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 Goat Format Discussion Thread (including decklists and other goodies)

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PostSubject: Goat Format Discussion Thread (including decklists and other goodies)   Mon Oct 20, 2014 11:46 am

Hey everybody! So as many of you know, I've taken a break from the YGO metagame for a long time now in favor of going back to the past formats of my childhood. Specifically, the format of April 2005, otherwise known as Goat Format! If you don't know what Goat Format or Goat Control is, check out these links:

And I must say, I really love it; it really is one of the most skillful formats I've seen in YGO, and I like it when duels take a while and don't just end in 3 or less turns. Here are some other tidbits about Goat Format that you may not have known:
  • The last legal booster set for the Goat Format scene is The Lost Millenium, which means Aussa, Eria, Hiita, Wynn, and Elemental Mistress Doriado are all playable cards you can use!
  • The very first Nintendo DS game, Nightmare Troubadour, was made during Goat Format, and it follows that banlist too. It was also the last YGO video game to feature the cast of the original Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Here I'll be posting the new deck I made irl to play under this format (the one I actually had in 2005 was nothing like this, lol). If anyone wants to play against it, make sure you use the same banlist as I am!


I also made a deck using the deadly combo of Doriado and Fuh-Rin-Ka-Zan for this format, just for fun (don't own this irl though).


Another format I really liked was the format AFTER this one, October 2005. Many of the power cards, like Pot of Greed, BLS, and Ring of Destruction, got banned on this list, and the key cards of the Goat Control deck were all limited to 1. Yet despite this, the game still remained just as skill-based as the previous format, and in my opinion it became even more creative and allowed for more experimentation and originality in decks. From my research, this format extends up until the booster Shadow of Infinity, which means that EEN, and all the Familiar-Possessed forms, are legal too! Very Happy

Here are two decks I built irl recently for this format. The first one is a deck revolving around Tribute monsters and uses a combo of Cyber Dragons and Zombies as Tribute fodder.


The second deck I built is a Bazoo Return deck with a bit of a Warrior engine mixed in. It's a lot of fun.


Well that's it for my decks, for now. I'm opening this thread up for any general discussion about any past formats such as Goat Format, Yata Control, Perfect Circle, or anything up until Tele-DAD and Synchros, when the game as we knew it changed forever. Or if ya just want to comment on one of my decks, that's fine too XD

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Goat Format Discussion Thread (including decklists and other goodies)
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