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 Duel Monster Spirit World Roleplay

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PostSubject: Duel Monster Spirit World Roleplay   Wed Oct 12, 2011 7:50 pm

I updated my army. I didn't want to be a charmer hog. So I changed that part.

Ok my ideas here aren't perfect nor are they complete but this idea was for all of us so it seems fitting you guys help with the concept.

The setting is the Duel Monster spirit realm. Your character is meant to be a duelmonster. Kind of like how they showed it in gx season three. The idea is you set up a main area. This could be as simple as yourself as a loner or as complicated as a being a king of an empire.

I got this idea from my girlfriend. One day I looked at 5 of her decks and said "Hey thats funny if all your decks worked together it is almost like an army." Here is her decks laid out as an army. She lives in a wasteland cut off from most places. Getting there is difficult and if you make it to her door you will meet dinosaurs with an appitete. If you manage to survive there fury you will meet the "rock" hard door and his golem sentry's. After that you would be her main force the deadlist lightsworn guardians. Becareful as you venture here for her secret "crystal" force are truly beasts. And if you thought you could evade two tasks by traving through the sky you would only meet her evil harpies.

Evil harpies
And crystal beasts.

Those were her decks. She liked the idea of herself and her family being able to live in peace far from others and she light the idea that she would have paid men to protect her so she wouldn't have to fight. Her army set up shows this.
In this idea you create a character and a campain were you give yourself 1-7 decks to play as.
Excately what I was thinking is hard to say because I figured throw a few people in this plot and see what happens in kind of the roleplay aspect.

One way this rolepay differs from the others I have seen is we have to duel. Thats the main idea. If your character gets into a dispute, you can really settle the matter in dueling network. Thats the idea. Your character could be a loner trying to make a name for him/herself. Or you own a area and or defending it from others. Friends could spar, enemies battle. Rivals form and end. It is meant to really replicate the realm. You can even talk in character as you duel.

In addition to this we could make additional rules based on our ideas. a few of mine our as followed,
1. No fields spells excpept for a prepicted one. Such as in my girlfriends respect she would battle on a wastleland. So when the duel starts she would dig her wasteland field spell out of her deck and use it on the first turn, still having 6 cards in her first hand. But she would only get this advantage if you battled her on her land. And her lightsworns wouldn't gain that much from this. And field spells can't be removed from the field at all. Burningland would still work. lol
2. There needs in my opinion be some kind of powers players gain or have. Such as if I was dueling as caam of the gusto. And I hand no monster on the field once during the duel I could return to gusto to draw a card. Such as her eff. Maybe such powers could be earned or have from the start. This idea isn't here so people can own an opponent but rather making match much more close in ending. Plus it adds to the roleplay. plus I would really love to make a way to duel something similar to destiny draw from the tag force.
3. Decks should be built with a theme(unless it is a single character then it is there choice) and should be built to be fun. No otk decks other then that no limits to decks. Just don't build them to beat other easily. It should be about close endings. Also try to be orginal, I wouldn't want to see stardust in everydeck.
4. I think it would be cool to have a guantlet match. example. You are declearing war on My girlfriend. You play her dinos and win. You have 10 cards in the grave ultimate tyrano on the field 2 cards in your hand and 5800 liefpoints. In your next match against the rock deck. Once you start you decrease your lifepoints to 5800 and put ultimate tyranno on the field and put the card in the grave, and such and such. While your opponent has 6 cards and 8000 life points. lol.
5. We could make custom cards

Thats most of my ideas. Also I think a person can join at anytime.
So what do you guys think?

My army

Area Sogen.

My campain is not like my girlfriends it is people who have joined to survive as friends. All people in my campain live and work and fight together. A gate would be verysmall if at all. The first line of defense would be Gusto along the small wooden watch towers. Second line is FirePrincess and her team. Main force is a warrior deck filled with exiled forces. lol. pun. Spellcaster support them defenders from a far. Gilford the lightning serves as the leader of this group. This groups current is the hiding place of Wynn and Hiita, at some point they were seperated from the others.
Need name for my place.

We welcome any who seek protection, all we ask is your work for you food and defend those who can't defend themselves just as we shall help defend you.

Gusto- built, might need to modify for the more fun factor. Leader Reeze (When I play as it I am wynnda)
Fireprincess-built need to modify to make sure it holds true theme. Leader Fireprincess(Me)
Warriors-built need to check and make sure keeps with theme. Leader Gilford (When I play it I am cletic guardian)
Spellcasters- Need to build

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Duel Monster Spirit World Roleplay
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