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 D/D/D deck

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hiita lover
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PostSubject: D/D/D deck   Thu Jul 23, 2015 8:33 pm

This is my D/D/D deck and it's a good deck Smile
2x D/D Magical Astronomer Galilei
3x D/D Magical Astronomer Kepler
2x D/D/D Oblivion king abyss Ragnarok
3x D/D/D Leonious
3x D/D/D Hell Armageddon
2x D/D Lilith
2x D/D Night Hollowing
1x D/D Berfomet
1x D/D/D Kaiser the conqueror
1x Raigeki
3x Upstart goblin
3x Covenant with the hellgate
3x Covenant with the swamp king(This is the fusion card for them)
1x Solem Warring
1x Bottomless trap hole
2x Storming Mirror force
3x D/D/D Resource Management
3x Covenant with the Valkyrie
1x Covenant with the Mistaken seal
Extra deck:
Fusion monsters:
3x D/D/D Caesar Ragnarok the Wave Complete Oblivion Overlord (Really long name)
1x D/D/D Blaze overlord Temujin
3x D/D/D Oracle D'Arc
Synchro monsters:
3x D/D/D Alexander the king of gales
Xyz monsters:
2x D/D/D wave overlord Caesar
2x D/D/D Sniping overlord Tell
1x D/D/D Kali Yuga the twin dawn overlord

Yes as you can tell they card do not just fusion summons synchro summons and xyz summons they can also do pendulum summons as well Very Happy. What do you guys think about this deck?
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ally of justice catastor
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PostSubject: Re: D/D/D deck   Fri Jul 24, 2015 11:36 am

-2 Valkyrie
-1 Cruel End Overlord
-1 Swamp King
+1 One for One
-3 Upstart
+1 Resource Management
+1 Lilith
+1 Allure
+1 Lease Laundering
+2 DD Ogre

for extra deck:
-2 Ragnarok COO
-1 D'Arc
-1 Alexander
+1 Dragosack
+1 Felgrand
AKA add more generic xyz and synchro, like Chaos King Archfiend

this build is going too "anime", and without generic cards to help it, it will fall quickly(at least from what I see)


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D/D/D deck
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