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 My Blackwing deck post premium pack 17

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PostSubject: My Blackwing deck post premium pack 17   Tue Dec 23, 2014 7:04 pm

This is my blackwing deck post premium pack 17. My god this deck is now good again.

Texted version
3x Gale
2x Blizzard
1x blackwing - Pinaka the waxing moon
3x Shura
3x Kalut
1x Zerphros
3x Broa
3x blackwing - Kris the crack of dawn
1x Raigki
1x allure of darkness
1x snatch steal
2x MST
3x Black whirlwind
1x Solem warring
1x Compuls
1x Bottomless trap hole
3x Delta crow anti reverse
3x Black sonic
3x Icarus Attack
1x friendish chain
Extra deck:
1x Ally of justice castor
1x Armades
1x Goyo Guardian
1x Blackwing armed wing
2x blackwing - Nothung
1x black rose dragon
1x Blackwing armor master
2x Blackwing tamer hawk joe the jet black
1x Gagaga Gunman(Cowboy)
1x Ice beast zerofyne
1x Raid raptors force strix
1x Number 101
That's is the deck. What do you think about this deck? Blackwing are now a good deck now.
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PostSubject: Re: My Blackwing deck post premium pack 17   Wed Dec 24, 2014 9:06 am

Blackwings were always a good deck. It's just that nobody played them.

-1 Kris
-1 Delta Crow
-1 Black Sonic
-1 Icarus
+2 Sirocco the Dawn
+1 Dark Armed Dragon
+1 Book of Moon

Vayu is a nice card too but you don't seem to have space for it.

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PostSubject: Re: My Blackwing deck post premium pack 17   Tue Jan 06, 2015 5:32 am

Well, I guess they were able to compete in the meta to a certain extend all along. But the new cards give a huge boost, at least that's what I think.
My take on them may be a bit different however, went well until now tho.

-1 Shura
-1 Bora or Kris
-1 Gale

+1 Dark Armed
+1 Sirocco
+1 Pinaka

I feel that Shura is a bit too slow, having to attack and destroy. Also, he can't SS himself. Bora/Kris can SS themselfes, while Kris is limited to 1 per turn, but protects himself nicely as well.
I'm not too sure about taking out Gale. But you have the option of recycling with Blizzard. And thanks to +1 Pinaka we'll have another tuner to replace him. Also, I just didn't find the space for him.
I really think Pinaka should be at least at 2. If Gale wasn't a card, I'd surely play him at 3, but I feel I'd have too many tuner/non-lvl4 then.

+1 Book of Moon

Yea get a Book of Moon. Prevent's Synchro/XYZ and monster effects (does not stop activations!), saves your monster's against Skill Drain or other cards that affect face-up cards. And stops attacks.

-1 Icarus
-1 or 2 Triple Delta Crow
-1 or 2 Black Sonic

+1 Torrential
+1 Fiendish Chain and/or Breakthrough Skill
+1 Black Return
+1 Deep Dark Trap Hole/Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare/Phoenix Wing Blast

Triple Icarus may clog your hand when you draw them without having a Blackwing. Also you don't have a way to discard them for something like Phoenic Wing Blast, Divine Wrath or Karma Cut.
See above regarding running 3 copies. Clogs your hand and destroys only face down cards. So if they chain them into your Delta Crow, they won't get destroyed in case it's a permanent card or something.
See above again... Also too specific. Most of the time, either your monster or the trap is going to get destroyed before the attack. In case you have 3 Blackwings on the field and keep the card in your hand to prevent destruction, if they destroy even a single Blackwing before the attack, your card is useless in your hand.

Torrential because... Well, it's Torrential. Stops swarming, doesn't target. You usually don't hurt yourself as much either, because you can swarm the field easily yourself.
Fiendish Chain/Breakthrough Skill to stop those pesky monster effects. You can't use Ice Beast Zerofyne in your opponents turn or chain it, after all. And destruction usually doesn't negate the activation of a card.
Black Return. I didn't get to test this card much, but I'm a big fan on non-destructive removal. The condition isn't that hard to fulfill, but it may be a bit slow, being a trap and usually used in your own turn.
Lastly, Deep Dark Trap Hole or Traptrix Trap Hole. Depends on if you want even more Effect Negation (rarely dead against most decks that use synchro/xyz), or more non-destructive removal. Compared to Bottomless Trap Hole, both are restricted to SS, but Traptrix Trap Hole doesn't destroy before it banishes. Also doesn't target so it get's around alot of protection. Keep the option to side it out tho, if the enemy doesn't play Level 5+ Monsters.
Phoenix Wing Blast is always nice to have, but requires you to discard. It's alot more versatile than the other 2 however, since it's not restricted to the summon of a monster (and can target S/T as well).
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PostSubject: Re: My Blackwing deck post premium pack 17   

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My Blackwing deck post premium pack 17
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