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 The Great Duelist Convention Roleplay

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PostSubject: Re: The Great Duelist Convention Roleplay   Thu Jan 22, 2015 2:27 pm

"All over the world. America, Greenland, Iceland, France, Russia, Great Britain... The Underworld is everywhere. And the Necromancer never put them on because we are officially forbidden to use them outside of the Underworld Duel Arenas." Lucy answered and took a look around. No one was really listening.

"Well the Lord of Hell Tournament is a special Underworld Tournament that is held once every 6 Years. Like Duel Monsters up here has its king of games, we have the King, or Queen, of the Underworld. I managed to place Third last time. Unfortunately the final Duel had to be canceled. Stuff happened. Really dont want to talk about that part." she finished and noticed that the server was approaching.

"Keep that between us ok? I really do not want standard Duelists to seek us out. It happened once and was a disaster."

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PostSubject: Re: The Great Duelist Convention Roleplay   Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:35 pm

Theo also saw that the server was returning, and for this reason he merely nodded at her request. He planned on saying more after she had left.

"O-kay," said the waitress as she set down the tray of plates she was carrying. "Here is the Fire Kraken soup, the Caesar Salad," she said, placing those items in front of Lucy, "the Niwatori Kebobs, side of smelts," and she placed that in front of Theo. Then she placed a small, closed silver container in front of Lucy as well, purposefully serving it last. "And, the Rigor Mortis," she said with a slight curtsey, acting as if she had made it herself. "If I were you, Miss," she addressed Lucy, "I would wait to eat that until after you finish your soup and salad. You don't want to, er, spoil your appetite." Taking the now-empty tray back under her arm, she made her final comment. "If there is anything else you need, please signal me and I will come to you immediately. Enjoy your meals," and with that she departed.

After she had left, Theo stuck a potato fry in his mouth and said to Lucy, "Don't worry Lucy, I won't tell anyone anything. To me this is just some new trivia that I'll forget about in a month." He chuckled at this, then continued. "And besides, we already have a big secret between us. I don't think two big secrets will be that much harder to handle."

"Well, kali orexi, as they say in Greece," and he picked up a kebob and bit off a piece of meat. "If you want to try a fry or a smelt, help yourself. I got plenty." Although, he couldn't help but eye Lucy's box containing the Rigor Mortis and wonder what it looked and tasted like.

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The Great Duelist Convention Roleplay
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