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 Master Guide 5 Card Storyline

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PostSubject: Master Guide 5 Card Storyline   Mon Mar 05, 2018 7:40 am

Knock knock.

Well... who would guess I'll return to this forum again. Back then I told a friend that who knows that one day, there's something that will make me return, at least for a while. And there is. But all I can see after all these years are just... memories. Good old one. If you see the title of this thread, you surely know why I'm here. As weird as it is, this place is the first thing I imagined to visit after I found that. I know it's already year after the story got released, but I think it's still worth sharing (TBH I don't know this story exists until today :p) Yeah, just like the old Wiseman said, "Escape is impossible". I wish he still remember this place and see there's a living proof of his word.

Without further ado, this is the Master Guide 5 Card Storyline. I'll leave the source here. Click for the bolded blue text. Or another source.


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Master Guide 5 Card Storyline
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