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 Charmer deck post dimension of chaos

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PostSubject: Charmer deck post dimension of chaos   Tue Jul 21, 2015 8:50 am

1x Dharc the dark charmer
1x Hiita the fire charmer
1x Wynn the wind charmer
1x Aussa the earth charmer
1x Eria the water charmer
1x FP Dharc
1x FP Hiita
1x FP Wynn
1x FP Eria
1x FP Aussa
3x Prediction princess coinorma
3x Tsukuyomi
2x Pot of taboos (Since I been not doing no news for this set I will tell what the card does: level 9 earth rock type Effect: FILP: you can only used 1 "Pot of taboos" effect once per turn. 1st effect: Draw 2 cards 2nd effect: Return all spell and trap cards on the field to the hand 3rd effect: Destroy all monsters your opponent controls 4th effect: Look at your opponent's hand Shuffle 1 card form there hand to the deck.)
1x Raigeki
3x Pot of duality
3x Scroll of bewitchment
3x MST
1x Bottomless trap hole
2x Brust rebirth
3x Time space trap hole
2x traptrix trap hole nightmare
3x unpossessed
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Charmer deck post dimension of chaos
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