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 The last deck of 2014 in the charmer forum my hitta deck :)

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PostSubject: The last deck of 2014 in the charmer forum my hitta deck :)   Wed Dec 31, 2014 10:27 am

This is my hitta deck my favorite charmer Smile.

Texted version
3x Hitta the fire charmer
3x FP Hitta
3x Inari Fire
3x Ultimate baseball kid
3x Red Sparrow summoner
3x Burshfire Knight
1x Raigeki
3x MST
3x Circle of the fire kings
1x Solem Warring
1x Bottomless trap hole
1x Compuls
3x Spiritual fire art- Kurenkai(My favorite spiritual art because it has Hitta in the artwork Smile}
3x Call of the haunted
3x DNA transplant
Extra deck:
2x Ghostrick alucard
1x Laval Ingis
1x Brotherhood of the fire fist-lion emperor
1x wind-up Zenmaines
1x Gagaga cowboy
1x Gagaga Samurai
2x Castel
2x number 101
1x number 103
1x Number 79 battle boxer nova caesar
1x number 50 blackship of corn
1x Number 105
That is the deck. I hope you enjoy and I hope 2015 will be a good year.
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PostSubject: Re: The last deck of 2014 in the charmer forum my hitta deck :)   Wed Dec 31, 2014 3:17 pm

I'm purposefully going to post another deck list in here so I can prove your topic title wrong (it's still 2014 in the US).

-1 Baseball Kid
-1 DNA Transplant
+1 Soul Charge
+1 Foolish Burial
-1 Laval Ignis (it sucks tbh)
-1 Alucard
+1 Lavalval Chain
+1 Emeral

Soul Charge in this deck is practically an OTK in here. Why you don't run it is a mystery.

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The last deck of 2014 in the charmer forum my hitta deck :)
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