water Charmer, nice to meet you.
Suddenly, a stomach grumbled.
Dharc: Not mine…my breakfast was two hours ago.
Eria: Actually…it’s mine…I haven’t ate since I woke up.
Dharc: I have a lunch here, I can share with you.
Eria: Really? Thanks!
Gygobite: (I still don’t trust him.)
Eria and Dharc sat close to the edge of the lake, while Gygobite and Meda Bat were gone to another place to talk about the past, Eria was eating her lunch in a slow pace, she looked at Dharc then asked.
Eria: You won’t eat something?
Dharc: Oh, I am not hungry.
Eria: I see. *looks at the lake.*
Dharc: You like to fish right Eria?
Eria: Yes…when I’m fishing…I feel more close to my element, I feel like I’m talking to nature itself, feeling it’s power inside of me, I also see how incredible fishes can be, despite their small bodies, they are quite strong, and as a sign of respect of their strength, I put them back to the water.
Dharc: Interesting, you have a cool hobby Eria.
Eria: I know right? Oh, now it’s my turn to ask you something.
Dharc: Fire away!
Eria: Where do you come from?
Dharc: From an orphanage a little far from here.
Eria: You’re just like me; I live at an orphanage too, though mine is quite far from here.
Dharc: You are traveling?
Eria: Yes, i was searching for some healing herbs not found in my city.
Dharc: Cool!
Eria: You are travelling too right? What for?
Dharc: I’m searching for my sister.
Eria: Is she missing?
Dharc: Well…. You can say that.
Eria: *smiles* You are nicer than I expected.
Dharc: Really?
Eria: Yeah… the people from my city always tell me to stay away from a Dark charmer, that he would do horrible things with me, but now I see you and… I already consider you my friend.
Dharc: Thanks. (Man, I’m going to see hell from here on right?)
Meda Bat arrives with Gygobite.
Meda Bat: Alright Dharc, time to go.
Dharc: Eh? But…
Meda Bat: Gygobite gave me an information that a Fire Charmer is in a city nearby, and he requested me to investigate it.
Gygobite: If you can accomplish this task, I’ll trust you… but you can’t touch Eria yet.
Eria: GYGO!
Gygobite: OW!
Eria: Too bad you have to go… I kinda wanted to talk to you a bit more.
Dharc: Well, since we are Elemental charmers, we are bound to meet again…so… until later Eria!
Eria: Good bye Dharc! Good luck on your mission!
Dharc and Meda Bat leaves, Eria waves her hand to them while Gygobite only frowned.
Eria: Now if I think well…I guess I should travel with him…many people hate the Dark charmer… Dhark-kun is going to be in trouble.
Gygobite: Dhark…-kun?  Don’t tell me you’re getting interested on him Eria!
Eria: Don’t start this again Gygobite, Dhark-kun is a nice person and I respect him.
Gygobite: Whatever… let’s go back… the herbs won’t stay healthy forever.
Eria: Right! (Dharc-kun… take care, there’s not only people who hates the Dark charmer, but there are people that hunts them too. Please… be safe.)
Dharc looks at the map and localizes the city he’s supposed to meet with the Fire charmer, he wondered how would he or she would look like, he also remembered about the reason he started his journey, he would definitively travel it to the end and find his sister.
End of Chapter 1
Author Space
Fael: Whoo…finished…finally, I wonder if people will ike it.
Dharc: It is a good start.
Fael: Eh? Dharc? What are you doing here?
Eria: We came here to visit you!
Fael: Eria?
Gygobite: Man, don’t you have some food around here?
Meda Bat: *arrives at the window* I feel like we are invading…
Eria: I feel like we are confusing Fael-kun!
Gygobite: Fael-kun? Eria, are you getting interested in this author of half category? You know how authors are! Authors are, they never complete fanfictions, cancels video-games, make bad movie adaptations…
Eria: GYGO! SHUT UP! *kicks Gygobite as he flies to the window*
Gygobite: GOMEN NASAAAAAAIIIII! *twinkle in the sky*
Eria: Ah…
Fael: I’m glad you guys came here, anyway, for the ones reading this fanction, I’m hoping you guys are liking the story so far, my pace is a little slow, so I’ll post one chapter per week.
Fael: I think I’ll hire someone to make Gygo shut up… anyway, see you guys next time!
(oh and i might soundtracks in between the dialogues in the next chapter, i'm not putting on this one cause i'm lazy, but might edit when i post chapter two.)

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PostSubject: Re: The Fael Fanction - Boundaries of Elements   Mon Aug 05, 2013 3:32 pm

Interesting start. You've definitely done something different with Dharc. From what I can see so far, he's portrayed as a leader of the children in his village, yet he's feared by people in other villages, a big contrast. Also, the script-style of the story makes this feel more like an RP than a fanfiction, but it doesn't detract from the story which is good. Just remember who your narrators are.

But I'm liking the plot of this story, and I'll definitely keep reading to see what happens. Smile

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PostSubject: Re: The Fael Fanction - Boundaries of Elements   Tue Aug 06, 2013 4:16 pm

Thanks! I'll do my best to complete this! (Or else Gygo will claw my throat.)

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PostSubject: Re: The Fael Fanction - Boundaries of Elements   Mon Sep 02, 2013 7:18 pm

Boundaries of Elements

Chapter 2 – Flaming Troubles

         After hours of walking, Dharc and Meda arrives mountainous area, the boy stretches his arms and yawns.

Dharc: Man! The air here sure is refreshing!
Meda:  We are climbing hills after all.
Dharc: I wonder if the Fire Charmer is really around here.
Meda:  Well, Gygobite is not the liar type so, I trust that info.
Dharc: Good enough. Let’s go to that village he told us about.

          However, a group of three thieves had other plans for Dharc.

Thief:  Stop right there boy!
Dharc: Hm? Me?
Thief:  Who else? Hand over your stuff if you don’t want to get hurt.
Meda: (These guys are trouble Dharc, be careful, this is your first real battle, think you can handle it?)
Dharc: (Don’t worry, I’m confident, if I lose in my first random encounter, I don’t know if I can look at Lyna right now.) Um… can’t we solve this without violence?
Thief: *pulls a knife* Are you screwing with me? Perhaps a little cut will wake you to reality!
The bandit tried to slash Dharc, who dodged with a simple back step.
Thief: Don’t you dare to run!
Dharc: I’m not running, I’m dodging!
As Dharc said that, he kicked the arm where the thief was holding his knife, successfully knocking it from the guy’s hand., the other thieves pulled their weapons as well.
Dharc: (This will be easy.) If you guys really want to rob me, then come and get me!

Even Dharc being a magician, he also learned some abilities in close combat, he took a fighting stance and taunted the bandits to attack him.  The first one to attack him didn’t even had a chance to strike at Dharc, he got kicked in the belly and then got an uppercut in his chin. After Dharc knocked out the first attacker, the other two surrounded him.

Thief: All right boy, you’re now under pressure.
Dharc: Is that so~?

The both bandits charged at the same time, Dharc side stepped to avoid being hit and saw the two attackers hitting each other.

Dharc: And now for the finisher!

Dharc gave a jump kick that knocked the duo to the ground, they quickly got up and carried their fallen comrade away, one of them said.

Thief: You bastard, next time it won’t be so easy.
Dharc: *smiling* I’ll be waiting for that.

As the bandits left, Dharc sighed.

Meda: Nice fight Dharc, I knew it was a good idea to teach you some martial arts.
Dharc: Thanks for that, Meda.
Meda: You’re welcome.
Dharc: I guess we should proceed with care for now.
Meda: Yeah, oh, I got an idea.
Meda Bat flew higher; he saw something from afar and then flew back to Dharc.
Dharc: So?
Meda: I think I saw the village; it’s just some minutes from here.
Dharc: Good, because my legs are killing me.
Meda: You’ll get used to travelling.

Then said some minutes passed, and the duo finally arrived at the village, they saw a sign showing its name.

Dharc: Mountain Hill Village….fitting.

They entered the village and searched for an inn to stay. Suddenly someone bumped into Dharc, making him fall to the ground, the person said a quick sorry before leaving.

Dharc: Ow….what was that all about?
Meda: Dharc…check if that person didn’t steal something from you.
Dharc: Hmm….nothing, I guess this was just an accident.
Dharc got up and cleaned the dust
Dharc: What was that all about?
Meda: Who knows, let’s head for the inn and make registration.
Dharc: Yeah…

The Boy and his familiar arrive at the inn, Dharc found it kinda cozy, he could see from outside it had two floors and it was a little big. Since the city got some tourists, that inn was specifically for them.

Innkeeper:  Welcome to Mountain side Inn my boy, it’s rare to get visitors nowadays since those bandits terrorize us every day.
Dharc: Must be those guys that attacked a little while ago, but I was able to defend myself so I’m fine.
Innkeeper: Thanks goodness…ah…if someone could drive those jerks away, our local guardian tries so hard, but it’s not enough.
Meda:  I know what are you thinking.
Dharc took a deep breath before speaking something he really wanted to say.
Dharc: I’ll help to drive those bandits away.
Inn Keeper:  Would you really do that?
Dharc: No Promises, but I’ll help in what I can do.
Inn Keeper:  Thank you very much! I’ll call the villagers to make an announcement about these incredible news.
Dharc: You’re wel- wait what? There’s no need to!
Whoever, the Inn Keeper lady was already out.
Meda: Nice going Mister Hero!
Dharc: Sigh….I brought this to myself….

 Some minutes of waiting later, Dharc got called to leave the inn, as he left the place, the boy saw practically the whole village with hope in their eyes. A girl with red hair watched from afar the whole thing, wandering who the newcomer was.

Red Haired Girl: I wonder what is this all about…
Fox Familiar: It seems someone volunteered to defeat the gang of thieves.
Red Haired Girl: he must be crazy.
Inn Keeper: Attention everyone! Here’s the young man that offered  to help us save this village from those vile bandits.

The Village cheered when they heard the news,  Dharc was feeling nervous.

Dharc: Um….I’m Dharc….i-I’ll give my best to h-help you  a-all!
Meda: (You are too nervous.)
Red Haired Girl: So…that’s the chump.

 They commemorated even more, Dharc was red like a tomato and used his hood from his cape to hide his face, he might be okay with a crowd of kids, but just discovered that his health didn’t take well a village full of people expecting things from him.

Inn Keeper:  They usually attack at 5 P.M. So till there, you can explore the village and prepare yourself for the fight against them.
Dharc: *still concealed.* I understand.
After more minutes of party, the villagers dispersed, back to their daily lives while waiting for the upcoming event.
Meda: You can stop now.

When Dharc removed his hood, he was still red, though it was less than a tomato.

Dharc: Remind myself to prepare emotionally when things like this happen.
Meda: Okay, but don’t worry, you’ll get used to things like this if we ever recover the reputation of the dark charmers.
Dharc: Maybe…
Meda: Those villagers seemd quite happy.
Dharc: Maybe I should just stay quiet.
Meda: Why? Offering to fight bandits is quite noble, so it was a nice choice, there’s nothing to be ashamed of it.
Dharc: You think?
Meda: Yes, give your best Dharc! Also, maybe this is just me but, maybe you were born to help people.

  Dharc looked at the ground and closed his eyes, thinking on what Meda Bat talked, somehow, after reflecting about it, Dharc had a feeling of inner peace, as if helping people brought joy to him.

Dharc: Yeah, you’re right, there’s nothing to be ashamed on helping people.
Meda: That’s the spirit, now while we are in high spirits, let’s search for the fire charmer, probably the guardian that the inn keeper was talking about is actually him or her.

    As they said it, they started the search for the Fire Charmer, asking around for information, some were helpful, some not, and some didn’t even made any sense at all, Dharc was taking notes just to be sure he wasn’t missing anything. At 2 P.M, Dharc stopped at a Dango (or dumplings)
shop, bought some and ate them while piercing some info together.

Meda: So, what do we know so far?
Dharc: Hmm…It seems that the guardian of this village is indeed the Fire Charmer, according to the villagers she lives in the ruins of a house that got burned Ten Years ago…
Meda: Do you think she was the one that burned the house, I mean, Fire powers are the strongest, but re instable in the hands of those that don’t know how to control, and it’s rare the cases of Fire Charmers that DON’T appear with tragic backstories.
Dharc: Well, the people of this village is nice, so I guess she lived well these past  10 years.
Meda: You got a point. So, want to visit those ruins? They are in a hill north from the village.
Dharc: Sure, you lead the way.

They left north; the hill was just three minutes from the village, so it was a quick trip, they could even see the city from the hill. Though, Dharc’s attention was more concentrated on the ruins right now.

Meda: Reminded you of something?
Dharc: The old orphanage…when it got burned…
Meda: Sorry for asking.
Dharc: Don’t mind, I won’t let those tragedies happen anymore.
Red Haired Girl: So, you’re here Mr. Hero. What’s your business here?
Fox Fire: The Dark Charmer… It seems that this generation got a fine boy.
Meda:  We meet again Fox Fire, this girl is really the Fire Charmer like we predicted.
Fox Fire: Yes, although, Hiita here hates her powers.
Hiita: Tch… You don’t need to tell that you stupid fox.
Dharc: Whoa, calm down…
Hiita: Huh? Why should i?
Dharc: *flinches* Um…well…
Fox Fire: Let’s talk in another place Meda Bat.
Meda: Yes, Dharc, don’t say anything that might anger her.
Dharc: Hey! You two!

The two familiars left the place, Hiita and Dharc were alone in front of the ruins.

Hiita: You’re confident on your magician powers, so that’s why you want to help the village right?
Dharc: Not exactly confident….
Hiita: Whatever, look, I protected this place for ages, but I was never able to drive those jerks away, and there’s no way I’m letting you do this job.
Dharc: I’ll never know until I try right?
Hiita: You don’t get it do you? I don’t want you around, and I don’t want to have anything with the Elemental Charmers, NOW DISAPPEAR!!!!

    Dharc receives a strong punch from Hiita, it was a hot punch, but not enough to cause a burn mark, he thought to himself that she was unconsciously using her powers in her fists. He winced in pain after receiving the punch, but managed to stay on foot.

Hiita: Wha the-
Dharc: Urgh…Nice punch.
Hiita: Oh they are nice huh? Maybe you want some more!
Dharc: Bring them on!

   Hiita delivered another punch at Dharc, he blocked it but was pushed away a little by the punch, but he still retained his balance.

Hiita: Tough guy huh? How about these!

She get’s close to Dharc in a blink, though he was able to see her movements and predicted that she would uppercut him, he backsteped, she noticed it and changed the tactic to deliver a barrage of punches in high speeds while screaming kiais like

Hiita: Oraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraora!

Dharc was dodging all those punches, thinking that with such strength, Hiita would turn into a dangerous magician.

Hiita: C’mon, stop moving dammit!
Dharc: Hiita, I understand your pain, I had something important taken away from me too.

The last punch of the barrages would hit Dharc if Hiita didn’t stop it in time, she looked at him with a fierce expression, then lowed her arm.

Hiita: It’s not a question of losing…but getting abandoned.
Hiita: Because of these dreaded powers, I lost my home and my parents abandoned me, thinking I was some kind of monster.
Dharc: Wha-
Hiita: Got it now? Besides the kind villagers, I won’t trust any outsider with the task of fighting these thugs.
Dharc: Then why don’t we work together? I didn’t say anything about fighting those guys alone. If I do something to anger you, you can pummel me to death.
Hiita: Why do you insist so much?
Dharc: Who knows? Maybe I really like to help people.
Hiita: Hmph…Do as you like Mr. Hero, I won’t helping you. So don’t come crying when you get beaten.
Dharc: The tears I had to cry got used already.
Hiita: I see…. (What did he lost anyway?)

Meda Bat and Fox Fire arrive from their private conversation.  Dharc didn’t had anything more to talk about, so he decided to leave.

Dharc: Goodbye Hiita! Be sure to watch me deal with those guys.
Hiita: You don’t need to tell me that.

As Dharc left, Hiita was thinking why Dharc personality was like that, he lost something, but still was an overly nice guy.

Fox Fire: I have never seen such a kind dark charmer before.
Hiita: Really? Aren’t they all evil though?
Fox Fire: I have a feeling that this one is diferent…I don’t know why, but he might be the key to restore the complete balance.
Hiita: Yeah sure…remember, I’m not turning into a fire charmer, so count me out.
Hiita get’s up and starts walking towards the village, she was going to search a place to stay hidden and watch how Dharc would fight the gang.

End of Chapter 2
Fael: Whew…finished this one as well.
Hiita: Huh? What kind of place is this?
Dharc: is what they call…author space.
Fael: Yeah, and Gygo is not around to complain about the delay of this chapter.
Fox Fire: Gygobite right? Where he is at the moment?
Fael: Let’s just saw he…had some things to wash.
Dharc: So those noises I heard from the washing machine is actually...
Fael: Ihihihihihihi! Well, with this, I’ll end chapter 2! Chapter 3 is already written on my notebook, I just need to pass to my computer! See you next time!

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PostSubject: Re: The Fael Fanction - Boundaries of Elements   Tue Sep 03, 2013 5:06 pm

Nice chapter. A lot more action in this one, but I guess it's fitting since it's Hiita's debut chapter Wink
Can't wait to see Chapter 3, especially if it's going to arrive sooner.

Also love the Author Space. Ihihihihihihi! XD

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PostSubject: Re: The Fael Fanction - Boundaries of Elements   Sun Sep 08, 2013 1:07 pm

Boundaries of Elements
Chapter 3 – Chaotic Flame
  It was 5 P.M, Dharc was standing at the entrance of the village with his arms crossed. All the villagers were watching him from inside the town; Hiita was hiding in a tree.

Meda: Hiita is not around…though I can sense Fox Fire nearby.
Dharc: If Fox is closer, so do Hiita, I know she’s watching from somewhere. (Don’t worry Hiita, I will not lose.)
Meda: It seems they are coming.
Dharc: Good!

The Gang arrives, armed to the teeth, mostly composed by nameless mooks, only the Boss seemed different.

Thug: Hey Boss look! They changed body guards. It’s not Hiita anymore.
Thug 2: Maybe they finally saw her uselessness and fired her.
Hiita: Resist…urge…to kill…
Dharc: Hiita is not useless!
Thug 3: Of course she is! A great failure that keeps protecting in vain that place! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA AAAHAHAHAHAHAHA AAA—

 A shadow energy ball exploded on the thug that was laughing, sending him flying away. Dharc was with his hand extended at the gang and gave them a death glare.

Boss of the Gang:  You are…a magician?
Dharc: Don’t you guys dare laugh at her!
Boss of the Gang: Attack him! And make sure his limbs are broken, so that he won’t use his magic tricks anymore.
The Whole Gang:  YES BOSS!!!
Dharc: Come!

 Five bandits surrounded Dharc, as they attacked at the same time, Dharc avoided it by high jumping out of the way, making them hit themselfes, then he blasted another shadow ball, sending them away with the explosion. As he landed on the ground, the gang entire gang decided to attack Dharc. To their surprise, Dharc was dodging all of their attacks and countering them by attacking at weak points, knocking them out. Hiita was watching all that amazed, she never thought about fighting like Dharc did, dodging, blocking and countering, but never attacking. In a question of minutes, pretty much the whole gang where in the ground were moaning in pain, while Dharc stood foot, glaring at the boss of the gang. He was with a perplexed look.

Boss: Why….don’t you finish them off?
Dharc: Do I have to? Have you guys killed a villager yet?
Boss:… You got a point… fine, I’ll duel with you.
Thug: Boss, we can still fight.
Boss: No! He’s mine, don’t attack the village until I’m defeat him.
Gang: Right Boss!

 He stepped forward, the gang stood behind him, glaring darkly at Dharc, they were confident that their boss would defeat Dharc in a fight. Suddenly, the boss summoned flames out of nowhere and started to manipulate it.

Hiita: T-that guy…
Fox: Is a magician too huh?
Dharc: You are…
Meda Bat: Flame Manipulator!
Flame: That’s right! Let’s see whose magic is stronger, mine or yours! Oh, and be careful to not get burned!  Crossflame Hurricane!

Flame changes the shape of flames, making it resemble a cross, it multiplied itself into ten smaller crosses as he directed them at Dharc, he ducks under the first, jump over the second, shoots the third with a shadow ball, avoids the fourth by side stepping out of the way, dodge rolls the fifth and the sixth, get’s out of the way of the seventh and the eighth, and blocks the last two ones, causing him some damage.

Dharc: Urgh…
Meda: I should had said this before, but it’s dangerous to block fire attack without a shield.
Dharc: Noted…
Flame: It’s not over yet!

The seven remaining crosses surrounded Dharc.

Dharc: Wha- they are still here?
Flame: Dodge This!
Hiita: Dhaaaaaaaaaarc!
Dharc: !

The crosses of flames exploded on Dharc, lifting a layer of smoke, dust and debris.

Flame: This is the end for you.
Hiita: Danmmit….i knew he wouldn’t do it…it’s my fault…
Flame: This is over for you.
Dharc: Nah, not really!
Flame: What?

An explosion of dark energy blowed the layer of smoke away, a demonic looking staff was floating in front of the boy, as he gripped it, a pulse of energy nearly pushed flame manipulator away.
Flame: Guess you’re not just your everyday spellcaster, and those powers of darkness, that familiar flying close to you, that signature coat of an elemental charmer…you are…

Dharc: My name is Dharc – The Dark Charmer. Now it’s my turn to attack. Be sure your defense mode helps you.

Dharc ran at Flame Manipulator, as he summoned CrossFlame Hurricane again, Dharc didn’t even bother to dogde, he was destroying all the ten crosses just with his staff, he was determined to drive the bandits away from the village.

Flame:  Tch, you won’t reach me!

  He increased the speed of the fire crosses while he summoned more, seeing this, Dharc was also increasing his speed, dodging every Cross of Fire that came in his direction, Flame was dumbstruck with the speed he was achieving.

Flame: What is this…I don’t even…
Dharc: Take this!

The boy tried to punch the gang leader in the face, just for him to dodge in time, seeing Dharc with his guard open, Flame opted for backing away, knowing that even if Dharc was open for an attack, doing so would be Flame’s Demise.

Dharc: (He’s smart, he knew I would counter his attack.)
Flame: (Tch, attacking from close range is a risk, I’m not confident on my close combat skills enough for doing that, guess I’ll have to use one of my best moves.)
Fox Fire: Hiita, are you smiling?
Hiita: Maybe, what do you think? …wait a minute!

Suddenly, the whole gang attacked Dharc again.

Dharc: Wha-
Meda: Dharc, React!

Then, a huge fire ball exploded in the middle of the gang, sending them flying to all directions, Hiita entered the battle field, with her hands expelling smoke.

Hiita: Don’t interfere with their fight.
Fox and Flame: Hiita, you… just shot a fire ball?
Hiita: Don’t get me wrong, I still hate these powers.
Dharc: Thanks for the help there.
Hiita: Yeah, you’re welcome.
Flame: You can take care of those morons, you deserve it.
Hiita: Payback time!

 Hiita fists burst into flames, she lunged at the gang, needless to say, she was giving the pay back for all those years she got beaten by them.

Flame: Shall we continue?
Dharc: Yeah, can’t let duels go unfinished.
Flame: I couldn’t say it better myself. And I just found a way to deal with your speed.
Dharc: Your strongest move right?
Flame: Yes, can you endure it? DHAAAAAARRRRCCC!!!!

  As he screamed his name, Flame manipulator infused his fists with fire magic and punched the ground with them, rising a huge wall of flames in front of him.

Flame: The only way to avoid this attack, it is to use something stronger!
Meda: Dharc, you have to use your signature attack, the Shadow Ball won’t help you this time.
Dharc: I know, but that attack isn’t complete yet.
Meda: We’ll just have to complete it now, so brace yourself, he’s ready to throw that thing at us.

 The Wall of fire advances at Dharc, growing in size, similar to a wave. Dharc took a deep breath and rises his staff over his head, concentrate dark energy, and when the wave gets closer to hit him, Dharc hits the wall with his staff while screaming:


 He stops the wall of flames and starts to hold it, thanks to the dark energy.

Flame:  He’s holding it huh?
Meda: (It’s still not complete, but…he made quite a progress.)

Both attacks cancel each other, Dharc lost balance and falls in the ground, luckily he wasn’t injured, but disappointed that he didn’t complete his signature move.

Dharc: Whoaa…man I messed up again.
Meda: It was a nice try.
Dharc: But… Dark Impulse is a technique that shouldn’t explode, but pierce through its target, or to be like a powerful blow of dark energy.
Meda: You’re right, if you understand what it means, you are ready to pull it off, so get up and get going, he is charging another wall.

As Meda said that, another Wall of Chaotic Flame headed towards Dharc.

Dharc: (okay Dharc, keep your calm, and remember the steps, I’m far past the concentration phase, I just need to execute.) Legs one meter from each other, keep my breathing normally, raise the arm that is holding the staff over the head, take it backwards as if you’re going to punch something, and let the darkness make me fly.

As he did those steps, he liberated another impulse of energy, this time, more constant, blowing anything close to him away, he glared fiercely at the advancing wall, he had the image of a burning orphanage in his head.

Dharc: This time, I will put out those flames, I’ll surpass them! DARK IMPULSE!

He lunged at the flames, as if he was flying at them, Hiita watched the scene impressed my such a phenomenon, he stabbed the wall with his staff, tearing it apart, passing through it, he flew at Flame Manipulators direction.

Flame: No time to dodge! Fire Shield!
Dharc: You could have just forfeited the match…
Flame: Heh, I don’t like to end my fights like that…so just finish it.
Dharc: if you say so….it was a great fight, Flame Manipulator.
Flame: Just call me Kaen, being what I am is weird.
Dharc: Okay then….Kaen.

 Dharc breaks Kaen’s Fire Shield, hitting him with the remaining power of the Dark Impulse, sending Kaen flying away.

Gang: BOSS!!!!

The boy falls on the ground, he was happy he finally mastered that skill he trained so hard to learn.

Meda: Tired?
Dharc: A little, I’m just relieved that this is over.
Meda: Well, it’s going to get harder.
Dharc: I’m…aware.

The Red haired girl arrives, helping the boy to stand on foot.

Hiita: Yo… I have to admit, you are amazing.
Dharc: Sorry, this was supposed to be the village you should protect…
Hiita: I don’t mind about that anymore, thanks for the help.
Dharc smiled, he was relived Hiita wasn’t hostile towards him anymore, now he could really call her a friend, Hiita felt the same, Dharc was someone she can trust.
Hiita: If I fought like you did today, I’ll probably wouldn’t be this friendly towards you now.
Dharc: Is that so~?
Hiita: I still hate my powers, but, I’ll use them to help you on whatever you are doing, and to find a way to free myself from them.
Dharc: That’s cool, well, and welcome to the team.
Hiita: Well, it’s settled, tomorrow we’ll start our journey!
Dharc: Sure! (I’m already in one though, but I get the idea.)
Hiita: Let’s get going, the village for their hero.
Dharc: You’re right…wait what?
Meda: Nice Job Mr. Hero.
Fox: Splendid Work!
Dharc: Stop it you two.

 Dharc knew he would get embarrassed as he entered the village again, the people cheered for the victory and threw a party to Dharc and Hiita, and it went through the whole night, Dharc only slept when it was midnight.

In the next day!

Dharc: Man! That was such a good sleep!
Meda: Good Morning Mr. Hero!
Dharc: Stop calling me that…please…
Meda: Hahaha! Anyway, since Hiita is coming with us, we don’t have business here anymore.
Dharc:  You’re right…. It must be hard to leave the place you protected so much…

 Suddenly, someone knocks the door, it was the innkeeper.

Innkeeper: Mr. Dharc, someone is waiting for you outside.
Dharc: Must be Hiita.
Innkeeper: Actually, it’s Flame Ma-, I mean, Kaen.
Dharc: Is he okay?
Innkeeper: Seems like it.
Dharc: Tell him I’m coming.

 Five minutes later, Dharc meets Kaen outside of the inn.

Kaen: Yo! You seem well!
Dharc: You too! It seems the Dark Impulse didn’t do that much of a danger.
Kaen: Because you held back at the last moment.
Dharc: Ah! You knew?
Kaen: Sure I did! So, you plan to leave the village with Hiita right?
Dharc: Yep! Its charmer stuff, though I kinda feel guilty for taking her from the village she worked so hard to protect.
Kaen: About that, don’t worry, we’ll do it in her place.
Dharc: Eh? Really?
Kaen: Yes, the gang pretty much turned to be the new guards of this place.
Dharc: That’s good to hear!
Hiita: You guys better keep this place in one piece when I come back!
Kaen: Okay, you can kick our rears if we break that promise!
Hiita: GOOD! Let’s go Dharc! Did the villagers give something for you?
Dharc: They gave me some supplies, food enough for a long trip.
Hiita: Are you sure?
Dharc: Yeah…why?
Fox: Hiita eats a lot.
Kaen: Hahahahaha….figures….

 Hiita wasn’t amused that Fox Fire revealed that, but then proceeded to laugh with Dharc and Kaen before she and Dharc said their said their goodbyes to the village. Dharc journey continues, with Hiita, the Fire Charmer travelling together with him.


Author Space

Fael: YES! I think I surpassed myself now.
Hiita: Yeah, Dharc was very awesome!
Dharc: Please guys, you’re embarrassing me again.
Hiita: Hey Dharc, can you make that Dark Impulse move again?
Dharc: Um…sure! Ahem! Legs one meter from each other, keep my breathing normally, raise the arm that is holding the staff over the head, take it backwards as if you’re going to punch something, and let the darkness bend reality!
Fael: Wait what?

The Author Space is suffering severe difficulties, and was shut down, sorry for the inconvenience.
Dharc: Ops…I think I used the wrong move….the poses are the same….

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PostSubject: Re: The Fael Fanction - Boundaries of Elements   Sun Sep 08, 2013 5:09 pm

Well a lot of things about this chapter were pretty unexpected lol. Very interesting choice of Flame Manipulator as a boss; I probably wouldn't have considered him a bad guy, and it seems like he wasn't in the end. But the exchange where Dharc asked if the gang had killed anyone seemed a bit weak to me.

Also, if Hiita's traveling with Dharc, wonder how Eria will feel O.o
And I'm still wondering about the person who randomly bumped into him in Chapter 2...

Overall, I like where it's going from here Smile

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PostSubject: Re: The Fael Fanction - Boundaries of Elements   Mon Sep 09, 2013 7:36 am

Hippocampus wrote:
But the exchange where Dharc asked if the gang had killed anyone seemed a bit weak to me.
Now that you mention it, i kinda should have worked better on what he should have said at that time.

Hippocampus wrote:

Also, if Hiita's traveling with Dharc, wonder how Eria will feel O.o
She'll soon join in the travel!

Hippocampus wrote:

And I'm still wondering about the person who randomly bumped into him in Chapter 2...

Overall, I like where it's going from here Smile
You just gave me an idea good sir! Where's the 1+ Rep button? You need it!

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TheFael wrote:
You just gave me an idea good sir! Where's the 1+ Rep button? You need it!
Lol well I was just reading your story. You're the one who wrote it. But thanks for the imaginary rep nonetheless Laughing

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You're welcome!
Chapter 4 is coming this monday, together with Episode 5 of Endless World Mugen.

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...You know what this means.

You're beyond the 3 chapters mark. Now you are destined to finish. Don't disappoint.

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Boundaries of Elements
Chapter 4 – Doriado’s Orphanage
  The duo Dharc and Hiita, being followed by their familiars, were walking through a meadow, it was a beautiful morning and the air was fresh, somehow different for Hiita because she came from the mountains, Dharc was inspecting the map to see what the nearby city was.

Hiita: The air here feels different.
Dharc: Your first time leaving the mountains?
Hiita: Yup! Thanks to you!
Dharc: You’re welcome.
Hiita: So, where are we supposed to go now?
Dharc: I’m trying to see in this map, strange, I don’t remember the map being this big.
Meda: Dharc…that’s the world map.
Dharc: Oh…Hahahahahaha! My bad.
Hiita: You have a clumsy side huh? Living and learning!
Dharc: Yeah. Well, I got the region map this time. Meda, did Gygobite tell you something?
Meda: He said that he and Eria lives in a nearby city so… it seems that is in Benezia.
Hiita: Beni?
Dharc: Benezia! I heard that it is a beautiful city.
Hiita: I guess I heard about it too…. A little.
Meda: Going there is our best option, let’s get going.
Dharc and Hiita: YES!
Fox: I can’t shake the feeling something is watching us.

  Fox was right; something far away was watching, using binoculars.

??? :  The Dark Charmer right? He finally shows himself.

After some time walking, they finally arrive at Benezia, as the name implies, its layout is similar to Venice (or Veneza…whatever.) ,so they had to travel using gondolas, Meda then started to talk
directly into Dharc’s mind.

Meda: Dharc, only you and Hiita can see me nad Fox from now on. Except those who have some kind of magic sense.
Dharc: This explains why my cape vanished right?
Hiita: Is about your reputation right?
Dharc: Yeah… dark charmers are hated, so I have to be a normal person here. I had luck with your village… but I don’t know about this city.
Hiita: Hey, don’t let it get to you, and let’s start our search now.
Fox: It would be wise if we split up. I and Meda Bat know our way through this city.
Hiita: Alright! Guide me Fox Fire!
Meda: It’s not 100% accurate but at least it won’t get us lost.
Dharc: That’s good.
Hiita: Hey Dharc, how the water charmer looks like?
Dharc: Hm? Well…She has a long blue hair, matching blue eyes, two hanging twin tails , a green shirt, a dark blue skirt, a brown belt with a funny blue pom-pom hanging like a keychain, and the charmer cape.
Hiita: Anything more you want to add?
Dharc: Like?
Hiita: Is she cute?
Dharc: Well, yeah I gue- wait what?
Hiita: Onwards!

 She leaves the gondola, Dharc stares blankly at Hiita.

Meda: Eria is cute indeed.
Dharc: Please don’t make this more awkward.

   After an hour asking around the town about Eria’s whereabouts, Dharc stops at a bakery, with little to no hints, while Hiita stopped at a restaurant.

Hiita: Hmm? Mapo Tofu Challenge? Guess I’ll take it.
Fox: There we go again…
Dharc: Guess we are about to lose our best bet.
Meda: Giving up already?
Dharc: We are going to get bankrupt with all of these gondola travels, and still didn’t get any useful info on Eria.
Bakery Owner: Excuse me, did you say Eria?
Dharc: Yeah, you know her?
Owner: Yes, she comes here every day.
Dharc: Great! How can I meet her!
Owner:  Tell the Gondola Sailor to take you to the Orphanage North from here.
Dharc: Thank you very much!

  After another trip, Dharc arrives at an area that didn’t need gondola trips. They saw Hiita leaving a restaurant.

Hiita: Oh hey! Found anything about her?
Dharc: Yes, she’s probably in a orphanage around here.
Hiita: Well, there’s a big sign right there saying “Doriado’s Orphanage” I guess it’s that one.
Dharc: Wow!
Hiita: You can go ahead, I’ll try to get more free tickets.
Dharc: On what?
Fox: Mapo Tofu challenge…if she manages to eat five plates, she win a free meal ticket.
Dharc: If?
Hiita: It’s spicy I tell you! Not many people survives eating that thing though.
Dharc: Gulp! Well, how many you ate?
Hiita: Around ten or so, you can stay with one ticket.

  She handles a free meal ticket to Dharc, it smelled like curry.

Dharc: Thanks….
Hiita: Hiita away!

  The Fire charmer enters the restaurant again, wanting to devour more of the Ultra Spicy Mapo Tofu.

Meda: No wonder she is the Fire charmer… let’s get going before memories from other Fire charmers that also ate insane amounts of Mapo Tofu show up. And for the love of the balance of the elements, Dharc, please don’t eat that
Dharc: Okay… I already got the hint when Hiita said it was spicy.

  After going to the direction Hiita pointed, he found the orphanage; it was very hard to miss
thanks to the huge sign.

Dharc: It’s here.
Meda: Once we enter this place, our real journey will start. Are you ready Dharc?
Dharc: Yes…don’t worry Lyna, I’m coming for you.
Meda:  That’s the spirit. Now let’s enter.
  Dharc walks slowly to the door and open it, getting engulfed by a wave of kids screaming Doriado’s name.
Dharc: I should…have saw…this coming….
Meda: AH! Dharc, hang in there!
Eria: Hm? Doriado-sama is here already?

  She see a hand sticking out of the sea of kids, she decides to rescue the person and drag him to the kitchen, locking the door before someone else enter.

Eria: Whew… sorry, this happens all the time, are you okay?
Dharc: Yeah…just a little dizzy, guess I’m too focused on my journey that I forgot that children tends to jump at people they like.

They recognize each other voices.

Dharc: Eria?
Eria: D-Dharc-kun? Thank goodness you’re safe. I was really worried about you, since people hate the existence of dark charmers, i thought you were passing through some hardships, but you look fine.  And that’s all that matters now.
Dharc: Sorry for worrying you.
Eria: It’s okay, why don’t you take a seat? I’m cooking something for dinner.
Dharc: Okay.

  As Dharc takes a seat, he watches Eria cooking, then, Gygobite appears.

Gygo: Hey Eria, I finished washing the dishes…
Dharc: Hi Gygo!
Gygo: Oh, it’s you…if you’re here then that means you gave up on finding the Fire Charmer right?
Dharc: Actually I found her. And she’s eating Mapo Tofu right now.
Gygo: Oh my…not again. Why am I surprised even though I shouldn’t?
Dharc: Um…is it because Fire Charmers loves Mapo Tofu?
Gygo: EXACTLY MAN! Every! Freaking! One! Of them love that accursed dish!
Dharc: Must be really bad…
Gygo: Bad is an understatement…it’s so spicy It might kill your tongue.
Dharc: Okay, let’s not dwell in there anymore.
Gygo: Yeah you’re right. Anyhow, since you brought her here, it means I can trust you now.
Dharc: Thank goodness…
Gygo: But, I’ll still keep an eye on you. Don’t do anything funny with Eria.
Meda: There you go again.
Eria: Hey Gygo, can you watch the pans for me?
Gygo: Eh?
Eria: I want to take Dharc-kun to a walk around Benezia.
Gygo: But…But…

  She pulls Dharcs arm, wich nearly made him fall since he was on a chair.

Eria: I’m counting on you Gygo-chan!
Dharc: Whaa-
Gygo: WAIT!!!!

  But Eria already left the kitchen.

Meda: You should stop being overprotective.
Gygo: Never! Now time to watch the pans, or else the kids will eat burnt food.

  As Dharc and Eria left the orphanage, Hiita was waiting for them.

Hiita: You’re Eria right?
Eria: Yes, and you must be Hiita correct?
Hiita: Yup! And what are you doing pulling Dharc’s arm?
Dharc: Long story short, she’s taking us to a quick tour through the city.
Hiita: There’s really no need to…
Eria: C’mon, I insist, you two need some time to have fun, and that time is now, I don’t think we’ll find another one in the near future.
Hiita: By the way, where is this Doriado Person?
Eria: Doriado-sama is at the moment at the wind temple, with a friend of mine, Wynn, the wind charmer.
Hiita: Wow, two charmers in the same city, I guess what remains now is Earth and Light right?
Dharc: I guess…
Eria: She’ll be back soon, so let’s go trip!
Hiita: Okay, I’ll bite.
Dharc: Just stop pulling my arm.
Eria: Okay…sorry!

 She takes her to nearby points she likes to go, like the bakery, the ornamental fish store, the place where she gets cooking lessons, a huge windmill, some gondola trips and walking over some bridges.

Eria: Ops, look at the time! We better go back now.
Hiita: Great, I’m starving!
Dharc: Didn’t you just take the Mapo Tofu challenge some moments ago?
Hiita: I did, but apparently, that stuff only makes me hungrier.
Eria: (Oh my…she have a black hole on her stomach…) S-so Hiita, any prize ticket for us?
Hiita: Actually I gave out all the ones I earned.
Dharc: They are probably going to get bankrupt if you go there again.

They get back to the orphanage, but don’t enter it yet, as they felt it was too quiet.

Dharc: Whoa, what happened with the uproar some minutes ago?
Eria: The kids get more calm after they it, so we can enter easily.
Hiita: How dare they didn’t wait for us! Seriously i…
Dharc: Hiita, NO!

  As the fire charmer opened the door, the ocean of infants jumped over Hiita.

Hiita: What the- HEALLLLL-----
Eria: Strange, didn’t Doriado-sama arrive yet?
Gygo: Not yet, I find it strange too, usually she would have arrived twenty minutes ago.  But until now, not a notice of her and Wynn.
Eria: Dharc, Hiita, follow me, we are going to the rooftop!
Dharc: Right!
Hiita: mmmmmmfffffff!
Eria: Ops!!!

  She rescues Hiita and instructed the kids to stay indoors, then she took Dharc and Hiita to the orphanages rooftop, there was some binoculars there.

Hiita: Wow, the view is awesome from here.
Eria: You two, take a look at that.

 She points at a direction, with the help of the binoculars; they are able to see a peculiar building outside the city.

Dharc: Is that the Wind Temple?
Eria: Yes, daily, she go there to do some investigation in that place, and sometimes she takes Wynn with her, according to Doriado-sama herself, that is one of the Elemental Temples where the Charmers must peform the Ritual of Balance.
Hiita: Really? I have to go to a place like that?
Dharc: Probably, me too, proceed Eria.
Eria: Doriado-sama never once arrived late, something must have happened.

  Suddenly, they hear a panicked voice from afar, the owned of the voice collided into Dharc.

Dharc: OWCH!
Petit Dragon: Sorry Mister, are you alright?
Dharc: Yes, no worries.
Eria: Petit? What happened at the temple.
Petit: Fiends…they appeared everywhere, they attacked the researchers, the visitors…
Eria: What about Wynn? And Doriado-sama?
Petit: They are fine, but we better go there before something bad happens.
Dharc: Don’t need to talk twice, let’s go Hiita, Eria.
Hiita: Sure, it’s flaming time! No fiend in the world can catch this Fire Charmer!
Eria: Doriado-sama, Wynn… please stay safe for me! We are coming!

  They jump off the rooftop, with their familiars, and Petit Dragon, following them, the three chamers left the city in direction of the Wind Temple, what kinds of fiends would they meet there? Why they did appear? Would the charmers take care of them? Only time will tell.


Author Space

Hiita: Breather Episode this early?
Fael: More or less…it is to build up for the next chapter.
Eria: It was fun to hang out with Dharc and Hiita.
Dharc: Before I forget, thanks for the tour Eria.
Eria: You’re welcome, though its too late for you to say that, the chapter is over.
Dharc: Aww man!
Fael: Now, now…anyway, I hope you gu- *Petit Dragon crashes into Fael.*
Eria: YAY!
Gygo: About damn time!
Hiita: Ooh! Count me in!
Dharc: Me too!
Eria: Well, it seems this is goodbye Fael, see you at the next author space.
Fox: I wonder what will happen next.
Meda: Must be cool, I hear this Seraph Ares guy will appear in it…

  Fael is left alone in the room

Fael: HEY! I made that series too! So I shouldn’t be left behind like this! Anyway, I hope you all liked this chapter! Now it’s time to go! HEY! WAIT FOR ME!

Ragna the Bloodedge: huh? The camera is still on?
Mami Tomoe: Seems like it!
Ange Ushiromiya: Seriously, he’s so clumsy.
Marisa Kirisame: Stay now with Endless World Mugen ze!

((After three chapters mark, i'll have to continue till the end huh? okay then, i'll do my best to complete it.))

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PostSubject: Re: The Fael Fanction - Boundaries of Elements   Tue Sep 24, 2013 9:56 pm

This chapter was pretty funny. The Mapo Tofu thing was a bit overused, but there were plenty of other jokes as well, which is good. A lot of good plot development too, and a bit of EriaxDharc shipping I see? Wink

Overall, this is getting better the more it goes on.
I do have a point of advice however; at some point you should try and proofread your story. The very first sentence of this chapter was a run-on if I ever saw one, and there have been some spelling/grammatical mistakes scattered throughout the chapters. I understand if your native language may not be English, but because that's the language you're writing the story in (and are posting it for an English-speaking audience), it's definitely something to take into account.

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PostSubject: Re: The Fael Fanction - Boundaries of Elements   Wed Sep 25, 2013 4:01 pm

Hippocampus wrote:
This chapter was pretty funny. The Mapo Tofu thing was a bit overused, but there were plenty of other jokes as well, which is good. A lot of good plot development too, and a bit of EriaxDharc shipping I see? Wink
I don't mind overused jokes, it won't stop me for using them, and yeah, the EriaxDharc was kinda obvious since the first chapter.
Hippocampus wrote:

Overall, this is getting better the more it goes on.
WOOHOO!!! That encourages me to continue!
Hippocampus wrote:

I do have a point of advice however; at some point you should try and proofread your story. The very first sentence of this chapter was a run-on if I ever saw one, and there have been some spelling/grammatical mistakes scattered throughout the chapters. I understand if your native language may not be English, but because that's the language you're writing the story in (and are posting it for an English-speaking audience), it's definitely something to take into account.
I'm aware of seems that Microsoft Word isn't helping me much in correcting those kinds of errors, but i'll try my best to do better in the future...what they are called again...Beta Readers right? Maybe i should find one to point out those kinds of errors for me, since my native language isn't english. Thanks for the feedback, i really need those, since Endless World Mugen doesn't get GOOD feedback, with people saying it was just a good episode and such, i don't know if i'm doing good or bad work in that series. And thanks for reading my Fanfiction and giving comments Hippocampus.

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PostSubject: Re: The Fael Fanction - Boundaries of Elements   Thu Sep 26, 2013 10:57 am

TheFael wrote:
I don't mind overused jokes, it won't stop me for using them, and yeah, the EriaxDharc was kinda obvious since the first chapter.
Well then! I was honestly thinking it was going to end up a harem ending (since Chapter 2 had some very subtle HiitaxDharc, and we haven't even seen Wynn or Aussa yet so who knows what'll happen there XD), but if the writer himself admits it's an EriaxDharc fic, then so be it lol

TheFael wrote:
I'm aware of seems that Microsoft Word isn't helping me much in correcting those kinds of errors, but i'll try my best to do better in the future...what they are called again...Beta Readers right? Maybe i should find one to point out those kinds of errors for me, since my native language isn't english. Thanks for the feedback, i really need those, since Endless World Mugen doesn't  get GOOD feedback, with people saying it was just a good episode and such, i don't know if i'm doing good or bad work in that series. And thanks for reading my Fanfiction and giving comments Hippocampus.
Microsoft Word can give some help provided you know what you're doing with it. There are some settings you can change in the spelling/grammar options, but they take a lot of time to set up I'll admit. If you'd really like a beta reader, I can be of service to you (although maybe not, since then I wouldn't be posting any comments here... Razz)

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[19:31:10 25/01/14] Corrupted Charmer, Y : We opened a new world
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PostSubject: Re: The Fael Fanction - Boundaries of Elements   Sat May 31, 2014 1:11 pm

Boundaries of Elements Special - Time Gap

Gigobyte: Man, where's that lazy ass, where's Chapter Five? Where's...
Gigobyte: I see, so he discovered Super Robot Wars, not only that, but he can emulate PSP now....Hey, i want to play too!
Fael: Wait your turn!
Gigobyte: No! Go write Chapter Five Now!
Fael: But, i just posted Chapter Four.
Gigobyte: Really now?
Fael: Errr.....Fine, i'll go....
Gigobyte: Dumbass...Oh what the hell? I missed, but my hit was 100%!
Fael: Oh, some characters have the Double Image ability, it's annoying so be careful.
Gigobyte: Sigh....

Well, that's it, Five didn't come yet because i procrastinated too much while playing games, but Chapter 5 will be coming...hopefully.

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PostSubject: Re: The Fael Fanction - Boundaries of Elements   Sat May 31, 2014 4:36 pm

Boundaries of Elements
Chapter 5 – The Approaching Chaos
         The three Elemental Charmers were running across the forest between Benezia and the Wind Temple, worried that Wynn and Doriado might be in trouble.

Hiita: it seems I’m not leaving a trail of fire this time; well, now I don’t have to worry about burning this forest accidentally.
Fox Fire: It’s a proof you’re getting better.
Hiita: I know right? I’m awesome! Ha-ha! PEACE!
Dharc: Congrats, by the way, I’m still impressed by how fast we can get.
Eria: You’re going to get surprised even more when you see Wynn running.
Dharc: Wynn?
Gygo:  The Wind Charmer, she can beat us Left Right and Center.
Hiita: I would to like to see that, anyway, are we getting close?
Eria: Yes, we’ll arrive there in a few minutes…I want to think Doriado and Wynn are fine since they are strong, but…
Dharc: You have a bad feeling?
Eria: …
Hiita: Bad feelings are….Horrible, so let’s hurry!

   After Hiita tried to lift the mood, and some more minutes of running later, they arrive at the temple’s entrance, seeing what remained of a research camp.

Gygo: Looks like our hunch was right.
Eria: My goodness…
Hiita: I wonder what cause all of this; I’ll kick the ass of the responsible!
Dharc: Well, it seems our culprit is coming.
Hiita: Really? Where?
Meda: Well, if you’re not feeling, probably Eria is not either, this means….

   A bunch of summoning magic circles appeared around the team, from them, Fiends appeared.

Eria: W-what?
Meda: I knew it, Fiend Monsters.
Fox: What an unfortunate time for these to appear.
Hiita: Fine by me, I’ll burn them all to a crisp, who’s with me?
Gygo: Like we have a choice in here!
Dharc: Weird, I heard the most powerful fiends where summoned many years ago, only a powerful necromancer could do this.

  Dharc swats away a Fiend that went for him.

Gygo: That’s common knowledge, so less talking and more asskicking.

  After a while, the three charmers where able to defeat the Fiends without much trouble, now they were taking a time to take a breather.

Eria: Whew…
Hiita: Tired already?
Eria: I’m just relieved that they are not that strong.
Dharc: It seems there are more of them inside the temple, and from what my Dark Sense tells me, they are way stronger than these ones we fought.
Hiita: No matter, we’ll still fight our way until we meet Vynn and Dorinado.
Eria: Err….Hiita, it’s Wynn and Doriado.
Hiita: Oh...

   Dharc couldn’t help but chuckle a little

Fox Fire: We have to proceed with caution though, whoever or whatever destroyed the temple gates, since they only open with the presence of the Wind Charmer, must be really strong.
Gygo: I don’t even want to think a Fiend did this.
Hiita: What? You’re afraid of a stupid ugly monster?
Gygo: I’m serious here!
Meda: Leave those two squabbling, let’s enter already
Dharc: Right.
Eria: Wynn….Doriado….
Dharc: Don’t worry; they’ll be fine once we meet them.
Eria: Yes, I want to believe in that, and I will!
Dharc: Good, now let’s go!

    After assuring their resolve, our hero and our two heroines enter the Wind Temple, and as Dharc’s Dark Sense showed him, there were many Fiends inside each, they fought their way through many numbers, with the difficulty increasing at each floor they climbed, until they reached the last, which was surprisingly empty.

Dharc and Meda: What?
Hiita: No more…I can still go on your bastards.
Gygo: You….don’t antagonize them, do you want us to get killed?
Hiita: But…
Fox Fire: Gygobite is right, if there are no fiends in this floor, then we must take this opportunity to recover our strength, even if you are Elemental Charmers, you’re still humans.
Hiita: Dharc, what you were “whating” for?
Gygo: “whating?”
Dharc: Oh, it’s just, when we were climbing the steps, the demons suddenly disappeared.
Eria: I know why this is happened.

  With a smile on her face, she ran at the only closed gate of the room, said gate had a Wind Circle on it, representing the Wind Charmer; Eria touched the gate and felt a warm aura, something that calmed her troubled soul.

Eria: No doubt, this is Doriado’s Special sealing magic.
Hiita: Really? Neat! That means those fiends couldn’t destroy the gate and then ran between the tails to whatever they came! Yeah!
Fox: While that might be case, remember that the ones we fought didn’t seem to have the strength to break even the first gate.
Meda: Yes, I commented mentally to you about that…
Hiita: Hey Hey, you’re saying as if they went to call their “Big Brother!”
Dharc: You’re right.
Hiita: W-well, bring it on I say!
Gygo: What did I tell you about antagonizing them?
Dharc: Wynn and Doriado must be inside that room right?
Eria: I’m sure of it! Now I’m going to call her.
Meda: That gate looks thick; do you think she’ll hear you?
Eria: Yes, I trust that she’ll listen to me! Ahem! WYNN! CAN YOU HEAR ME? IT’S ERIA!

A few seconds passed, and the gates opened briefly, enough to the three elemental charmers to enter the room, and then, as soon as they entered, the gate closed.  After climbing more steps, they arrived in a large white area with a huge wind symbol on the floor and in the wall.

Wynn: Eria you came…and…

  Wynn was a little shy, she eyed Dharc and Hiita with eyes that demonstrated her fear for strangers, she took hiding behind Doriado.

Doriado: There’s no need to be upset Wynn, they are Charmers like you.
Wynn: R-really?
Doriado: Yes, they are friends; they helped Eria to get here.
Eria: Don’t worry Wynn, come, and introduce yourself.
Wynn: Okay.

   The Green Haired Charmer shyly approached Dharc and Hiita, trying to find words to express herself.

Wynn: M-my name is Wynn, I-I’m t-the Wind Charmer…N-nice to m-meet you.
Hiita: Aren’t you cute? Well, I’m Hiita, if you want me to beat some bad guy, I’ll be here.
Wynn: …
Dharc: Now Hiita, you shouldn’t have said tha-
Wynn: Okay!
Dharc: Eh?
Hiita: Okay, I’m going to call you Little Sis!
Meda: Sudden change of personality.
Fox: She has weakness to cute things, also, she used to be a child as well, maybe, she doesn’t want someone younger than her suffer from a big trauma.
Dharc: I see.
Wynn: Mister, what’s your name?
Dharc: Oh, I’m Dharc, nice to meet you Wynn.
Wynn: Same here, um…
Dharc: What?
Wynn: You’re searching for someone…right?
Dharc: Y-yes…How did you…
Wynn: Your eyes, while you want to hide your sadness, your eyes showed me your loneliness, as a Dark Charmer, you’re going to endure the rejection of the people.
Dharc: (She’s…surprisingly smart.) You’re right…but I’ll overcome anything this world throws at me.
Doridado: I can see you’re determined.
Meda:  He is, I personally trained him to become the best Dark Charmer, and his resolve is his strong point.
Doriado: I’m relieved to hear that.
Dharc: (Doriado…somehow, being close to her…makes me feeling at peace.)

   The feeling then got interrupted with a loud noise.

Gygo: Talk about a rude way to knock a door.
Fox Fire: So rude, it seems it want to storm this place.
Meda: Guess it must be the same fiend that destroyed the first gate.
Doriado: And it is, An Ancient Fiend called Summoned Skull
The Three Familiars: SAY WHAT?
Gygo: Holy shit!
Fox Fire: We can’t defeat him as how we are now.
Dharc: But, if this continues, the demon will invade this place.
Eria: And if the temple gets destroyed, entering the Boundaries of Elements would be impossible.
Hiita: Then, it only remains one choice, to fight.
Wynn: But…
Doriado: Well, it’s too risky, but we have to, seeing that it is a powerful demon, unfortunately for him, he have limited time in this world, that’s why he disappeared after destroying the first gate, it’s probably not fully recovered, so you might still have a chance, I’ll keep the Magic Seal, stall him until he disappears, but be careful.
Hiita: You can leave this to us Mistress!
Dharc: ….
Meda: If we are successful, the Fiend will stay for some time, I guess this is motivation enough.
Eria: Maybe…
Dharc: But, we are still afraid…
Doriado: But, it’s your job to surpass your fear, if you don’t, you’ll never get stronger, what about your resolve?
Dharc: …You’re right, no use to moping in here, we’ll live, I promise that!
Hiita: Heh, lead the way Dharc, we’ll be right behind you.
Eria: As Doriado said, it’s our job to surpass our fears.
Wynn: I’ll do…my best.
Dharc: Alright Charmers, It’s now or never!

  After rushing to the door, which was surprisingly not cracked yet, Wynn commanded the door to open, and the charmers launched a surprise attack at Summoned Skull, he got knocked away, but emerged without a scratch.

Skull: It has been a while…since I have saw Elemental Charmers, and they look so young, they are probably still amateurs.
Hiita: Huh? What are you babbling about?
Skull: This will be interesting, let’s see how long you can last against me.
Dharc: Urgh…His aure…is overwhelming…even to me.
Skull: What’s wrong Dark Chamer, if you can’t overcome the own Element you control, don’t ever call yourself a Elemental Charmer.
Dharc: Tch…Girls, let’s go with….

   To Dharc’s misfortune, the very same Dharc aura that was weighting on his soul, also had an effect on his friends, they could barely move.

Hiita: Damn…what the hell is this?
Gygo: I knew it, we can’t win.
Eria: Don’t  lose hope yet!
Skull: Well, I guess that’s it, Chaos Thunder!

  The fiend charged a sphere made of lightning in his hands, it got bigger and bigger at each second, Dharc was telling himself to move, the group shouldn’t lose on the very first move the enemy made.

Skull: Farewell, Warriors of Balance!
Dharc: Wrong!

  The Summoned Skull shot a beam of Dark Thunder at the group, but, Dharc got in between the girls and the beam and got hit in full by it, however, Dharc was successful in holding the beam, but was quickly getting shredded by its power.

Dharc: Aaaarrrrgh
Eria: Dharc! No!
Dharc: Hur...ry...attack....
Hiita: Right, if you can move, then we can as well.

   Using all her will power, Hiita was able to move, her fists blazing with fire, she ran at Summoned Skull the fast as she could , and hit him with a powerful fire punch, it broke the techinique he was using, Dharc then fell on the ground, Eria quickly picked him on her arms.

Eria: Dharc….
Dharc: I’ll be fine...cough…you must fight…Eria….
Eria: …Alright, I have to be brave, for everyone!
  With a determined look on her face, she put Dharc to rest on the gate, then glared at the fiend.
Skull: I can see you’re casting away your fears.
Eria: I’ll show you that I can!

    Eria then, pointed her staff at the Fiend, it was trembling with her fear, she kept telling herself to stop, the demon lunged at her, then she screamed.


  Shooting a torrent of water at Summoned Skull, the sheer force of the attack sent it flying to a wall once again.

Hiita: Nice one Eria, I knew you had it in you!
Gygo: ERIA!!!
Eria: Don’t relax yet!  I don’t think he’ll fall after that attack.
Hiita: You’re right, we’ll give our all!

   She knew he was coming, but, it wasn’t as she expected, a few seconds passed, Eria felt some sharp pain, it was Summoned Skull claws stabbed in her stomach, his speed was so incredible that Eria never had time to react, only stare in shock.

Wynn: GASP!
Skull: It was a nice attack back there, but, your Waters are that of a lake...or rather, a small pond...

  Eria then got electrocuted, and thrown at the groud it full force enough to break some of her bones, her vision slowly began to get dark, the last vision she saw…was of Dharc and Hiita blocking the finishing blow.

Dharc: AAAARGH!!!
Hiita: Kurgh….
Skull: Teamwork huh? The strongest point of the Elemental Charmers, too bad the whole team isn’t complete.

 He slashed Hiita in the chest and punched her to a wall, she immediately fainted, and he electrocuted Dharc once more with his claws, he also fainted while speaking in low tone someone's name.

Dharc: L-Ly….na…
Skull: And now…only you remain.
Wynn: ….
Skull:  To die to such a young must really not have any luck, this next technique will end my mana resources, but, since I was not defeated, I’ll come back in a few hours.

   The Fiend prepared another Chaos Thunder, overcome by the despair of her nearly dead friends, Wynn couldn’t move at all, even with her talents of Wind Charmers, there’s nothing she could do to win the conflict, she only stared at the sphere of thunder, with fear and sadness filling her existence, but at the same time, peace, at least, now she could go together with people important to her, she wouldn’t be alone in the afterlife.

Skull: Rest in Pieces, CHAOS THUNDER!

  The Demon fired the Beam, quickly nearing Wynn, she closed her eyes to the impact, it would sure kill her, and however, there was one factor that Summoned Skull was overlooking, the secret ability of the Elemental Charmers to…


  Being possessed by their familiar spirits, in an instant, Wynn was filled with an enormous power. Meda Bat, Fox Fire and Gygobite where surprised.

Fox: Familiar possession? Wynn can do that already?
Gygo: She can’t, that’s probably…a forced possession, while it still grants the user incredible strength, that will leave a strain on the body that might kill her.
Meda: So she has only limited time until the straining kicks in.

  The beam was shielded by the power of the possession; Wynn didn’t believe what she was seeing.

Petit Dragon: Good thing I arrived in time.
Wynn: Petit….
Petit: Hurry Wynn, defeat that guy!
Wynn: R-right.

  She lifted her staff, four Wind Symbols appeared in front of her, then she shots four green beams of Wind Energy that converged on her target.

Skull: Urgh! That’s impossible….I should have defeated her when I had the chance.

  The Fiend was fading away, defeated by Wynn’s sudden powerful attack; he stopped to resists the overwhelming power and accepted his defeat, for now, it would been a while before he was capable of being summoned again.

Gygo: We did it but…
Fox Fire: Their lives are in danger.
Meda: Despite all our courage, we were naïve, and let our master to their deaths.

   She screamed loudly, not having mastered the possession yet, the power was slowly crushing her body, she fell on the ground feeling much pain, Petit quickly de-made the possession, but she was already crippled, and fainted in the moment the possession was over.

  Our four heroes, in a near death state, where being carried and slowly being healed by Doriado’s magic, she was blaming herself for letting them fight, and should have done the fighting by herself. She kept saying sorry through the entire travel back to the city, the familiars were praying so that their masters would recover and escape death.


Author Space
Gygo: Well, I knew I urged for chapter 5, but i didn’t know we would get a major beating.
Meda: We familiars can't enter in the fights, but I get your point.
Fael: See? You should be careful what you wish for.
Gygo: Fine, I’m sorry for urging.
Fael: Heck, in the paper, Wynn wasn’t even supposed to use possession yet, let alone fainting, Eria was going to save her after using a thing I was going to introduce in this chapter, but instead, decided to make this a-
Gygo: I get it already!
Fael: Well, we’ll be ending our Author Space he-
Dark Magician: Sigh, you promised you would behave...
Dark Magician Girl: Yeah, Skully you dummy!
Fael: (When this place got so crowded?) Is something wrong with my statement Mr. Summoned Skull?
Skull: Why…I am…an antagonist.
Celtic Knight: I told you, it’s a plot point!
Fael: As he said….
Skull: But…but…
Dark Magician: Look, just because we are ‘his’ cards, doesn’t mean we can’t be evil in another universe.
Skull: I don’t wanna!
Fael: Quit your whining will you?
Skull: No! I will be a good guy! CHAOS THUNDER!
Skull: Wait whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa- *disappears in oblivion*
Petit: Hey, isn’t that Masa-
Fael: See you next time.
Petit: Wait, I still need to point something o-

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PostSubject: Re: The Fael Fanction - Boundaries of Elements   Sat Jun 07, 2014 2:40 pm

Boundaries of Elements
Chapter 6 – Determination of the Dark Charmer

    Images of flames and destruction flashed in the boy’s mind, showing him horrifying things, people being consumed by the darkness and flames, buildings falling apart, people running and screaming in fear.

    In an instant, everything went black, and the boy saw himself in front of another building on fire, he was tearing up, crying loudly for everyone who was inside of it.

“Guys…are you there? Please…answer….everyone….Lyna….LYNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.”

    The boy fell on the ground, crying in deep sadness, the place where he was created, made many friends he considered a family, as well as living with his sister, everything was gone.

“Get up! Once more, and devour everything, your battle is not over yet, after all, plunging the world into darkness is your true nature.”

Dharc: WRONG! I….

       He yelped in pain, having being awakened from his strange dream.  Getting up all of a sudden wasn’t good for his wounds; Dharc was wrapped in tight bandages, still feeling pain.

Wynn: Oh, you finally up!
Dharc: How….
Wynn: You slept for three days; I was worried you wouldn’t wake up anymore.
Dharc: Sorry…
Wynn: Please don’t, it’s not your fault…actually i should thank you for giving me courage, even though I only really made a difference when Petit Dragon possessed me.
Dharc: Speaking about it…your body?
Wynn: I’ll be fine; I would be in a worse condition if my familiar didn’t dispel the possession in time.
Dharc: I see…
Wynn: I’m kinda surprised that the healing magic worked well in you; Meda told us that you have an “interesting” effect when inflicted with poison.
Dharc: He’s right, it is “interesting”, any type of poison will only paralyze me, do you think that maybe…
Wynn: Yes, wounds caused by Fiends are poisonous.
Hiita: Oh hey, the sleepy head finally is back from the Dream World.
Dharc: Hiita, you’re okay!
Hiita: Who do you think you’re talking to? Well, I have to confess that was really a close call.
Wynn: But Eria…
Dharc: What about her?
Hiita: She was the one who got it worse; she lost too much blood and is on the verge of death.

  Dharc tried to get up from the bed, but the pain hindered him, Wynn held Dharc on the bed, she had a worried look on her face.

Hiita: Hey, Hey. Don’t try to get up yet, you’re still not recovered.
Dharc: No, I have….I have to see Eria…
Doriado: I understand your concern about her, I’m doing what I can to save her life, so please, trust me and concentrate on your recovery.
Dharc: But…
Doriado: I don’t want to lose both of you….
Dharc: ….
Hiita: I know it sucks, but you have to bear with it for now.
Dharc: Okay… Sorry…
Wynn: We understand, for now, rest…

   The hours passed, Dharc was looking at the ceiling of the room, with a melancholic and sad look on his face, feeling the refreshing breeze that Wynn brought to the room, he tried his best to not sleep again, still feeling tired, and the pain not easing a bit, then he heard some noise of flapping wings, it was his familiar landing on the desk near the bed.

Meda Bat: Hey there.
Dharc: Meda! Where you were all this time?
Meda: Discussing some stuff with my fellow familiars
Dharc: About the fiends?
Meda: Yes, we still don’t have a clue as to why they appeared.
Dharc: I don’t think we’ll discover it that so soon.
Meda: Hmmm… Feeling helpless again?
Dharc: Yeah…I can’t protect anyone…not even myself…
Meda: Don’t give up right now, every incarnation of Elemental Charmers had their hardships, you’ll find the strength to overcome it.
Dharc: But…what if Eria dies?
Meda: She won’t, have faith in her.
Dharc: How? I can’t just wait all the time!
Meda: Yes, you can, stop being stubborn, that is not like you at all.
Dharc: Urgh…
Meda: You’re just altered because something bad happened.
Dharc: It’s so simple for you to say that…

     The familiar flew and landed right on Dharc, looking at his eyes.
Meda: It’s because…I’m used to failures, haven’t I told you? Every generation of Dark Charmers before you have been consumed by evil and turned insane? I remember all of that, their deaths, their descent to madness, their failures as well.

Dharc: ….
Meda: I have lost my faith way too long ago, and I don’t want you to lose yours. Please Dharc, return to the boy full of hopes I know.
Dharc: Meda…I’m…sorry…
Meda: I know I’m sounding selfish but… if anything very bad happens on your journey, you’ll have to surpass it.
Dharc: …And don’t lose my faith right?
Meda: Exactly.
Dharc: I understand…thanks Meda Bat.
Meda: You’re welcome, well; I think you want to be alone for a little while longer right?
Dharc: Maybe…
Meda: See you later.

   Once again, Dharc was alone in the room, reflecting on what Meda Bat has told him, to never lose his faith, even if things look desperate. The heard some noises coming from outside, but since he was prohibited to get up, he closed his eyes to see if he could listen to what the noise was.

“That bastard is here right?”

“No doubts, I saw him entering this place three days ago.”

“He must pay for his crimes.”

Hiita: Will you bunch of idiots shut up and get away from here?

“We must kill the Dark Charmer before he betrays you!”

Wynn: Dharc isn’t like that, he’s a nice person.

“Poor girl…already influenced by his dark powers.”

“He’s the evil, we must deal with him.”

“We can’t let that disgrace wander around freely.”

Hiita: You guys just signed your death wish.
Wynn: You mustn’t Hiita, they are civilians…
Hiita: ...that are pissing me off and calling Dharc a villain. Release me now Wynn.
Wynn: NO!
“Let’s enter everyone”

    However, that proved to be a useless effort, as Doriado has used a barrier that impedes the trespassing of non-magic user people, only Doriado could give the permission of who would enter and leave.

Hiita: Heh! Tough luck.
Wynn: P-please, stop with all of this.

  Wynn bowed in apology to the group of people that were reunited in front of the orphanage, she entered   the place pulling Hiita with her, once the door closed, Dharc could still listen to some insults directed at him.

Dharc: Guess it finally started…

  Remembering the bad reputation the Dark charmers had, Dharc strengthened his resolve once more.

Dharc: Meda, I’ll make sure I’ll not end up like the others before me; I am Dharc the Dark Charmer, the one who truly understands what Darkness is. It is not a tool of destruction, but to save the world!

   He summoned his staff and held in front of him, closing his eyes once more.

Dharc: I promise on these powers, that I’ll not lose myself; I’ll walk the path I have chosen! I’ll overcome any challenge that comes at me.

  Dharc ignored the pain of moving so much, it would be nothing compared to the burden he’ll face in the near future. Suddenly, Doriado entering the room carrying a cup filled with tea.

Doriado: Oh my, it seems you finally cheered up.
Dharc: Yes.
Doriado: That’s good, you look better when you are smiling.
Dharc: You…think so?
Doriado: It’s just my opinion. Here. Drink this.
Dharc: Thanks…

   When he drank the bitter-tasting tea, in a few seconds, the pain was gone, and he could feel a healing sensation inside of him.
Dharc: Wow… I-i…

Doriado: It’s a special potion made with the Elfic Herb, a rare herb only found at the Elf Forest, it healing properties can increase the effect of healing magics, as in return, it’s medical powers get an incredible boost, the last ones I had were used on you and Eria.

Dharc: What about her? Is she going to be fine?
Doriado: I must inform you that... she’s out of danger now.

  Dharc sighed in relief, glad that the very first friend he made since he started his journey was alive and well, he wanted to see Eria, talk to her, and encourage her to get better.

Doriado: Go change yourself; I’ll be waiting at her room.
Dharc: Oh?

  Dharc got up from the bed, besides the bandages, he was only wearing a simple white pants, of course, he only noticed it now, Doriado left the room, and Dharc changed to his Charmer Garments, now fully restored thanks to Wynn knitting skills, with a serious expression on his face, he left the room and followed Doriado to Eria’s room.

Doriado: It’s here, go ahead.
Dharc: You won’t come?
Doriado: The kids need me now.
Dharc: Okay then…

  He slowly opens the door, seeing a familiar face, in a deep sleep and a peaceful face, as if nothing has happened and that everything was just a bad dream, Dharc pulled a chair a sat on it, close to the bed, looking at her with a sad expression.

Dharc: Eria…
Eria: Hm?

  She opened her eyes, being greeted with Dharc’s saddened face, she gave a smile.

Eria: We really…screwed this huh?
Dharc: …
Eria: There’s always a next time.
Dharc: It’s good you’re taking things rather well Eria.
Eria: As long as everyone is fine, then there’s nothing to worry about, we just can’t let this happen again, now smile.
Dharc: Err…Like this?
Eria: Yup, that’s it! Hihihi.
Dharc: Sorry.
Eria: It’s okay, really. What I really regret is…
Dharc: Is…
Eria: I won’t be able to cook for a while.

   Both started to laugh, it was the silliest things Eria could come up with, no one could blame her though, she just loves to cook, seeing the happy faces of the kids who eat her food it’s something that makes her very happy.

Gygo: Hey Dharc, feeling better?
Dharc: Yeah.
Eria: Gygo?
Gygo:  Yes?
Eria: When you got so friendly with him?
Gygo: Well, I don’t have any more motives to be, I trust Dharc will be a good guy.
Dharc: I’m glad to hear it.
Gygo: But Eria is still off limits.
Dharc and Eria: HEY!
Gygo: I’m serious here, I worry about you dear Eria.
Eria: You pretty much contradicted what you said before.
Gygo: But…
Eria: Dharc, leave us alone for a while.
Dharc: Okay, I’ll be back later.
Gygo: Now Eria, you’re still recovering yourself, you aren’t supposed to be in conditions to give me lectures.

   Dharc left while whistling, wondering what kind of lecture Eria had reserved to her familiar, and he was wondering something else, why he responded to one of Gygobite’s lines? Was he actually interested on Eria, or was it just reflex? He decided not to think much about it and head for the dining room. It was nighttime, all the kids where eating the food like hungry wolves,  except for Wynn, Dharc and Doriado, they had better table manners and ate at their own pace, once everyone finished, Doriado put the children to sleep, only herself and the Charmers were up now.

Doriado: You three, I have an assignment.
Hiita: Whoa! Finally some action after those dreadful recovery days!
Wynn: Not so loud Hiita.
Doriado: Don’t worry; just don’t exaggerate on the screams.
Dharc: Is it about the Elfic Herb?
Doriado: How did you know?
Dharc: Well, you said that you used the last one on me and Eria, and since she isn’t completely healed, it means we have to get more right?
Doriado: That is correct.
Hiita: Wow Dharc, you’re a genius, really.
Wynn: Perfect for a leader.
Dharc: Eh?
Doriado: It’s a nice idea, Dharc, would you mind being the Leader of this Generation of Charmers?
Dharc: Well…I don’t know what to say…
Hiita: Simple, just say yes!
Wynn: Hihihi! You deserve the title.
Dharc: Okay, as I leader, I promise I won’t let you down.
Doriado: That’s good to hear, I have some supplies for your journey, Wynn knows her way to the forest, once you meet the Elf Village, and you should ask the Celtic Guardian for the Herbs.
Dharc: Celtic Guardian? Got it!
Hiita: Let me guess, Wynn knows how this Celtic Guardian looks like right?
Wynn: I do.
Doriado: It’s better if you go now by the night, because…
Hiita: Of those jerks right?
Dharc: …
Doriado: Yes, I also advise extreme caution, not only the population is after you, but skilled warriors as well.
Dharc: I’m aware of that part.
Meda: Or else I wouldn’t be around.
Petit: All ready to go Mistress!
Fox: We’ll bring our masters back home safe.
Doriado: One more thing, I want you to hold on to this.

   Doriado gave the Charmers some strange looking cards.

Dharc: What are these?
Doriado: Magic Cards that will help support you in any conflict.
Hiita: I wonder what they do.
Doriado: Wynn will explain to you on the way.
Wynn: Eh? M-Me?
Doriado: Yes, can you do it?
Wynn: I’ll try my best to explain them.
Doriado: Good, now go, Eria’s recovery is depending on you.
Dharc: Okay, let’s go Hiita, Wynn.
Hiita: I’m on fire!
Wynn: You can count on me.

  And then, the Three Elemental Charmers, accompanied by their familiars, left the orphanage and went to the exit of the village, being careful for not being spotted by bystanders that wanted to accuse or kill Dharc.

Dharc: I’m going to miss being able to walk in the streets without worries.
Wynn: We’ll show them how good you are, I promise.
Hiita: Even if we had to beat them for it.
Wynn: T-there’s no need for violence.
Dharc: Ahahaha, thanks you two.

  Some minutes later, they left the city, following Wynn to where the Elf Forest was, but they didn’t even walk Five meters, and Dharc had to dodge an incoming sword of Light.

Dharc: Who’s there?
??? : Trying to run away, Dark One?

  Wynn knew who this person is, The Mystic Swordsman, a class of warriors known for their fight for justice and to cleanse the evils of the world.

Dharc: Who are you?
???: Mystic Swordsman, Ares, I am the end of you.
Hiita: Tch, another dumb jerk…
Dharc: I don’t want to fight you.
Ares : Fine, it means that you are aware that you will become the evil that will destroy the balance, like your predecessors did, now just stay there, and let your life end.

  The Warrior lunged at Dharc, too fast for Hiita, but not for Wynn, however, Dharc commanded her to not interfere.

Ares: The End has come!

   He delivered a swift strike with his sword, but Dharc has successfully blocked it, to Ares dismay.
Ares: Why do you resist Dark One?

Dharc: I don’t plan on dying here, and my name…is DHARC!

  He pushed Ares away, making him fly some meters, falling on his feet, he decided to throw Light Blades at Dharc again, who concentrated a Dark Aura on his staff and deflected the blades.

Ares: Impressive…very few…
Dharc: Your next line will be - Can match me…
Ares: Can match me….huh? Are you mocking me?
Dharc: No.
Ares: Then I guess it’s time to stop holding back.

  He grabbed his double-edged blade and split it into two, lunging at Dharc with a higher speed than before, and started to slash at him, Dharc proceeded to block the barrage of slashes.

Ares: Why you don’t fight back?
Dharc: Who knows? Even I don’t know myself.
Ares: FOOL!

   With a slash, he was able to knock Dharc’s staff away.

Ares: Let’s see if your Darkness is strong enough to save you from this!

  Ares then, trusted his sword at Dharc’s chest, but missed, Dharc charged dark energy on his fist, and it was just to send Ares away again, knowing his helmet would absorb most of the damage.

Dharc: How about we end this? If I go all out on you, you probably won’t survi-

  A Huge Blade of Light went at Dharc’s direction; he summoned his staff back to him and blocked the attack, pushing him some meters away, when the Blade faded away, Dharc got on his knees, already tired just by blocking the attack, Ares was more stronger than he thought he would be.

Ares: The same goes for me, so you decide, or you die willingly, or I’ll erase your existence from this world.
Dharc: Huff….huff….Huff… (I won’t stand another attack like that, but…I can’t die here.)
Wynn: Please stop, why are you fighting Dharc?
Ares: Because I have to kill the Dark Charmer before he turns evil and destroy us all.
Hiita: Dharc is not like that, he’ll never turn evil!
Ares: But he possess the power of darkness, no one can completely control it without the side effect of being turned mad by its power.
Wynn: But…Dharc is a good person…kinder than many people I know…I just…can’t believe he’ll do that with us…
Hiita: if it wasn’t for him, I would be still mourning about my parents leaving me, he gave me a purpose and a goal to seek.
Ares: He just helped you so that he can use you on his goals.
Wynn and Hiita: YOU GOT THAT WRONG!
Dharc: And I’m going to prove it, Ares, can you feel the evil in this power?

  The winds started to blow violently, it was Dharc increasing his powers using his Darkness in an attack, enveloped in a veil of Dark Energy, he ran at high speeds at Ares, and then, he concentrated all of it in his right fist.


  His punch connected on Ares, making him holler in pain, and then, Dharc hit Ares with his staff.

Dharc: FANG!

  With the hit, all the Darkness he concentrated on the staff was discharged on Ares, making him fly away once more, and fall on the ground, not in defeat, but badly injured.

Ares: …
Dharc: You better rest for now, let’s go girls.

  They silently left Ares behind, with the sensation they’ll meet again, the Charmers continued their journey to the Elf Forest, Ares looked at the moon.

Ares: Certainly, that attack was devoid of evil intentions and corruption, it was pure, like the night. But, don’t think I’m totally convinced yet, I’ll cross weapons with you once more, and then, we’ll see who will be the one that reach the truth.

   He got up from the ground, and started to walk his own way, he needed to recover himself first, because the next battler they will have, would be even more violent than this one, Ares had no regrets, or rather, didn’t want to regret his loss, a Mystic Swordsman that regrets bringing justice wouldn’t be considered one, that, was his way of life.


Author Space

Wynn: Are you trying to copy Dharc?
Hiita: Well, he’s cool like that, okay?
Dharc: Ahahahaha.
Fael: It seems you’re having fun, by the way, where’s Eria?
Wynn: Still on the bed.
Hiita: Because of your writing. Don’t you remember? We were absent on the last author space.
Fael: Sorry about that, I won’t make any promises.
Hiita: Which means…we are going to get beaten more.
Dharc: By the way, why the Mystic Swordsman is named Ares?
Fael: As a reference to the character that is in Endless World Mugen, Seraph Ares.
Wynn: But, Seraph Ares is…
Ares:  A ‘what if’ of Hakumen.
Dharc: Oh, that’s why you were calling me Dark One.
Ares: Exactly.
Fael: By the way, Ares, will you do that?
Ares: No.
Fael: But…
Ares: No.
Fael: I command you!
Ares: No.
Fael: Sigh…
Ares: Are you finished?
Fael: Yes…
Hiita: Haha! Too bad, you won’t get to hear “that”!
Dharc: I would like to hear it too.
Wynn: Me too.
Hiita: By the way, what is it?
Fael: Nothing, just some stupid line.
Hiita: Please, just tell me.
Ares: Finish the chapter; it will save you some trouble.
Fael: Ah yeah, almost forgot, well, see you next time.

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Boundaries of Elements
Chapter 7
Confusion in the Forest

DISCLAIMER: No tigers were harmed when making this episode

Hiita: Are there yet?
Gygo: No Hiita, we are not doing that gag.
Hiita: Sigh…

Wynn’s Narration
Oh, you must be wandering where we are, well, we are still on our way to the forest, it has been five hours of walking, everyone are pretty tired, Hiita being Hiita, is complaining, mostly because she’s hungry…again. Dharc didn’t speak a word ever since he fought that Mystic Swordsman. I wonder what he’s thinking.

Hiita: Say Wynn, how much until we reach the forest? I’m starving here?
Wynn: Well, I guess two more hours of walk; I don’t go to the forest as often as Eria does.
Hiita: Awwww……
Dharc: Say Wynn…
Wynn: Y-yes?
Dharc: Did Eria come to the forest recently?
Wynn: Yes, why do you ask?
Dharc: Well, I did first meet her when she was fishing.
Wynn: Oh, she told me that when she came back from the forest.
Dharc: She came here to get those herbs right?
Wynn: Yes, I think Miss Doriado wanted to make med-kits with potions made from the herbs, she didn’t tell me much.
Hiita: Or she somehow knew were going to get our rears kicked by a stupid fiend and used those miraculous Elixirs on us.
Wynn: N-no way, Miss Doriado can’t predict the future, right Petit?
Petit: Yeah, I’m sure of it.
Dharc: Well, we must make sure we get some extra supply for us…if they allow us.
Wynn: Don’t worry; I’ll try to convince them to give us some extra herbs.
Dharc: ….
Hiita: What’s wrong Dharc.
Dharc: Wait, when did Gygo come with us?
Gygo: I have to compensate from Eria not being here.
Meda: But…
Gygo: Don’t say anything, you guys are hopeless without me, I’ll guide you guys to victory!
Fox: Hey!
Gygo: Just you wait; you’ll see my true form!
Petit: About that…
Gygo: mmmmmmyes?
Meda: Your alternate form wasn’t unlocked yet!

      Something shatters inside Gygobite, a sound something similar to a breaking glass, the sheer frustration and surprise that he didn’t remember that his so called true form has to be unlocked by his master first.

Fox: If you understand it, let’s continue our journey.
Hiita: Agreed, I hope they have some tasty food on the village.
Wynn: Um…Just don’t go asking that the once we enter the village.
Hiita: Eh? Why?
Wynn: They might get overwhelmed by your hyper-active personality.
Hiita: What’s wrong with it?
Wynn: It’s awkward for them…
Dharc: You’re coming?

   An Hour later, Wynn suddenly stops.

Wynn: …
Dharc: What is it?
Dharc also stops
Hiita: Yeah, why did you stop, I can see the forest from her-
Wynn:  Look at where your feet step before you look to the horizon.

  As Wynn said that, Hiita fell from a cliff, luckily, the fall wasn’t that big, and she fell on a lake.

Dharc: Whoa!
Wynn: This happened before with Eria.
Dharc: Really?
Gygo: Yes, this is exactly where she learned how to swim. And probably Hiita as well...
Meda: Apparently, Hiita doesn’t need to.

   The Fire charmer leaves the water by walking, liberating smoke like a chimney, evaporating the water on her body.

Hiita: Grrrrrr….WHAT THE HELL? ACHOO!!!

  The moment she sneezes, Hiita also spits fire.

Hiita: The- I’m not a dragon!
Dharc: Good thing I stopped with Wynn, or else I would have ended saying hi to the fishes.
Hiita: I assure you, there are no fishes in that lake, or else I would have caught one and eaten one.
Wynn: Hihihi, by the way Hiita, why does your hair stay the same even after being drenched?
Hiita: Eh? Really? My Hair is the same?
Wynn:  Never mind, let’s keep going!
Dharc: Lead the way!
Hiita: Sigh…

    After this unexpected event, the three charmers continued their walk until they finally reached the forest, it was exactly 7AM.

Hiita: Is it here right?
Wynn: Yes!
Hiita: Dull, why all the forests look the same?
Dharc: Don’t ask me that.
Wynn: From here on we must be very careful, there are many traps set to get wild animals.
Gygo: Mind if I stay on your shoulder buddy?
Dharc: Err…I don’t mind…but why?
Hiita: Oh? Did I detect fear in our dear blue lizard?
Gygo: Shut up! Different from my fellow familiars, I can’t fly.
Fox: I can’t either, and you’re not seeing me on Hiita’s shoulder.
Gygo: Well, good luck with the traps then.
Hiita: Heh! No Trap can get this Fire Charmer!
Wynn: Hiita, your feet.
Hiita: Don’t worry; this ground looks pretty soli…

  In the moment Hiita takes a step to inside the forest on a trap…

Gygo: CARD!

  It was an Acid Trap Hole, Hiita fell on it, but Wynn quickly caught her friend and saved her from dissolving in the acid.

Wynn: Urgh…You’re heavy…
Hiita: Oh no! A terrible truth was revealed about me.
Gygo: As if…
Dharc: I’ll help out!

   Some seconds later, they pull Hiita from the deadly trap, it closed by itself, revealing a blank card in the moment it closes.

Gygo: Hiita, pay more attention! And make sure to stay quiet and think before saying something stupid!
Hiita: I did pay attention! I was sure there was nothing under me.
Dharc: Wynn, are you sure those traps are really for wild life?
Wynn: Well, now I’m not that sure, the elves would never use an Acid Trap Hole.
Dharc: Still, I didn’t expect it was going to be a card.

  He picks up the blank card, there were still traces of magic in it, but Dharc could tell the card was useless now.

Wynn:  Well, we have to turn our magic sense on if we want to even think on entering this place.
Petit: We can scout the area if you want.
Meda: If my hunch is right, there are only ground type trap card in this forest.
Dharc: Okay, counting on you two.

  As Petit Dragon and Meda Bat flew away, the group entered the forest, trying their hard to avoid the deadly trap cards, Hiita having a worse magic sense than her fellow Charmers, nearly stepped on a trap again, if it wasn’t by her familiar, she would be dead. Some minutes of walking and avoiding traps later, they arrived at a clearing.

Hiita: Does this place have any traps?
Fox: I assure you, there is not.
Hiita: Fine, I can faint then…
Wynn: Don’t relax yet Hiita.
Hiita: But…I’m hungry and you guys didn’t let me snatch any fruit!
Wynn: I told you; those fruits aren’t exactly edible and safe to eat.
Hiita: Sigh….BUT I’M HUNGRY!!!

Long Pause

Dharc: Gygo, don’t say that!
Gygo: Yeah, but her complaining is getting on my nerves, more than these growls!
Dharc: Grolws? From Hiita’s stomach?
Wynn: Not that growl, look!

   The team is surrounded by Tigress, all looking at the three like they were prey, slowly closing in their target.

Hiita: Well, isn’t this interesting?
Dharc: Totally not!
Wynn:  You got that wrong.
Hiita: Groan….
Gygo: Alright girls…and Dharc, do not…make…a sound…and stay quiet…these things are weak against counter-atta-

   Using both of her hands, Hiita shot streams of fire at the tigers in her front, the back off a little, and then jump at Hiita.

Hiita: Naïve kitties!

  She simply lift her hands and shot fireballs at the tigers, knocking them away, in the meantime, Dharc was hitting some tigers away with his staff and Wynn was blowing them away, but they animals continued their assault.

Gygo: Look at what you’ve done?
Hiita: We would have attacked them anyway, so why bother with a strategy?
Gygo: You’re hopeless….
Dharc: These guys are sturdier than I thought…
Wynn: And fast as well…
Gygo:  Well, we can’t exactly outrun these things…
Hiita: All that remains making toast of them right?
???:  Wrong!

  An arrow flies at Hiita, she manages to catch it, but that gives enough time for a tigress to attack her, but then, something else slices the animal, as it falls on the ground, the newcomer went for the other tigers.

Wynn: Y-you are…Celtic Guardian!
Celtic Guardian: Now, Now Wynn, haven’t I told you to call me Celta?
???: Insolent!
Celta: Quick, this way!

  As they incapacitate the tigers, they ran away from a rain of arrows that went at their direction, some minutes of running later, they stopped to take a breather.

Hiita: Geeeeez! I’m already tired as it is! Why I have to run from a bunch of wooden sticks?
Fox: Wooden sticks that have a sharp piercing iron on it that can stab you!
Celta: You don’t look that tired.
Dharc: Trust me, it’s hard to tell.
Wynn: Thanks for the help back there…Mister Celtic…
Celta: That’s Celta.
Dharc: Mr. Celtic, are you an Elf?
Celta: Yeah, but of the rare kind that decides to travel the world, though I’m in vacation of travelling right now.
Wynn: You said the same thing last time we met.
Celta: Really? Well, they vacations are kinda long.
Hiita: Enough of that, why freaking Tigers attacked us?
Celta: I’ll explain everything in the village, it’s not safe to stay here, on and Red Haired girl.
Hiita: Yes?

   Once again, she steps on a trap card, making her fall on another Acid Trap Hole.

Celta: Never mind…

  After hanging for dear life in the hole, her friends once again took her out of the trap, and following the Celtic Warrior to the Elf Village, where their mysterious assailants would never dare to attack, or at least that is what the elves hoped.

Hiita: Whew…finally some civilization, can I faint now?
Gygo: Why? Can’t you wait until you have eaten something?
Hiita: Oh yeah, almost forgot.
Celta: Currently, there’s no food prepared, only tea.

  Before Hiita could scream, Wynn shut Hiita’s mouth,  Dharc  and Celta couldn’t help but chuckle a little.

Celta: I presume you’re here for more herbs right?
Wynn: Yes, oh, can you give us more than the usual quantity?
Celta: Well, you have to speak to the elder about that, I’ll take you to him.
Dharc: First a question, was the forest like this when Eria went here for the last time?
Celta: No, their invasion is quite recent, the Elder will brief more on this.

  As they followed the Celtic Guardian to the Elder’s Cottage, Dharc looked around him, seeing that there wasn’t any sign of an attack, but he could spot some sentries looking over the walls, fearing that they might be attacked.

Celta: You have visits, Master.
Elder: Oh my, we don’t have some visits in a while.
Celta: Um…Eria came here some days ago…
Elder: Is that so? Oh hohoho! I probably haven’t noticed the girl.
Celta: Why not? You even talked to her.
Elder: Is that so? Oh hohoho! I probably haven’t seen it was her.
Celta: But, as far as I can tell, your vision is still perfect for someone of your age.
Elder: Is that so? Oh hoho-
Hiita: Argh! ENOUGH! Don’t you see he’s playing dumb on purpose?
Elder: Oh, it seems I was discovered! HAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Hiita: Great, now his laugh got even worse!
Celta: I should probably have noticed it. Sorry about that, the Elder tends to play with the visits.
Hiita: Only now you tell me that.
Wynn: Settle down Hiita, just laugh together.
Hiita: Hmph… I’ll ty…
Elder: Well, it seems that the Dark and Fire Charmers were found.
Dharc: You know about us?
Elde: The aura of your elements is enough to tell me that,  mainly your pure darkness, Dark Charmer.
Dharc: Hm?
Elder: Anyway, fell free to make yourselves at home.
Wynn: Okay.

   The Charmers sat on the ground, Japanese style, the Old Elf gestured for Celta to bring something for the group to drink while they chat.

Elder: So, what brings you to our village young ones?
Wynn: Well, it’s about Eria, she got gravelly injured in a battle, and if wasn’t by your herbs, she would be…
Elder: I see, and she isn’t completely healed yet and now you’re here for more?
Dharc: Yes, could you please give some for us.
Elder: Sure, as long as it is used for the good of the world, I’ll give them to you.
Wynn: Well, I know this is asking too much but…can you give us more herbs than usual, it’s that…we might engage in a fight against the same demon that defeated us..
Elder: Hmmmm….
Dharc: It’s really important; we might need it on our journey.
Elder: I know your motivations, but you must see our side as well, you must be aware that we also do need those herbs as well.
Dharc: Ah…
Wynn: I see, sorry…
Elder: Now, Now, don’t give up so soon, I never said anything about not giving them, but just this once.
Hiita: You are kinder than I thought.
Elder: Hehehe! The respect between Elders and Youngsters must be mutual after all.

   Using magic to summon a box, he opened it gave the charmers the Elfic Herbs they so desired.

Elder: Well, I guess this isn’t all you came here for…right?
Fox: Originally, it was just for the herbs, but, who were those who sent tigers at us?
Celta: The Amazoness.
Wynn: What?
Petit: But…The place where they leave is very far away from here, what they would want in this forest?
Elder: We still don’t know their motivations.
Celta: It’s just…when they arrived at this forest, they simply said… “From now on, The Elf Forest is our territory, anyone that stands in our way, will be destroyed.”
Hiita: Heh…arriving and thinking they are already their owners…it makes me sick!
Elder: I had to put a special barrier in the village to make sure that outsiders without permission will never enter this village.
Celta: Whoever, they know that we have to hunt for food once in a while, so they set traps for us. Even still, we have sentinels on guard in the village.
Dharc: Something is strange in all of this.
Celta: I agree with you, in my trips, I discovered that the Amazoness Tribe is a Proud Warrior Race, but they never attempted to take over other forests like this.
Wynn: …Well, maybe we can help with this.
Elder: Well, we don’t want to involve the little Charmers right now.
Wynn: But…
Elder: You have a friend in need right? Don’t worry about us, as long as I’m alive, no Amazoness will enter this village, I assure you that young lady.
Petit: He’s right; Eria needs us more right now.
Dharc: I know how you feel Wynn, I want to help them too, so let’s come back later okay?
Wynn: Yes, you’re right; we need to take the herbs to Eria.
Elder: That’s the spirit, Celta, lead them to outside the village.
Celta: Understood, Master.

   After saying their good-byes, the group, including the Celtic Guardian left the village, meeting Meda Bat and Petit Dragon on the way.

Gygo: So, how was the scouting?
Meda: it was going well…until…
Meda: A Storm of Arrows greeted us…
Wynn: It’s okay, you’re safe now, so don’t worry.
Dharc: Errr….hehehehe!
Hiita: This was the familiar that saved our ass against that fiend? It’s hard to believe.
Fox: Well, that’s how Petit is, while he can be brave, he can also get scared easily.
Celta: The Amazoness is attacking anyone…
Dharc: It seems a fight will be inevitable.
Celta: Yes…but let’s only do it in self-defense, engaging in a war right now it’s not what we want right now.
Hiita: ….If we could help you guys….
Wynn: You too Hiita?
Hiita: Well, they pretty much had their peace stolen by these so called Amazoness, I’m so sick of it, I really want to beat the crap out of those people, but right now, we have to get stronger.
Gygo: Wow, you’re actually saying something not entirely stupid this time.
Hiita: Shut up you!
Dharc: We promise we’ll come back to help you.
Celta: There’s no need to promise, I know you’ll come back.
Dharc: Really?
Celta: That’s what my heart tells me.

   As they arrived at the same clearing they fought the tigress, they were greeted by more arrows, but they wouldn’t run away from them this time.


  Pointing her staff in front of her, Wynn blew away the arrows, as well as creating a strong wind that knocked some Amazoness Scouts from the trees.

Hiita: Oh, so you finally showed yourselves!
Amazoness Scout Arrow: Get away, this is our territory?
Dharc: Who said that?
Amazoness Scout Sword: The Queen! Her word is law, and she demands that you and the elves leave this place or suffer the consequences.
Celta: We refuse. Why must you do this?
Amazoness Chain Master: There’s no need for you to understand the Queen’s Words.
Celta: Everyone! Jump! No Questions!

  The Charmers complied and jumped, avoiding being binded by various chains, as they landed on the ground, they saw how much surrounded they were.

Hiita: Wow, so many people after us, I feel so special!
Dharc: Not me!
Wynn: I don’t have that feeling…
Celta: Me neither.
Hiita: Urgh…
Gygo: Once again, you fail!
Amazoness Swords Woman: Now surrender, if you do, we’ll let you join the ranks.
Hiita: An offer we can’t refuse huh?
Wynn: Hey Dharc, don’t you have any plan?
Dharc: A plan? Yes I have. A very good one in fact.
Amazoness Swords Woman: Not open to negotiations huh? Feel free to die then!
Hiita: What kind of plan?
Dharc: A plan that involves all of our breathing and guts.
Celta: Breathing and guts? What are you talking about?
Amazoness Swords Woman: Hey! I’m talking with you!

     The Army of Amazoness lunges at the group, who still didn’t made any move.

Dharc: Well, we are going to use our legs.
Hiita: And kick them…right?

   Dharc gives a mischievous smirk, something he rarely does when explaining a plan.

Dharc: We run away guuuuuys!
Celta: We are kinda surrounded…
Wynn: Everyone, let’s follow Dharc’s lead, I think there’s more to his plan than just running.
Amazoness Swords Woman: What do plan on doing? Charging at us like that? Are you that overconfident?
Dharc: Well, I know I can’t beat everyone…but at least I can…

   He charges his staff with Darkness, and then trusts it forward, making Dharc look like a missile made of darkness.

Dharc: Ram through!
Amazoness Swords Woman: DAMN! YOU! BASTARD!

   She gets hit by the attack, and starts to get carried by it, the group following behind, the Amazoness in the line of Dharc’s attack tried to stop him, but with no success, they were thrown away like ragdolls, suddenly, a chain whip went to Dharc’s foot, but Hiita parried it away with her staff.

Hiita: We’ll give you cover.
Meda: And I’ll tell you where you should step.
Dharc: Got it!

   Finally, the group is longer surrounded by the army, but being chased by it, Meda telling Dharc and the group when to jump over from the trap cards, as they knew they could also use it as their advantage as the Amazoness knew that they were in danger as well, after a while, the group escaped from the forest, the Amazoness Swords Woman fell on the ground after Dharc deactivated his technique.

Dharc: Are you okay?
Amazoness Swords Woman: How… humiliating…
Hiita: I know right? Being chased when you have the option to fight. But then again, I don’t think we could have won.
Amazoness Swords Woman: It’s not it, being forced to attack this forest.
Celta: Forced?
Amazoness Swords Woman: Eh? Oh, you’re probably not aware, the entire Amazoness Tribe are being mind controlled.
Meda: Say what?
Gygo: But…it can’t be, the Amazoness has such strong minds, they wouldn’t be controlled like this that easily.
Amazoness Swords Woman:  Right and wrong, we got controlled because our pride and desire to fight, there's always a weak point.
Hiita: How do we know you’re not tricking us?
Dharc: She’s telling the truth! I felt something weird when I caught her in my technique, so I used a Magic Card on her…the De-Spell, and this was the result.
Wynn:  I see, then, who is the responsible for this?
Amazoness Swords Woman: I don’t know…my memory is fuzzy…
Dharc: Probably to not give away the culprit in the case this happens…
Amazoness Swords Woman: I’m very sorry…
Hiita: It’s okay, since we know more about the shit that is happening, you are forgiven, heck, I’m not even sick anymore…just hungry.
Amazoness Swords Woman:  I’ll do what I can to help you.
Celta: Yeah, but staying here is too risky, you might get captured and mind controlled once more.
Dharc: So in the meantime, why don’t you travel with us?
Amazoness Swords Woman: I can?
Wynn: Sure, you don’t have anywhere to go for now, so it’s better if you follow us.
Hiita: It would be good to have another addition to the team.
Amazoness Swords Woman: I see, well, nice to meet you all, I’m named Sonia.

  With the introductions done, they started their journey back to Benezia, Celta was coming too, since he couldn’t come back right now. Of course, the group was wondering who and why someone would control the mind of the Amazoness, was there something in the Elf Forest they wanted? Or they just were aiming for expanding territory? No one knew, but they promised themselves that they would find the answer to this mistery.

  At the Elf Village, the Elder received an unexpected visit.

Elder: Oh, to meet you here, how rare.
???: I heard that the Charmers came here.
Elder: Yes, gentle little kids they were, specially the Wind and Dark Charmers.
???: I see, I wanted to meet them
Elder: Well, you’re lucky, they’ll come back after they finished their business.
???: That’s good.
Elder: By the way, where you were all this time?
???: I was at the Secret Village of the Spellcasters.
Elder: I see, any luck on your sister?
???: No, none yet…
Elder: Too bad.
???: So, any reason for the barrier?
Elder: The Amazoness, suddenly appeared, wanting to take over the place.
???: Do you think, they might be after the Secret Village?
Elder: Well, the Amazoness aren’t even supposed to know such place exists.
???: …
Elder: Anyway, we must endure their assaults, until the Elemental Charmers come back to help.
???: You’re right, I’m counting on you to keep the barrier on.
Elder: I promise this old prune won’t disappoint.
???: Then, it’s a temporary good-bye.

   The Mysterious person disappears in a flash of light; the Elder leaves his cottage and looks at the sky.

Elder: The Bad times are closing in…young ones, make sure you get strong enough to survive any challenge that might come in your way…


Author Space
Amazoness Tigress: ROAR!!!!
Dharc: And, another mystery is raised.
Fael: I managed to tone down the fighting compared to the original, don't know if it was  good or bad.
Sonia: I wonder about one thing…why would we, Amazoness, using something like the Acid Trap Hole?
Hiita: That is another mystery!
Celta: Well, I guess we’ll only know the answer when we meet the culprit.
Wynn: I also wonder how Hiita managed to survive this ordeal without food.
Fael: It’s called, trying to forget you’re hungry; it works, but not perfectly.
Dharc: Don’t say that Hiita, you want to get even worse than you are?
Gygo: Sigh…what she doesn’t do for food.
Celta: Well, I guess we better feed her off-screen, Author, you take care of ending the chapter..
Fael: Okay, see you next time everyone!

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PostSubject: Re: The Fael Fanction - Boundaries of Elements   Sat Jun 21, 2014 4:41 am

Alright, so I finally got around to reading more of this Razz

Chapter 5 thoughts:
-It'd be nice if we knew what kinds of Fiend monsters attacked them... I liked how you described Flame Manipulator in your earlier chapter, but here there was nothing until the Summoned Skull, and Fiends come in many shapes and sizes.
-Why didn't the familiars help fight Summoned Skull? It's sorta weird that they just hung back for a bit while the Charmers faced uncertain doom by themselves lol
-The ending was pretty interesting, actually, to shift the attention to Wynn. It almost seemed a bit forced too, since you just introduced her and already she's kicking ass (even though I suppose it's due to Petit anyway). Can't wait to read more.

Chapter 6 thoughts:
-Love the intro to this.
-I also like the slowness of the first half of this chapter. Breaking up the action-packed scenes with a bit more character development is always the sign of a diverse writer. The dialogue between Hiita, Wynn, and the civilians is also interesting.
-Magic Cards? Haha that made me laugh. Just don't change them to Spell Cards halfway through the story Wink
-Just a random thing I noticed:
TheFael wrote:
Ares: Impressive…very few…
Dharc: Your next line will be - Can match me…
Ares: Can match me….huh? Are you mocking me?
I wouldn't think Dharc would physically have enough time to say that line lol, especially if it was out loud and Ares heard him. But that's just me being nitpicky lol
-If you're taking story requests, you should totally do something about Mystic Swordsman levelling up and fighting Dharc in a later form XD

Chapter 7 thoughts:
-What? Hiita walking on water and sneezing fire? What is she, an elemental? I really don't understand where you're going with this..
-In general Hiita's such a bitch in this chapter Razz And the Elder is such a troll! XD
-All the Amazoness monsters are Earth, so I was waiting for Aussa to show up at some point lol. Oh well, I'm sure you have a plan for her entrance.
-Very nice cliffhanger ending. Can't wait for Chapter 8.

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PostSubject: Re: The Fael Fanction - Boundaries of Elements   Sat Jun 21, 2014 7:56 am

Chapter 5
-Since the fiends were Mooks, i didn't felt like describing them now, this will change the next time they appear.
-If i explain this part, it would be a slight spoiler in how powerful the Familiars are currently.
-Originally, i was planning Eria to use Raijenki.

Chapter 6
-Yeah, it's good to keep alternating between the talk and the battles.
-About that....It's a Joseph Joestar reference where he predicts the oponents next line, don't ask me how he does it. But in Dharc's case, he thought he would eventually meet someone that spouted lines like "Do you think you can beat me?"

Chapter 7
-Hiita can do weird things when angry.
-And she can be a bitch when hungry but she ended up redeeming herself by protecting Dharc from an incoming chain.
-Little Spoiler, she'll be in chapter 9
-Cliffhanger with a little foreshadowing!

Well, Chapter 8 will be here shortly, since i'll be making this weekly now. (I guess.)

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PostSubject: Re: The Fael Fanction - Boundaries of Elements   Sat Jun 21, 2014 1:54 pm

Boundaries of Elements
Chapter 8
The true beginning
           It was Night, in the exact same hour that group had left the city on the past day, they were now back after another long journey, thanks to Celta, they made a brief visit Sogen fields for a lunch, Hiita’s Mood was better now, but she was still bugged by the fact that they had to enter the city when there as few people on the streets.

Hiita: I almost feel like we are fugitives or something, you understand me right Sonia?
Sonia: Y-yeah.
Celta: It is a shame that most humans can be so simple minded.
Meda: Can’t be helped, every incarnation betrayed humanity after all.
Dharc: But, I’ll make this cycle end!
Meda: I know you will.
Wynn: Well, why don’t we split? Me, Celtic…
Celta: It’s Celta.
Wynn: Sorry, I mean, Celta, Sonia and me will go on foot, while Dharc and Hiita will go through the rooftops.
Hiita: Hey, why can’t I go on foot?
Wynn: Who will protect Dharc huh?

      The Wind Charmer blinked her right eye at Hiita and smiled.

Hiita: Ah yeah, almost forgot.
Celta: Well, I kinda agree with the plan but…well, about Sonia…
Sonia: What about me?
Celta: You kinda….stand out…more than us…
Sonia: Stand out? What are you talking about, explain that term to me.
Fox: To put it bluntly…
Wynn: No please, there’s no need to explain, Celtic, can you lend your cape to her?
Celta: Why?

   Wynn forced a smile

Wynn: Isn’t this night kinda cold?
Hiita: Not for…

    She gets her foot stomped by Dharc.

Hiita: OW! I mean, yeah, brrr, it’s freezing, good thing we have our awesome coats! What a terrible Night to have a cold right?
Sonia: Well, if you insist…

   The Celtic Knight then detaches his cape and gives it to Sonia, then; she covers her Amazoness body with it, now looking less revealing.

Dharc: Well, I’m going ahead, we’ll meet in the orphanage.
Hiita: Ah, wait for me!

    The Party splits, one jumping from rooftop to rooftop, while the other goes on foot, some civilians greeted Wynn, pretending the “little turmoil” from the past day never happened, Wynn not really minding they were hiding it, returned the greeting and resumed their walk, some minutes later, Wynn, Celta and Sonia arrived at the orphanage, but then, they heard a scream.


  She crashed into the Orphanage’s concrete wall, on the second floor, she fell like a rotten apple in the ground, grunting in pain, and she got up while holding her head.

Hiita: Ow…dammit, why Dharc managed to land on the top of the building without miscalculating his jump, it’s too dark in these parts…
Wynn: Well, he is the Dark Charmer.
Hiita: Oh…
Celta: Are you…alright?
Hiita: Of course! I survived a fight against a powerful fiend; an accident like this won’t knock me out.
Fox: To put it bluntly, she’s the hard headed type…in both senses of the expression.
Hiita: Oh why you…
Dharc: So, are you guys entering?

  Dharc opened the door, startling Hiita and making the others slightly surprised.

Hiita: How did you get down here so fast?
Dharc: The stairs.
Wynn: Without making a noise? Impressive!
Doriado: It is to not wake the kids.

   This time, it was Mistress Doriado that left through the door.

Doriado: It’s nice to see you again Celta.
Celta: It is an honor Mistress Doriado.

    He did a slight bow.

Doriado: I concur that the mission was a success right?
Hiita: Totally! OW!

    Speaking in a cheerful tone wasn’t good for Hiita’s headache; Doriado quickly noticed it and used a healing spell to cure Hiita.

Doriado: Please, let’s all enter, I made tea.
Wynn: It’s a great tea; you guys are going to like it.

      Some minutes later, they were at the dining room, Doriado decided to make prepare the potion to Eria ASAP, Wynn was a little nervous and fidgeting, Dharc was a little impatient, Hiita tapping her foot, not even the tea managed to calm them down, they wanted to see their friend fine an well again, the anxiety was nearly killing them, then, Doriado returned to the dining room and gave the news.

Doriado: She’ll be fine by the morning.
Gygo: Whew, thanks goodness.
Petit:  Even though we already knew the herbs work, it still relieves us to know Eria is going to be alright.
Dharc: I know…
Sonia: Um…Excuse me, not wanting to rush nothing but…
Celta: Oh yeah, Miss Doriado, listen to this.

     He told Doriado about the events that took place in the forest and what happened to the Amazoness.

Doriado: I see, this is serious problem indeed. Why don’t we talk more about it by the morning, I guess everyone are pretty tired right?
Hiita: Very!
Celta: Well, in that case, I’ll find a inn to stay with Sonia.
Wynn: Can’t you stay here?
Celta: Not today.
Dharc: Well, see you tomorrow then.
Sonia: Yes, let the tranquility of the night to provide you with a good dream.
Dharc: Hm?
Sonia: It’s a phrase to wish good dreams that we Amazoness uses, even if the night might be scary, it might also provide you with comfort.
Dharc: Ooh! I get it.

       After saying their good-byes and seeing the Elf and the Amazoness leave the orphanage, the Charmers went to their rooms to get a good night of sleep, having in mind what Sonia told to them, about the night.

Dharc: I am…here again…

    He knew it was all fake, seeing the old orphanage being burned, and his younger self crying until he couldn’t anymore, he wondered why he had to look to the same depressing image every time he dreams, the day where he lost everyone that he grew with, the people that took care of him. Dharc continued to stare at the flames until they died down, not wanting to avert his gaze this time, there’s something he wanted to remember in that nightmare, and then he heard a familiar voice.

Meda Bat: Well, this is…different.
Young Dharc: Hm?
Meda: Usually, I meet Dark Charmers in the Capital every time I wake up, but this seems to be the exception, I meet a burning building and see some people carrying a girl.
Young Dharc: Who…are you?
Meda: Oh, Excuse me, i’m a familiar.
Young Dharc: Fa...miliar?
Meda: Well, was this your house?

     The Weird Bat flew away from the burnt debris, floating close to Dharc, he nodded silently.

Meda: It’s unfortunate.
Young Dharc: Tell me…why this happened?
Meda: Well, to tell you the truth, I really don’t know, but seeing that I woke up in here and there’s only you in this place, I must guess that you are an Elemental Charmer.
Young Dharc: Hm?
Meda: Don’t know what they are right?
Young Dharc: I-I know, I heard many of their tales.
Meda: You’re not a complete fool after all.
Young Dharc: But…me? An Elemental Charmer? A guy that can’t even run that well…
Meda: Hahahahaha! Well, running isn’t all you need. So Boy, what’s your wish?
Dharc: Wish?
Meda: That’s right; it has to be something that is on my reach.
Young Dharc: Well….i know you probably won’t be able to do it…but…even still I’ll wish…I…
Dharc: I want to bring my sister back.

     Now he remembered, no matter what the tragedy, there was still hope, he couldn’t bring everyone back, but, since his sister was kidnapped instead of being victim of the fire, he would have to accept his destiny as the Dark Charmer and search for his sister.

     It was morning, Dharc opened his eyes and got up from the bed, opened the window and let the breeze enter the room, and he wondered what the group would do today.

Meda: Up early today huh?
Dharc: Morning!
Meda: And in a better mood than usual.
Dharc: Well, I just can’t succumb to my nightmares anymore.
Meda: I see.
Dharc: Is everyone awake?
Meda: Yes, strangely, Hiita too, I thought she would sleep a little more.
Dharc: A “lot” more right?
Meda: Yeah, silly me for taking it easy.
Dharc: I must guess everyone is waiting right?
Meda:  Yes.
Dharc: Okay, I’ll be going.

     After getting himself properly dressed, the left his room and went for the kitchen, as he arrived, someone’s hands blocked his eyes.

Eria: Guess who~!
Dharc: Um…soft hands, voice soothing as the sound of the lake.
Eria: Eh?
Dharc: I know it’s you Eria!
Gygo: Hey you, I see what you did there!
Eria: Hihihi! I don’t mind Gygo, stop attacking Dharc like that.
Gygo: Grunf…
Hiita: Well, guess things are now normal right?

      Then, they heard screams from outside.

Eria: Not quite, those guys from yesterday are back, Wynn is trying to drive them away but with no success.
Dharc: Okay, I’ll go there.
Eria: W-what?
Dharc: I’ve had it with running away, if I want to face the problem, it will be head on.
Hiita: Hey, you’re not planning on…

      Before she could complete her phrase, Dharc has left the kitchen and went to the entrance of the orphanage, at outside, Celta and Sonia couldn’t go any further because of the angry group wanting Dharc.

Wynn: Everyone, please, don’t make such ruckus at this time in the morning.

“We want the Dark Charmer to leave! Why he came back?”

Wynn: Like I said, Dharc will not…

“Spare me with the repetitive words, we’ll force out of that place now! We won’t listen to the words of someone cursed by him.”

Wynn: Cursed…?

     Suddenly, the door opened, revealing a Dharc with a serious expression, trying to not show any anger, when he’s clearly pretty angered that Wynn was called cursed.

Dharc: Sigh…will you guys knock it off?
Celta: Dharc?
Sonia: Is he crazy? He just did what they wanted!


Dharc: You guys can hate me all you want; I don’t care, but, you…

    He summoned his staff

Eria: Dharc, STOP!
Dharc: The kids are still sleeping…
    Dharc hit his staff at his shadow, which then, suddenly grew in size, engulfing the shadows of the civilians, making them stopping in place.

Dharc: And you keep saying that I cursed my own friends; do you think I’ll let that slip?


Dharc: Sigh…Wynn, how was their behavior yesterday?
Wynn: W-Well, they were acting like yesterday never happened, and they didn’t imply anything. It didn't borther me at first...but now...
Dharc: I see…

      He pulls the De-Spell Magic card once more, then he tested his theory and used it on the civilians, and then, he undid the Shadow Possession technique.

“Huh? Why we are here?”

Celta: What?
Sonia: Don’t tell me they too are being mind controlled?
Dharc: I found it strange, ever since I arrived at this city, only the Elemental Charmers and Doriado knew about my identity as the Dark Charmer, even if we use the same coat, it’s hard to tell what Element I use, so then I ask you guys, why there’s suddenly an angry population after my head?
Eria: Do you think…someone is watching us?
Dharc: Yeah.

“You will…not curse us…right sir?”

Dharc: You guys are still thinking that? Of course not, didn’t I just De-Spelled you guys?
Sonia: To be sincere, I don’t remember being De-Spelled either.
Hiita: Seriously, you’re not helping…
Doriado: Now, why do you people continue with your common lives?

“I…guess you’re right, sorry about the commotion.”

   The group then, dispersed, going back to their usual routine.
Dharc: Even still, they have a certain fear for me.
Doriado: Don’t let it take you down.
Dharc: I promised myself that It won’t.
Doriado: Still, that was a superb technique.
Dharc: Well, even though I was angry, I still couldn’t hurt them, so I had to use one of my non-combat techniques, and it turns out, I can use it with the together with the magic cards you gave us.
Eria: It is still impressive.
Doriado: So, why don’t we all enter? We can’t keep Celta and Sonia waiting too long.
Hiita: Yeah, that breakfast won’t get eaten by itself.
Eria: I…didn’t even made it yet.
Hiita: Awww...guess i'll have to wait then..
Wynn: Hihihi!

       Some moments later, and the group was reunited at the kitchen, Eria was preparing the food while listening to the conversation, she was startled when she heard about the Amazoness and wondered if everyone at the village was fine, Celta told her it will be alright.

Dharc: And now, seeing that I was able to calm down the civilians, we might assume that the Amazoness and the citizens might be controlled by the same group.
Doriado: It is a good possibility, but also a coincidence. Do note that the Amazoness wasn’t exactly after you, am I right?
Celta: Exactly, what they are really after is still a mystery.
Sonia: So…what are we supposed to do?
Doriado: For now, I would have to ask to the Elves to watch the Amazoness behavior a little while longer.
Celta: I see…I think you have your ways to send a message to the village right?
Doriado: That is correct. Elemental Charmers…
Dharc: Yes?
Eria: Here!
Wynn: You called?
Hiita: What’s up?
Doriado: It seems it is time to start your journey to reunite all of the six and get even stronger.
Eria: I knew this day would come.
Doriado: You shall go to Rozes, the capital of the spellcasters.
Eria: Eh? You mean the place where the study and development of magic is done?
Meda: The Capital, I was wondering when I was going to hear about it again.
Gygo: Not only you pal.
Fox: It is there where the Elemental Charmers will have to go to get information about the Elemental temples, and train there as well.
Petit: Do you think we might meet another charmer in there?
Doriado: Yes, I sent a letter to that place telling about your arrival.
Dharc: So I guess, we must part right now?
Hiita: Not without lunch of course.
Eria: It’s everything ready! And this time, you guys won’t go without me!
Wynn: You have to wait a little more Miss Sonia.
Sonia: I don’t mind, you have your duties.

      After a hearty breakfast, the group prepared their stuff and met each other at the orphanage’s entrance.

Eria: Miss Doriado, take good care of the kids while I’m out.
Doriado: It’s my orphanage after all.
Celta: Be careful out there.
Sonia: I’ll be waiting for your return!
Dharc: Okay, I’ll make sure we will return.

     And, saying their good-byes, the Elemental Charmers left the city, having being told that they must pass through the Black Forest to reach Rozes, they settled it as their next destination.

Hiita: So Eria, how’s the food?
Eria: Plenty for everyone! Don’t worry.
Hiita: Ah yeah!
Gygo: Just don’t eat it like a beast.
Dharc: That’s why Eria made sure to bring some extra supply, right?
Eria: Yup, I know how Hiita eats a lot, thanks to Wynn.
Wynn: Hihihi!
Dharc: So Meda, do you have anything to tell us about the Black Forest?
Meda: I do, from what I remember, the entire forest circle a mountain where the city resides.
Hiita: A city…inside a mountain? I would believe it was underground or…it was some kind of hidden village…but inside a mountain?
Fox: It is true, not ON the mountain, but inside it.
Wynn:  So, this entire time, the mountain that we have been seeing from our city is where the capital stays?
Petit: Yup, So close yet, so far away.
Eria: I wonder what kind of charmer we’ll meet in there.
Gygo: Obviously, either Earth or Light.
Meda: Do note that the Light and Dark charmers are always brothers.
Dharc: Lyna…
Eria: Dharc?
Dharc: Oh, did I say the name of my sister out loud?
Hiita: Yeeep.
Dharc: Oh.
Wynn:  Is something the matter?
Dharc: Well, since I’m the Dark charmer and Lyna is probably the Light charmer, It makes me wonder why they captured her in the first place.
Meda: (Not wanting to think silly things…but I’ll assure myself once more…there’s a conspiracy behind everything that is happening with us.)
Eria: Dharc, can you tell me what kind of person Lyna is?
Dharc: Hm?
Hiita: I’m interested as well.
Wynn: Me too!
Dharc: I see….hmm…I don’t know if she’s the same now, but if I remember correctly, she has a little of each of your personalities.
Hiita: A little of our personalities? Tell us more.
Dharc: Well, she has Eria’s cheerfulness, Wynn’s kindness and Hiita’s upbeat personality, kept telling me that I need to run more.
Wynn: Hihihi, why?
Dharc: I wasn’t the sports type of guy when I was little, got tired very fast when playing tag, Lyna always challenged me to races in order to shape me up.
Gygo: Makes you wonder how can you pulls all of those stunts like, running at an army of Amazoness and push everyone out of your way.
Eria: D-Dharc did that?
Dharc: Didn’t I tell you?
Eria: No! You skipped all of the combat parts.
Hiita: We did?
Eria: Yes!
Wynn: Well, it didn’t felt necessary at the time.
Eria: Next time, tell me all of the details, okay?
Dharc: Sure, well, since you’ll be sticking with us this time, you’ll be able to participate on the action.

       Some Hours later and more conversation as well, the group reached the entrance to the Black Forest.

Meda: We are here, finally.
Gygo: This place is known to play tricks on us.
Petit: Not only that, but it is very scary.
Fox: We might not come back alive if we commit a mistake, are you ready?
Hiita: We came too far to chicken out now.
Eria: Let’s take this as a trial to get even stronger.
Wynn: Surpassing our fears is what we need to do.
Dharc: Like I said, I’ve had it with running away.
Meda: Yeah, you guys are ready.

       Then, getting filled with determination, the Charmers entered the so feared Black Forest, what they didn’t know was that someone was watching them, and he had plans for them.

???: That’s right, enter the Den of Monsters, if you want to suffer an early death, but, it would be a problem if the Dark Charmer was killed huh? What I need to do now is to separate all of them, and watch their determination crumble when facing danger all alone, huhuhuhuhu.

     The Mysterious figure disappears into the shadows, ready to put his plan on action, he didn’t need the other Charmers, Dharc was his one and only target.


Hiita: Whoa! I thought this chapter would be about the Black Forest.
Fael: It was but, I just got an awesome idea for the next chapter that it’s even more impressive than i originally planned.
Gygo: That’s usually a good sign…right?
Eria: Yep!
Fael: Also, it’s good to see the usual gang here on the author space.
???: Hehehehe! So this is the “Author Space” I’ve heard about.
Hiita: Whoa! Who’s the girl with the Scary Shiny Glasses?
???: I bet everyone out there know me already, but I prefer to keep my identity a secret.
Fael: What’s the point of doing tha-
  Fael gets smashed by a boulder.
???: I’ll be awaiting for the next chapter, as I’ll make my debut.
Dharc: Well, since the Author…well…is squashed, it is up to us to end this chapter.
Eria: Oh my, Will he be okay?
Gygo: Don’t worry, you’re talking about the guy that owned the Summoned Skull with a move he isn't supposed to have.
Fox: Plus, if the author is killed by a Rock, then the story would be over right?
Meda: You got that right! Now, it’s time to say good-bye!
Wynn: Till next time everyone!
   The Wind Charmer waves her hand, saying good-bye, with her cheerful smile.

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Boundaries of Elements
Chapter 9
The Way in the Deep Mist

       Rozes, the City of Magicians, Dark Magic Division

       A Clumsy Dark Magician girl ran in the corridors of the Dark Magic Division, bumping into some of its employees, saying sorry every time she did, as she continued to run desperately, she had some urgent news to the head of the division.

Dark Magician Girl: ROZES WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!!

      As she extented her hand to open the door to the office of the head chief, it wasn’t unlocked like she was told it was, and she ended up colliding with it.

Dark Magician Girl: Ow…
???: Wow Sarah, you’re earlier than expected.
Sarah: mmmm….

    Rubbing her nose and forehead, she looked behind her and saw her teacher, and older brother, the Dark Magician, also known as Yami, the head of the Dark Magic Division.

Sarah: You said that the door to your office is always open.
Yami: Yes, but not after midnight, I have to sleep too you know?
Sarah: Yeah, I guess you’re right…
Yami: So, do you have something to talk with me?
Sarah: Ah yes, the forest ward is being tampered.
Yami: What?

     The Forest Ward, a relic from Rozes that creates a thick mist in the Black Forest to calm down the ferocious beast s that lives in there, it was created by the Dark Magic Division to make it safer for travelers that can’t pay for Air Dragon Flight Services to reach the Capital, and thus, only those of the Dark Magic Division knows how to operate it, with the exception of someone else from outside it.

Sarah: When I went to check if there was nothing wrong with the Ward, the mist in the Forest was so thick I didn’t even dare to enter in there.
Yami: More than normal I suppose.
Sarah: Yeah, I know that when it gets thick like that, the Illusion Spell that is being cast gets messed up, so that’s why I came back immediately to tell you this.
Yami: Tch, I don’t want to suspect no one from our own group, but…it must be someone from here, call everyone for a reunion on the main hall, whoever is missing is the culprit.
Sarah: Got it, what you’re going to do?
Yami: Wait for me in the main hall, I’m going to request help from the other person that knows how to operate the seal, she’s the only one I can count for now.
Sarah: Got it, also, good luck.
Yami: On what?
Sarah: Well, she’s usually meditating in the Mountain Labyrinth at this time; it will be hard to find her.
Yami: Hahahaha! Do you know who you’re talking to?
Sarah: Oh yeah, my teacher! Silly me! Anyway, I’m going to call everyone.
Yami: (Still, this plan might not work; the seal can be configured to cast the Illusions without the need to have a spell caster around, but it is still worth a try, I just hope whoever is in the forest to get out from it in safety.)

     Thanks to the Illusory Effect of the Forest Ward, the Elemental Charmers got separated and lost in the Black Forest, without knowing where to go; they wandered aimlessly in the place.

Dharc: Damn, a mist thick like this isn’t normal.
Meda: You’re right, we’re lucky because it’s this thing that actually keeps the beast at bay, its Illusory Effect was supposed to take us to a cave.
Dharc: What cave exactly?

Fox: The one that leads to the Mountain Labyrinth, from there, we can reach the Capital.
Hiita: But then, why isn’t leading us to that cave in the first place?

Gygo: By us you mean?
Eria: Well…You’re right; we got separated from the others…
Gygo:  Even our magic sense is blocked, so I can’t feel if others are nearby.

Wynn: What should we do? If I blow the mist away, the beasts might wake up.
Petit:  We can come up with a plan; I know it, that’s why we familiars are here.

Meda: To help our masters to get stronger.
Dharc: But, will our abilities help us in this situation?

Gygo: Of course they will, your element will guide you.
Eria: My Element?

Fox: That is correct!
Hiita: To sum it up, learn to how to use them better?

Petit: That’s the Idea.
Wynn: I see, so, I’m counting on you Petit, so, what should I do?

Meda: First, since we are in an area that is blocking our senses and deceiving your eyes, try closing them.
Dharc: Yes.

Eria: Now, what should I do?
Gygo: Let me hop on your shoulder first.

Hiita: Now that I think about it, this mist…it’s not at all cold.
Fox: Can you feel something other than the mist temperature?
Hiita: Well…

Wynn: I can feel the wind’s direction.
Petit: Well, this is something you had done before in your training Wynn, time to put this on practice.

Dharc: Okay, I’ll let the darkness show me the way.
Meda: Do it and we’ll certainly find a way out of this place.

     As instructed by their familiar, the charmers closed their eyes, and started to feel the elements in the vicinity, for Dharc, the darkness in his closed eyes was showing him the forest, without the mist, all in a black and white colors, he was able to see a group of Bazoos – The Soul Eater sleeping, Meda told them their name, which gave Dharc a clue to get away from that them, for Hiita, she was feeling the heat around her and deduced that  they were the beasts that were sleeping, she needed to feel the heat of her friends to be able to follow them, Wynn was letting the wind guide her through the forest, dodging any potential obstacles and sleeping beasts, and Eria, she was able to find a river.

Eria: Oh, with this, we can look up high, away from the mist.
Gygo: We need to reach a clearing, where the forest ward is and wait for the others.
Eria: Yes, hold firm Gygo, we are not the Wind Charmer, but we are going to fly.
Gygo: I know…

     Then, the Water Charmer jumped at the water, commanding it to grow a high liquid tower under her that took Eria very high, away from the illusory mist, all they needed now was to spot the clearing.

Gygo: Still, it’s hard to see with all of this mist.
Eria: You’re right; I thought it was simple but…
Gygo: Hmm…maybe we are not doing it right, let’s go back to the ground.
Eria: Okay.

     As they returned back to the forest, Gygo suggested something.

Gygo: Well, water is basically nearly everywhere, being them plants, in the air, in the ground, even in the living beings, so if we feel the water with this in mind, we can find our way out.
Eria: Oh! I get it! Gygo, you’re a genius!
Gygo: Hehehe!  I know, it’s kinda hard, but I know you can do it.

     Then, once again, Eria closed her eyes, now trying to feel, even if just a little, the water around her, ignoring the river, she let her element guide her, some time passed, and she was doing pretty well, having avoided the same Soul eating Baboons that Dharc dodged, avoided the dangerous Green Baboon, and managed to not step on a Behemoths foot, sometime later, she felt someone’s approach.

Eria: Gygo…
Gygo: I know, let’s just hope it’s one of us.

     Unexpected to her, she actually got hugged from behind by the person who was coming at her direction.

Hiita: So, who is this? Eria or Dharc? Because Wynn is smaller, and doesn’t have ta-tas yet…actually, never mind. Hi Eria!
Eria: H-Hiita, h-hello…
Hiita: Sorry about that! Feeling the heat is not the same than seeing who actually is, i just had to feel something that was moving and i ended up grabbing you.
Eria: I- it’s okay, we found each other.
Hiita: Well, where are we going?
Eria: To the clearing where the Forest Ward is.
Hiita: I see, I’ll tag along, need to find the others and all.
Eria: Okay, stay close to me.
Hiita: Gotcha!

    Still with her eyes closed, Hiita grabbed Eria’s left shoulder, since Gygobite was already on the left shoulder, the fire charmer followed the water charmer, helping her to spot if their friends where nearby.

   Meanwhile, in a home inside the mountain, a girl with short brown hair wearing the Charmer coat and had brown eyes behind her glasses, was meditating, she felt someone’s approach and spoke beforehand.

???: Who is it?
Yami: It’s me, Yami, can I enter Aussa?
Aussa: Sure, I was getting finished anyway.

   Aussa, the Earth Charmer and prodigy magician from the Rozes academy, always in the early morning, she is responsible with watching over the Mountain Labyrinth, it is also an opportunity to train her Elemental Sense, thus, she always know if there was someone in the Labyrinth.

Aussa: Sorry if I don’t have any tea.
Yami: I don’t mind, my visit here is going to be brief.
Aussa: Okay, I bet it has something to do with Sarah.
Yami: How can you tell?
Aussa: By the way she runs, her steps are pretty loud, no matter if she’s in a hurry or not, very easy to discern that it is her.
Yami: Hahahaha! I guess you’re right.
Aussa: So, what it is?
Yami: She told me the forest ward is being tampered with.
Aussa: What?
Yami: Since you can use your Earth Sense to reach the Ward, you could fix it.
Aussa: Whoever messed with it, either teleported or took a route by air, just to avoid me.
Yami: Teleporting would be more convenient, anyone that takes a route by air is forbidden to land in the forest.
Aussa: Okay, I’ll go and fix the ward.
Yami: I’m counting on you.

     At the Capital, in the Main Hall of the Dark Magic Division, Sarah has reunited every magician from the Division.

Sarah: Um…err…

     Even though she was superior in rank with some of them, she was still nervous in crowds, so she stuttered some of her lines.

Sarah: W-well, i-I called every-everyone to a re-reunion to t-talk about the forest w-ward.
“The Forest Ward?”
“That’s what Sarah said, I wonder what’s wrong with it.”
“She probably ended up breaking it and was forced to apologize to all of us.”
“I assume you’re right, look at her stuttering and trembling, she’s always like that.”
Sarah: Um…C-can I c-continue?

     She cleared her throat, took a deep breath, and then talked, without getting nervous this time.

Sarah: (I have to give an example to everyone, I might be clumsy, but I take my work serious.) When I went to check the ward today, the mist was thicker than normal; I assumed that someone has messed with it.
“Messed with that ward? It can’t be.”
“Does this person know that it’s dangerous to do so?”
“Who would be crazy enough to mess with that seal?”
Sarah: Well, not wanting to suspect no one from our division but…it was probably one of us that aren’t here…
“One of us? But that’s impossible.”
“We are too loyal to the capital to do some outrageous as this.”
“Let’s check who is lacking.”
Sarah: I already counted, but no one is missing, save my bro, I mean, Yami the Dark Magician, he went to talk with Aussa, and someone else.
???: And that “someone else” would be?
Sarah: Well, the person that always gives me the chills and obviously looks evil every time she does that smile, Amandra the Shadowpriestess of Ohm.
Amandra: You suspect me yet, I’m here, behind you.
Sarah: AAAH!!!

     Sarah jumped and fell on the ground, scared by the sudden appearance of Amandra, one of the Academy’s Teachers and researcher of the Dark Arts.

Amandra: Your suspicions hurt me you know.
Sarah: Ahaha, I’m sorry… (Don’t scare me like that you creep…)
Amandra: Anyway, it wasn’t me that tampered with the seal, i don’t want our visitors to turn into meat for the beasts now do i?
Sarah: Well… (I don’t know…)
Amandra: Anyway, how about we wait for your brother, I mean, the Dark Magician?
Sarah: Yeah… (Damn, I was sure it as her.)

     Getting up from the ground, Sarah cleaned herself and went to sit in a chair, watching over the magicians that waited in the Main Hall, waiting for her older brother to come. Back at the Forest, Dharc was the first one to arrive at the Forest Ward.

Meda: You can open your eyes, there’s no mist in here.
Dharc: Actually, I’m going to stay with them closed a little more; I need to see if the others are coming.
Meda: I see, continue then…
Dharc: I’m not doing it alone, thank you Meda.
Meda: One day, you’ll learn to do it without me.
Dharc: Really?
Meda: It’s a long road, with dedication; you’ll achieve this level of Dark Sense without me.
Dharc: Got it.

     Some minutes later, Eria and Hiita have arrived.

Eria: Dharc!
Dharc: Eria! Hiita! Welcome!
Hiita: Thought you could escape from us? You’re deadly wrong!
Dharc: It’s not that I want to…
Hiita: I was just joking! So, where’s Wynn?
Eria: Probably…still trying to find this clearing.
Dharc: There must be a way to help her find us.
Hiita: How?
Eria: Hmmmm….I got an idea, why don’t we “move”?
Hiita: Move?
Eria: She can feel the wind movement right? So if we start to move too much, she’ll know and will come to us.
Dharc: And how do we do that?
Hiita: By fighting of course!
Eria: Well, fighting wasn’t what I had in mind…
Dharc: Actually, it’s a good suggestion, but, let’s not take this too serious, let’s just pretend we are fighting.
Gygo: How about Eria vs Dharc?
Hiita: Why not me?
Fox: You’re still quite inexperienced, you might burn the forest if you get too much excited.

     As if on an instant, Hiita went for a dark corner and curled up in a ball, a funny dark aura surrounding her.

Hiita: But I wanted a rematch.
Dharc: We were actually fighting at that time? Wasn’t more like me dodging your fists?
Hiita: My pride was hurt at that time.
Dharc: I hate to say this but…not my problem…
Hiita: Meeep….

     And then, the mock battle started, Eria shot spheres of water at high speeds at Dharc, he countered with Dark Projectiles, they continued like this until Wynn finally showed up.

Wynn: Why are you guys fighting again?
Eria and Dharc: Wynn!
Petit: Maybe, to lure you here, the more we got closer, the more our magic sense was coming back, and I can see why, there’s no mist in here.
Hiita: The gang is reunited again, now what?
Dharc: Now to find the cave.
Meda: Wait a minute.

     Meda Bat flew to the direction to what looked like to be some kind monolith; it had some engravings in it.

Fox: The Forest Ward, you’re going to fix it?
Meda: Not exactly, I don’t remember how to, just want to know what caused this to go haywire.
Hiita: I want to check it out too.

     As Hiita approached the Forest Ward, she stepped on something; she knew exactly how it was going to end up for her.

Hiita: Oh freaking no!

     Hiita covered her face with her arms, but something else happened, the Good News, Hiita was unharmed, the bad news is, she triggered a Magic Trap that exploded the Forest Ward, destroying it.

Dharc: Meda! Hiita!
Hiita: I’m fine!
Meda: I flew away the moment she stepped on the trap.
Fox: So, we can conclude someone is responsible for this.
Wynn: But who did that?
???: Hahahahahaha!

     A transparent figure appeared in front of the charmers, he was a Skilled Dark Magician.

Meda: I think we have our culprit!
Skilled Dark Magician: Nice to finally meet you all in person, Elemental Charmers, mainly you, Dark Charmer.
Dharc: Nice to meet you too, so, what do you want with me?

Skilled Dark Magician: You have really a rotten luck, if we had time to search for you, we wouldn’t be meeting at this place.

Dharc: Don’t tell me…
Skilled Dark Magician: That’s right; I am part of the group that captured your sister! Lyna, the Light Charmer.
Dharc: I see…if your objective was me and my sister, then answer me this.
Skilled Dark Magician: Yes?
Dharc: Why did you burn the orphanage?
Skilled Dark Magician: I would answer this, but I’m afraid you might get angry, oh well, like I care, witnesses would be a bother for our undercover operation and those kids where annoying as hell, so we burned them to a crisp.
Hiita: You bastard!!!

     Hiita tried to punch the magician, but he was just a magical hologram, and it went through him.

Skilled Dark Magician: How scary! Call me a coward if you want, I don’t give a damn, well, due to circumstances, I can’t come here to fetch the Dark Charmer right now.
Dharc: …
Skilled Dark Magician: Well, I just have to trust on “her” to save your puny little lives, if she arrives on time, enjoy the beasts!

     The hologram of the mysterious magician disappeared, since the forest ward was destroyed, there was no mist, and if there was no mist…

Gygo: Girls…and Dharc, we have company!
     Five Synchars appeared, accompanied by a group of Soul Eater Baboons, a Flame Tiger, some flying Lisarks appeared as well.
Hiita: Must….not…jinx it, I’ll just admit that it will get worse.
Dharc: We can’t fight all of them; I don’t think we’ll be able to outrun them either.
Meda: That little stunt with the amazoness won’t work this time.
Petit: Maybe…only with the possession…
Gygo: You want to get us killed for real this time?
Petit: But…
Fox: Hmmm…. I have a plan, Hiita, it’s your time to shine.
Hiita: OKAY! What do you want me to do?
Fox: Simply burn everything.
Hiita: You want me to commit Arson? Just kidding! I know what you mean, everyone, stay close to me.
Dharc: We kinda are…

     Screaming at the tops of her lungs, Hiita shot a fireball upwards, it divided into many flame spheres and rained down around them, causing walls of fire and burning some trees around, it made the beasts back off…except the Flame Tiger.

     As the Beast jumped at the group, Eria blasted a strong jet of water at the Tiger, sending it away, as well as putting the fire out of the tiger out, but it started to get up.
Gygo: The Fire of that thing will come back, and I don’t want to be around to see it.
Hiita: Okay, let’s take a run for it.
     Commanding some of the flames out of her way, Hiita took the group out of the clearing; as they were running, Wynn decided to check the map.
Wynn: Lucky for us, the cave is up ahead.
Hiita: The Problem is, will they follow us to that cave?
Fox: They won’t, I assure you of it.
Hiita: Okay! Full Speed ahead.

     Some moments later, the group was safe inside the cave, taking a breather after all that running, they decided to rest for a while before continuing their walk, Eria looked at Dharc, who had a blank expression on his face.

Eria: Dharc…
Dharc: …
Eria: Is it because of that magician?
Dharc: Yes…
Meda: Well, apparently, he wanted to start what he finished, going after you.
Dharc: Seems like it…
Eria: Dharc…
Dharc: Hahahahaha!
Wynn: What’s wrong?
Dharc: Nothing, sorry, it’s just…I’m happy…that…I’m finally getting closer to find my sister.
Petit: Now that I think about it…
Hiita: We beat the crap out of that guy and ask him where Lyna is and then, beat the crap out of him again.
Dharc: Well, I would like to avoid the third part of what you talked.
Hiita: But, he’s a crazy mother-
Wynn: Hihihi! I’m happy for everyone!

     The Charmers smiled at each other, happy with their achievements so far, then, they got a determined look on their faces, now they had another challenge to face, the Mountain Labyrinth, if they managed to pass through it, they would finally arrive at Rozes, far ahead, someone noticed they were not alone.

Marmot: Aussa, there’s someone coming.
Aussa: Yeah…
Marmot: And the forest ward was destroyed.
Aussa: I know…
Marmot: What should we do?
Aussa: For now, let’s go back.
Marmot: Go back, why? Aren’t you going to greet them?
Aussa: No, I have other plans for them.
     In Rozes, Yami noticed one of the Magicians was looking at the ground; he went to where he was sitting and called his attention.

Yami: Hey, you…
Skilled Dark Magician: Huh? W-what is it chief?
Yami: Are you okay? You weren’t paying attention to my explanation.
Skilled Dark Magician: I didn’t sleep that well, that’s all.
Yami: You should take care of your health; magicians aren’t supposed to be just mind, but body too, do you understand?
Skilled Dark Magician: I’m very sorry.
Yami: Just take care of yourself from now on.
Skilled Dark Magician: I’ll do it, I promise.
Amandra: I guess I’ll be going now, can’t keep my dear students waiting.
Yami: Amandra, after your classes, would you like showing up in my office today?
Amandra: Sure but, why?
Yami: I would like to discuss more about this incident.
Amandra: Sure, I’m also curious to know who would mess with the seal that we dedicated ourselves to create it.
Yami: See you later then?
Amandra: Deal.
Yami: And everyone, dismissed, I’ll call everyone again if I find something new.
Sarah: Brother…
Yami: Yes?
Sarah: Are you sure you want to chat with that Amandra?
Yami: Of course but… why are you asking me that?
Sarah: Don’t you feel overwhelmed by just looking at her?
Yami: Look, just because you don’t like her, doesn’t mean that I don’t have to talk with her.
Sarah: But…
Yami: Stop this right now, as your brother; I want you to respect the others.
Sarah: Fine…
Yami: Now go home and practice your lessons.

     She left the Main Hall, feeling sorry for angering her brother, her only family she have, however, she still refused to actually like Amandra, something in her made Sarah tremble from inside, she shook her head just thinking about it again.

Sarah: Snap out of it Sarah! Big Bro is right, don’t hate Amandra because she looks evil…well…guess I’ll just practice my magic for now.
???: So Naïve, just like her mother.
Skilled Dark Magician: I just can’t wait to kill that annoying girl.
???: So, did the charmers survived?
Skilled Dark Magician: They did, thanks to the Fire Charmer.
???: Can’t trust beasts after all, or was it their luck the stronger ones didn’t find the charmers first?
Skilled Dark Magician: What are your next orders?
???: For now, stay quiet and continue with your duties as a member of the Dark Magic Division.
Skilled Dark Magician: As you wish.

???: So, I wonder how the Dark Charmer looks like, I’m curious to see his face, when you look through the flow of souls, it’s hard to discern their faces. Oh well, come at me Dark Charmer, I’ll show to you the true for this world will take, when the balance of elements is completely broken.


Author Space

Sarah: Yay! I actually appeared.
Yami: And we got names.
Fael: Would be tiring just calling you guys Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl!
Sarah: Yup! Now, you deserve a prize.
Yami: Sarah, don’t!
Fael: Waaah!

     The Author is glomped by the Dark Magician Girl, squeezing him in a tight hug, at this moment; the chamers arrived at the Author Space

Aussa: Not again…
Eria: Errr….
Dharc: Um, are we interrupting something?
Fael: mmmmf…. (Take her out of here.)
Amandra:  Oh my, how I wish she would hug me like that, I wanted to be her friend.
Sarah: Not in a million of years!
Amandra: Million huh?
Yami: Sarah….
Sarah: Anyway Fael, now we kiss!

Sarah: Dummy…

Lord of Elemental and the Wind Elemental Charmer
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The Fael Fanction - Boundaries of Elements
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